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January 31, 1999
- JJ2Spaceship by PhoenixB : Battle : 1.93KB : **
I'm going brain dead...I can't think of any good comments anymore.
- BLUE by Light JoJ : Tileset : 4.95KB : **
Another good tileset. Includes sample Battle level.
- Speed Bay v.B1 by Bugz : Race : 15.5KB : **
Find the secret warp for a big shortcut...
- Farm Land by The Rock : Battle : 2.42KB : *
I don't highly recommend this level, but it does have some good points to it.
- Project: Iceage (Demo) by DanX of J2LC : Single Player : 199KB : ***
I'm really looking forward to the full version of Project: Iceage after seeing this demo.
- Hunted Hunting by Tore Lie Bjelland : Battle : 3.42KB : **
An average level with average stuff...I guess :)
- Battle Pack by Agent Dee : 6KB : **
Great designs for both of these levels.
- Rockius by FoX : Tileset : 5.74KB : **
A small tileset, but, as the sample level shows, you can do some cool stuff with it.
- The Jazz Industry by Another Jazz 2 Fan : Single Player : 134KB : ***
A very creative level. I think everybody should enjoy this one.
- Bugkill by Bugz : CTF pack : ** : Download Options -
With Whare music (810KB)
Without Whare music (177KB)
Good levels, considering the fact that he used Jazz 1 tilesets. However, I think they are a little too complicated for CTF.
- Derald J. Snyder is creating two levels using the Moebius tileset.  The first is called "A Night on Mobius" and is very short and "very crappy." The second is called "Hidden Palace" and will be larger and better to play.  (It's based on Hidden Palace from Sonic & Knuckles) If you would like to help beta test these levels, e-mail Derald.

- Kaven is working on the following levels right now:

Raging Raz -- Single -- 8 Levels -- 2 Bonus Levels
Raz, A Traitor of the Galactic Rabbits, had been hiding away working on his ultimate weapon, The Max-Drill.  Raz had used an underground lair below Devan Shells labratory to work on it and once in a while, He'd come up to steal tools and parts from Devan without him ever knowing.  Soon, a small area of Raz's Lair collapsed and so Devan went down with it.  Raz had worked out an agreement with Devan shell to build the Ultimate weapon and destroy Jazz and the Carrotus Castle forever.
Meanwhile Jazz had been at the top of Mt. Carrot Rock with Eva for a romantic night out.  Jazz had just about to enjoy the last moment with a kiss, Until Spaz came up the hill disrupting Jazz and Eva's moment.  Spaz had told Jazz that Devans Lab has collapsed and Devan's Thugs began to come out of the hole it left.  Jazz immediately got up and rushed off with Spaz, leaving Eva stranded on the top of Mt. Carrot Rock.

Kaven's Kingdom - Battle Pack - 3 Levels
Kaven might use some of my own tiles for Kaven's Castle.  The other levels will be using Jungle and Colony.

The Duel - Battle Pack - 3 Levels
Small levels but lots of people will like them.

- Zapman is looking for levels that have NOT been posted ANYWARE to go in a random pack, levels using never posted before tilesets would be GREAT and even new tilesets that have been posted would be good.

The pack will be put together around March to May. It will not have any of Zapman's levels because "they suck." :-P

Zapman will rate the levels with marks
1-5 on tileset
1-3 on secrets quality
0-8 on personal rating
0-2 on music quality
and 1-2 on manuverability (dont just stick your level on a straight path.)
You need at least 10 marks all up to qualify (if i really dont like it then it will get no personal marks)

If you want, Zapman can give you the secret to making jj1 tilesets work if you if you dont know how

If the music score is 0 hewill add one of the following
something else.j2b

E-mail Zapman with the level and ask him if you want simpsons.j2b (only 3 levels will have it, more if enough come in)

- The Rock is making a 100 level episode. It is more like a role playing game than an action game even though there are plenty of bad guys.

January 29, 1999
- Carrot Attack by Mister X : Single Player : 4.58KB : *
This level should have received two stars, but you get stuck in the wall everytime you exit a warp. (This is a common error found in many levels. Remember: Never put a warp target right next to a wall!)
- Star Trek: Rebellion by Goku : Battle : 5.71KB : **
This level is for all of you dedicated Trekkies. :)
- Jazz2 File Copier by MetalWarrior : Program : 1.7MB : N/A
A useful program that copies JJ2 levels from "Cache" folder to your "Jazz2" folder.  It has instructions on how to install it, and shouldn't have any problems.  The main reason MetalWarrior made it was because he got sick of having to open twenty folders to copy levels manually after he played a level he liked on the net. The instructions also tell you how to activate it while still in Jazz2.
- Kovu is making a level pack containing 52 Single Player levels, 1 Battle, and 1 CTF level. The pack is called the "Simpsons level pack" and is based on Annihilator's Simpsons! level. There will be a demo containing one Single Player level and CTF level.

