Submitting Levels & Tilesets

Make sure that you meet all the requirements below before you send me a level to post on J2C.

Before Submitting a Level:

- You need to spend at least a week working on each level you submit.
- Your levels needs to be tested by yourself and at least two other people, if all possible.
- You must include your level(s) and anything that goes with it (custom music & tile sets, readmes, etc) in one .zip file.

When You Submit a Level:

- You must include all of the following in the e-mail message you send me:

*Your name or nickname
*Type of submission (Single, Battle, CTF, Treasure, Race, Music, etc.)
*Version (TSF or regular Jazz 2)
*The size of your level if it is not in a pack (You can find out the size of your level by looking at the Level Properties of Layer 4 in JCS. The standard size is 256x64.)
*The name of your level, level pack, or episode.
*Level Password (optional)

Submitting Tilesets:

- The tileset must be sent to me in a .zip file. In the past, tilesets that weren't in a .zip file became corrupted when they were sent to me and I couldn't view them.
- The tileset must be in .j2t format when you submit it. I will not convert it for you.

Miscellaneous Submissions:

Jazz 2 City will post new music, programs, etc. if it relates to Jazz Jackrabbit. We will also post some backgrounds and other miscellaneous submissions. For examples of past submissions, see the Programs and Music pages.

After Submitting a Level:

Your submission will be promptly added to the Unrated Levels page once I receive it. You can use that page to see how many submissions need to be rated before I get to yours. I always post submissions in the order I receive them, with some rare exceptions. When your level is rated, it will be reviewed on the Latest Downloads page and will be added to the appropriate section. (Single, Battle, etc.) On rare occassions I will not officially add your level to J2C, depending on rating and other things.

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