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Jazz 2 City uses a 3-star rating system. (***) Downloads maintained by Steven Wakeman.

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= Requires full version of The Secret Files to play.
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December 9, 1999
Single Player
- Level Pack by Kyle : 4 Levels : 11.6KB : high **
Kyle has ADHD and emotional impairments, but that didn't stop him from making very good levels. His past work includes a level that we announced on the news awhile back, Bowling.
- Sonic Goes Down Under by Darth Vader : Pack (2 Levels) : 3.51KB : low **
I don't even have the tileset for the 2nd level. The first one is ok in all areas.
- Sweltering CTF by iCeD DH : Pack (2 Levels) : 92.4KB : low ***
The evil iCeD has whipped out a very nice level. No complaints from me. An updated version of Torture Castle is also included.
- DYSK Level Pack by DYSK : Race/Treasure/CTF/Battle : 10 Levels : 45.6KB : **
The race levels are interesting in the fact that you can also play the mirror versions of them. The foreground needs to be covered up better and weapon placement could also be better.
December 8, 1999
- MEZ04 by Mez : 6.38KB : **
The creator of the most popular custom tilesets of all time (?) is back with set #4. Don't get too excited.. this one isn't like the other three. It only has 10 tiles. Still, you can make a pretty nifty level with it, as you can see in the example lvl. C'mon folks, we're talking about Mez here. Download the set! :)
- Golden Jazz 2 Launcher by Everlasting GK : 1.76MB
The latest of the multiplayer launchers. You can decide which MP launcher you like the best.. the other two are on the Programs page.
December 7, 1999
Single Player
- Jazz in "The Matrix" (demo) by Magic Card : Pack (2 Levels) : 469KB : **
It's a creative concept. The problems? Nothing much, but it is a demo. The full version, which is actually almost finished since it took me so long to post this, is definitely something to look forward to. In the meantime, take a look at this preview.
- Cat Pack 2 by Supercat : Battle/Hotel : 529KB : high *
Well, it's kinda coolful. Just not original at all.
- JelZe's Pinball Race by JelZe : 8.91KB : low ***
w00, I'm challenging my brother to a race with this one. :) Lots of pinball stuff, but it actually wasn't annoying for me.
- Music Pack : 190 songs for use in your Jazz 2 levels : 27.3MB
Awhile ago I put together all of my Jazz 2 music for my cousin to download. I decided I might as well post something about it here, in case there's somebody crazy enough to download it. (check the file size) Keep in mind that I received all of these songs in past level submissions, so if you download a lot of levels you probably already have a great number of these.


-Testers Needed (er.. maybe)
Last I heard, Computer Nerd wanted some beta testers for "The Search for Devan".... but of course, that was a month ago and I don't know why it took so long to post this. The whole Downloads thing is a mystery to me these days, as I'm sure it is for you.

December 6, 1999
Single Player
- Just Another Day at the Beach by ??? : Episode (9 Levels) : 115KB : **
There's a lot of bosses, but it's easy because of all of the carrots. Eye candy could be improved and the levels don't link together properly. Still very fun though.
- Jungle Drop by ?Enigma? : 14.3KB : high **
I like the layout and eye candy. You may need a lot of people for a good game since the level is so large.
December 5, 1999
Single Player
- Star Mess by Yoeri & Roelof : 37.1KB : low **
Rather poorly put together. It just needs *more*.
- Commander Keen by Talec LP : 25.7KB : low ***
I was just recently introduced to Commander Keen, so I don't know how well this set relates to the game, but it is definitely a good tileset.
- Rover Madness (ver. 5) by Elias FF : 115KB : ***
The best version of this tileset I've seen. It's big, and the dog pictures are very niftyful. :)
December 2, 1999
Single Player
- Gyrophemia by Gizmo : 23.8KB : low ***
I am assuming this is Gizmo's last level since he is leaving us. *sniff* *sniff* Say goodbye at this JMMB topic.
As far as the level goes: it's awesome. The text on the graves is hilarious. However, when you get to the boss, he's not there.. hmm.


I thought you guys might find these interesting..

* There are currently over 2,000 levels available for download at this site in 1,275 zip files.
* Not counting some programs and music, the downloads take up 250MB of space.
* My Jazz 2 folder, counting the zip files, TSF, and HH98, is 550MB large and contains almost 5,300 files. That includes 300 tilesets, over 300 music files, and 350 readme files.
* Largest level of all time: jungle trouble.j2l at 25.2KB
* Smallest level of all time: zzzzzz.j2l at 560 bytes
* Largest level submission of all time: Clashing Heros at 5.81MB
* Smallest level submission of all time: Crazy at 744 bytes
* Largest # of levels ever submitted in one pack: 27 levels in The New Jazz Jackrabbit 2
* Most commonly used zip file name of all time:
* Average # of levels received each day since June 1998: 4 levels
* # of people who hate Wakeman because he doesn't post their levels fast enough: countless :-)

I know some of you are pulling your hair out wondering, how in the world could it take somebody an entire month to rate a simple level! I'm wondering the same thing, but you have to consider that I do have school and I do have another site that I maintain. (Jazz 2 Stuff) On many days I only have time to answer e-mail and ICQ messages and search for news for J2C. I know how you guys feel, and I'm trying my best. The thing is, I don't think anybody has a right to complain until you have been in my shoes and see exactly what I'm trying to pull off here. I do not forget about you guys. I just don't have enough time to do everything. I appreciate your patience. If you really don't think I'm doing a good job, maybe it's time for me to pass down the torch. In all truth, after doing this for almost 1 and half years, it is not my favorite thing anymore, to say the least, but I promise I will continue to do it as long as you all want me to. This community is worth it. You're awesome! :-)

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