- JazzySpaz is creating a level pack. He hasn't released any other info yet.

January 27, 1999
- Annihilator wanted me to post this music for downloading. There is a good reason for doing this, but it was too hard for me to understand, so I decided not to mention it. :)
- Stupid CTF by Captain Spam : CTF : 2.29KB : **********
You know, it's a good thing we decided to kill our best friend Spam. (see below) I think he's starting to lose this mind. This level is, well, stupid. Which is why it got a 10-star rating.
- LabLocked by Captain Spam : CTF : 6.99KB : ***
Spam's done it again. He's created a perfect level. Now we have to do the only right thing -- kill him. :)
- H-2-O by Agent Dee : Battle : 2.56KB : **
A "highly demanded" level which even I have to say is pretty cool.
- Macbeth by Agent Dee : Battle : 4.16KB : **
This level has a very nice design/layout. I wonder if the name "Macbeth" has anything to do with the StarFox levels named that..
- Emerald Forest by Cycloid : Battle : 5.17KB : **
This level should already be on J2C, but, for some reason, Cycloid and I can't find it on any of the pages. So, I've (re)posted it. If you can find "Emerald Forest" somewhere on J2C, please tell me.
Due to the fact that I'm no longer posting level news on the main J2C news page, I have decided that this would be a good place to post it instead. So, if you have any news relating to upcoming episodes/packs or JCS, e-mail me and I'll post it here, regardless of what it is.
January 25, 1999 (2nd update)
- HH98 Battle Pack by Greenkiller : 826KB : **
I wasn't sure if this one deserved ** or *** - download the levels and decide for youself. :)
- 70's Fever by Martin : Single Player pack : 532KB : ***
Martin's done it again. Re-live the 70's with one of the coolest single player packs of all time!
January 25, 1999
- Soggy Rabbit by aximili : Battle : 6.24KB : **
I think this would be a good time to point out a common mistake that almost everybody does when they use the Beach tilesets. It involves the stairways. I've created a level using that tileset before, and I've discovered that the stairways require a lot more work besides just putting them in on layer 4. You must also use layer 3. To figure out how to do it, open up one of Epic's beach levels in JCS and find one of the stairways. Then, look at what they did on layers 3 and 4 and copy it into your level. It makes a big difference in the end.
January 24, 1999
- Chucko's Battle Pack : 94.6KB : **
8 levels with a lot of fun and variety!
- Houseville 2 by Timberwolf : Battle/Chat : 2.62KB : **
I'd say that this one would work better as a chat level than a Battle level.
- Trigger Zone Example Level by BlueIce E : 4.34KB
Explains and shows how to use the trigger zone event. If you're JCS does not have the trigger zone event, click here to download the updated jcs.ini file. If you need more help on using the trigger zone event, J2C also has a tutorial explaining about it.
- JBW2: Forest BunnyWar by MetalWarrior, HawkEyeWR, & Cyclone : JBW1 : Battle : 4.27KB : **
The sequel to the awesome Battle level, Jungle Bunny War.
- J2LC_Nature 2 by F. Quist of J2LC : Tileset : 8.01KB : **
A small tileset, but it has all of the elements needed to make a good level. Includes sample level.
- Blue's Chat/Battle Pack : ** : Download options -
with Simpsons music (1.15MB)
without Simpsons music (98.3KB)
- Vertigo Jazz by Charge : Battle : 2.85KB : **
Based on a great game - Descent.
January 21, 1999
- The Life in the Sewer by Icegrame : CTF : 46KB : **
Includes music created by Icegrame.
- Battle Pack by Raptor RS : 4.74KB : *
The maze level is annoying, as always, for a Battle level. (that's just my opinion, some of you may like maze levels) The other level contains nothing but power-ups and carrots that respawn one second after you get them.
- Blue's Small Battle Pack : by BlueIce E : 259KB : **
Great levels. (what more can I say? :)
- Tube Electric Mayhem by Syntax : CTF : 5.3KB : **
Very good layout and design. How can two bases be so close together...and yet so far apart?
- CTF Mission by BlueIce E : 193KB : **
Very well designed, awesome eye canday. This is one of the better CTF levels I've seen in awhile.
January 19, 1999
- Electric Areana by Spazey UOI : Battle : 4.76KB : **
Yet another chat level.
- Just be thankful you're a rabbit... : Zapman : ??? : 72KB : ???
- Tricky Pack by LJH : Single Player episode : 348KB : **
