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You thought it would never happen. But now it has. Your worst nightmare...

Well if it is then you deserve it. I'm getting so sick of seeing such awful levels being made and played that I figured it was time to do something about it. Even if what I do isn't even supposed to help it at all. :P

and now, for the

This weeks level is the amazing electronic! Unfortunately, the staff here at the BUTT UGLY LEVEL AT THE WEEK CONTEST was unable to determine the most venerable author of the level. Not only is the level passworded, but our level finding agent, stripe, was immediately banned upon joining the server that was hosting it. The server, which, strangely enough, was called "Stay Out Jerks". Since of course none of our staff could be associated with that title in any way shape or form, it seems that our friend the server should in fact ban himself. :D

Now on to our much-celebrated level, "electric". The bare roots of this creation originally derive from the level "Battle2" by Cliffy Blah, but oh my, what glorious flora has sprung forth from those roots! The most notable addition is the solid wall of electric spark thingeys on layer 6 or 7 that make normal navigation completely impossible. Luckily, "normal navigation" is a non-factor due to the fact that there are more butt-ugly sucker tubes in stuck in here than an old geezer in intensive care! What amazing forethought and planning!

Also worth mentioning are the zillions of clocks available for your sheild-extending pleasure. In our single-player testing we were able to get 10 minutes of shields without a thought! Too bad they don't work in multiplayer... all that work putting them in for nothing! The level also has a number of "rooms", which spice up the action like you wouldn't believe! (or not)

In conclusion, after painstaking examination and playtesting, this level can only be called not only the "Butt Ugly Level of the Week," but the "Butt Ugly Level of the Two Weeks!" Fellow JJ2ers, it's not every day you see a level with this magnitude of ugliness. In fact, we here at the BUTLOTW competition would like to ask you all for a moment of silence before you laugh at it any more. Thank you.

Site Info/Disclaimer

This site provided simply as amusment for JJ2 players. It does not reflect the views of anyone but myself. If for some reason I really tick you off, let me know... but don't expect me to be sorry. Just because your dad lost his job and your dog died last week doesn't mean you have to host crappy levels. :D (and that's the best excuse i can think of...)

As a final word:
It's really not hard at all to make a decent level. All you have to do is TRY. And if you're not going to do that, then I sure as heck don't want to play it.

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