If you want a challenge, download this episode.
- Jazzin Up the Underworld by Zapman & Gon With Da Wind : Single Player episode : 1.12MB : *
Quite a bit of work is needed on these levels, but they are playable.
January 17, 1999
- Winter Warped by Kaven : Battle : 313KB : **
Great eye candy, good design...
- Medival Madness 2 by Roaster : Single Player : 3.48KB : **
This is an amazingly good level, consdering the fact that it was created in only 15 minutes.
- Simpsons! by Annihilator : Single Player : 1.07MB : **
A fun, long, hard, hilarious level!
- Speed Bay by Bugz : Race : 7.2KB : **
Very fun - see if you can find the shortcut warp.
- Spaced out Jazz by Kaven & Ninjite : Battle : 140KB : ***
A very well designed level. I highly recommend it.
- Rover Madness by Elias FF : Version 3 : Tileset : 41.9KB : **
Note: This version of Rover Madness will wreck the Rover Madness level. So, if you don't want that to happen, stick with version 2 of the tileset.
- Cooked Carrots by FoX : Version 2 : Single Player episode : 26.3KB : **
View the readme to learn about all of the changes in the second version of this awesome episode.
January 15, 1999
- Cooked Carrots by FoX : Version 2 : Single Player episode : 25.4KB : **
This is the largest episode to date, topping it off with 16 levels!
- Carrot City by Stan Brone : Tileset : 5.63KB : *
It's pretty good, but every tile is fully masked. It may be semi-difficult to create a level using this tileset because of the limited amount of tiles.
- Blasting( by Meowth : Tileset : 17.7KB : **
Fun and crazy. Includes sample level.
- Silent Slayers by Martin : Battle : 7.53KB : ***
An update to another one of Martin's old masterpieces.
- Hell's Angles by Martin : Battle : 6.97KB : ***
An update to one of Martin's old, although awesome, levels.
- J2LC Battle Pac by F. Quist of J2LC : 26.2KB : **
These are some of the best Battle levels I've seen in awhile! However, I think some of them may be a little too big and confusing, and the level entitled "stop" did not even load for me.
- Exoticafix by F. Quist of J2LC : Tileset : 38.8KB : *
A fixed Jazz 1 tileset. (Note: This tileset did not receive * because it wasn't very good, but rather because F. Quist didn't design this tileset himself.)
- J2LC_Snow by F. Quist of J2LC : Tileset : 6.82KB : *
Small with not much detail, but it would be easy to use.
- J2LC Race by F. Quist of J2LC : 2.28KB : **
This one doesn't have any extremely good points, but it doesn't really have any bad ones, either.
- Construction Site by Annihilator : Race : 2.59KB : *
Short, but fun.
- Rover Madness by Elias FF : Version 2 : Tileset : **
View the readme to learn about all of the changes made in version 2 of this cool tileset.
- Hazard Hotel by Tobias : Single Player pack : 1.24MB : *
4 short levels. They all need quite a bit of work, but the music in the first level should keep you entertained..
- CTF Pack by Agent Dee : 7.69KB : **
One of the levels is really good, (check out the dripping water animation!) but the other one doesn't even have a background.
January 13, 1999
- Race Game by Annihilator : Race : 2.65KB : *
A short level with not too many good qualities..but if you're longing for a Race level this one would be a good one to get.
January 12, 1999
- Jungle Bunny War by MetalWarrior, HawkEyeWR, & Cyclone : JBW2 : Battle : 3.59KB : **
A popular Internet level which I highly recommend. (some may give this level ***)
- Annihilator's Christmas by Annihilator : Single Player : 895KB : *
Not the greatest layout and eye candy, but it supplies you with some fun.
- Aquatic Dungeon by Bugz : Battle : 13.6KB : **
Beautifully designed - remember to play this one with high detail!
- Annihilator's World by Annihilator : CTF : 31KB : **
This level plays better as a Battle level, in my opinion. It uses a nice tileset.
January 11, 1999
- Battle Pack by Annihilator : 68KB : **
Most of these levels need quite a bit of work, especially in the eye canday and design areas.
- Forgotten Level Pack by AstroniA : 13KB
Here's what AstroniA had to say about the 3 levels in this pack:

Here's my "forgotten levels" pack. It's a load of levels I wanted to finish but never got around to, for lack of time and interest. They're all incomplete, but I invite EVERYONE to complete and modify them at will. The password for them all is "herrenvolk". All my levels I announce can now be edited by whoever wants to, just so long as they credit me in the process.

- Muckamo Mayhem by AstroniA : Battle : 180KB : **
Great music, unique tileset, great eye candy, good layout
- AstroniA's last levels were posted today. To find out why they are his last levels, read the news.
January 10, 1999
- 70's Rock by Rachel : Single Player : 5.38KB : **
An easy, long, enjoyable level.
- Infinite Pack by Kaven : Battle : 24.4KB : ***
3 detailed levels overflowing with fun! (be sure to check out the unique animations in the third level)
- Survival in the SNOW by Ice Ninja & Ninjite : Battle (maybe CTF) : 374KB : *
Most of things in this level need work, and there is bad language in the music file.
- The Hidden Woods by Prowler : Battle : 3.93KB : **
A very good level in all respects.
- Fiery Death Pack by Biohazard : Battle : 13.6KB : **
Good eye candy, but overall the levels are average.
- If you're level wasn't posted, don't worry. I didn't have time to finish the whole load today, so the rest will be posted throughout this week.
January 10, 1999
- I've been very busy with school work this weekend, so I may or may not update the downloads today. If I don't update today, I'll try and post at least a couple levels tomorrow. Sorry for any inconvenience, and please be patient with me.
January 6, 1999
- Ezanef by Stan Brone : Tileset : 242KB : *
This is a simple, easy to use, cool tileset. Includes sample level.
- Shadow Land by Shadow : CTF : 2.84KB : **
I highly recommend this level, even if it didn't get ***
- Battle Pack by Tobias : 11.7KB : *
These levels need quite a bit of work, but most of them would still probably be pretty fun to play.
- Houseville by Xeno : Battle : 82KB : **
Another chat level. You can read the rules of a chat level here or inside the level.
- Unfortunately and fortunately, I have not been receiving as many levels as usual. (this is fortunate because I don't have time to post the amount of levels I was receiving during Christmas, and unfortunately because I want you guys to have as many levels to download as possible.) Anyway, enjoy!
January 3, 1999
- Rabbit Chase by Marky : Battle : 5.78KB : **
I don't think this level has the best design, but it's playable, so that's all that really matters. :)
- Retro Wasteland by Cycloid : Single Player : 197KB : ***
Two huge, awesome levels!
- J2LC_Nature by F. Quist of J2LC : Tileset : 8.98KB : **
Not too much eye candy, but it would be an easy tileset to create a level with.
- TimberWolf Warzone by TimberWolf : CTF : 5.65KB : *
A clone of Jon's classic level, Diamondus Warzone.
- Holiday Hare 98 X - B2 by Blackman : Battle : 759KB : **
Another cool Battle level from the upcoming HH98 X pack.
- Tomorrow I go back to school, so for a the next half year I will be updating a minimum of once a week. (on Sunday usually)
January 1, 1999
- Clashing Heros Part 1 by Bart : Single Player episode : 2.73MB : **
Besides enemies, there aren't very many events. However, I love the music and Bart's comic lines throughout the levels.
- ChatDreamWorld by [Dr]Dre@m : Battle : 149KB : **
This is a chat level. During a Battle game, you can go into chat boxes. If you shoot in a chat box, or if you go into a reserved chat box that does nto have your name, you will be kicked or banned. I like the idea of a chat level, but I hate the idea of kicking and banning. When I played this level on the Net, I was winning, but I shot in a chat box and got kicked, without even knowing the rule. So, it can be quite frustrating.
NOTE: My kicking/banning concern did not affect the rating of this level.
- Holiday Hare 98 X - B1 by Blackman : Battle : 759KB : **
The first level in the upcoming HH98 X pack. (see the news page for more info)
- Operation: Doomsday (demo) by SvEiNuNg ThE mAd & AlEkSaNdEr ThE iCeMaN : Version 2 : Single Player episode : 67.6KB : **
Most of the levels link together now, but there are still some problems.
- Freezin by BlueIce E : Battle : 9.29KB : **
Great eye candy, although I think the overall design needs a little work
- Diamondus Death Wish by BlueIce E : Battle : 7.25KB : **
Good eye candy, plenty of weapons..yet another great Battle level!
- Carrot Caves II by Prowler : Battle : 2.97KB : **
I'm surprised at how good this level is, considering the fact that is was completed in only one day.
- Happy New Year!
December 31, 1998
- Diamond Rabbit by DanX of J2LC : Single Player : 11.6KB : ***
Lots of secrets, lots of fun. You could play this level for hours and still just scrath the surface of everything in it!
- Operation: Doomsday (demo) by SvEiNuNg ThE mAd & AlEkSaNdEr ThE iCeMaN : Version 2 : Single Player episode : 67.6KB : **
Includes 11 levels! It almost deserves ***, but there are some very annoying problems, such as some of the levels don't link together properly.
- A White Christmas by Rocky Raccoon : Battle : 317KB : ***
WOW! (This is stuff, and "Stuff is Good!") :)
- Fiendish Safari by Rocky Raccoon & Master Fiend : Battle : 6.38KB : ***
Everything in this level is superb!
- Mission: Fiendishness by RockyRaccoon & Master Fiend : Version 2 : CTF : 191KB : ***
In the second version of this old level: Graphics/background were improved and a new hidden area was added in this classic level
- Colonial Clash by RockyRaccoon : Version 2 : Battle : 102KB : ***
In the second version of this old level: the name of the level was changed, the music is .s3m, and there's another clone of the classsic level
- J2LC_Recharge by F. Quist of J2LC : Tileset : 12.7KB : **
Good masks, lots of colors, easy to use.
- Antartica by Icegrame : Tileset : 71.5KB : **
Copied from an Epic tileset, but it still looks unique and cool
- Blue's Xmas Battle Pack by BlueIce E : Battle pack : 347KB : **
Lots of great Christmas fun!
- CTF/Battle Levels by JJ Tublear : 46.4KB : *
Needs quite a bit of work, the CTF level is not very stragetic
- I'm receiving so many levels that I am truly afraid that I'll be swamped when my holiday break is over next week, when I may only get to update once a week. (minimum) So, I ask you to please only submit levels that you know would get at least a ** rating so you don't waste my time. thanks
December 30, 1998
- The Ice Clans Christmas by BlueIce E : Battle : 396KB : **
Great music, lots of holiday fun.
- WWF Christmas by Stone Cold : Battle : 90.3KB : *
Good music, but the design needs a lot of work.
- Two more *late* Christmas levels for you to download today.
December 29, 1998
- WWF WARZONE by Stone Cold : Battle : 89.9KB : *
Weapons don't respawn, needs better design, the tiles used are not especially nice looking
- Jazz 2 City by TimberWolf : Battle : 4.01KB : **
An all-out fun level with lots of yummy goodies.
- CTF Stuff by BlueZ : Version 2 : CTF pack : 493KB : ***
There is fixed music in this version.
- Morph Machine by DanX : Single Player : 17.9KB : **
This is one of the few levels I've seen that has tons of carrots but is still hard to beat.
December 28, 1998
- Christmas Eve by Peter : Race/Battle : 638KB : **
Sorta small for a race level, needs better eye candy
- Wonders of Christmas by Peter : Battle : 118KB : **
Could have better design and eyecandy, but overall it's a good solid level.
- Click Here to download a blank level using the DataDomain tileset. (no, I'm not crazy. The level has all of the animations pre-made for you. Basically, it's a template that you can use to create your own level.) Norbert van Adrichem : 36.2KB
- Nomen Luni by Big Al : CTF : 5.01KB : **
Great level design. This one would be very fun to play on the Internet with a large group of jazzers.
- It's Snowing & We're Flighing by Robert Revnic : Battle : 1.98KB : *
Needs better design, a warp target is missing, and the items don't respawn
December 27, 1998
- Icegrame asked me to post this music for you to download. (87.8KB)
- J2LC Christmas Supplement by J. Quist of J2LC : Battle pack : 8.3KB : **
These levels are a good example of how the HH98 tilesets should be used.
- Jedi Christmas Pack by Jedi : Version 2 : Single Player pack : 530KB : **
This version isn't really too much different than the first one, so only download it if you never got the original from the old Downloads page.
- Aziz Pack by Agent Aziz : Single Player pack : 415KB : *
Too many weapons, making the levels very easy
- J2LC Christmas Pack by the J2LC Group : Battle/Single Player : 824KB : **
A fun pack by a great level designing group.
- 1 Player Pack by Elias FF : Single Player pack + tileset : 1.33MB : **
Lots of fun without enemies! Includes a cool new tileset.
- LeSmashy Tileset Pack by LeSmashy / Nuka : 4 Tilesets : 1.18MB : ***
Extremely cool tilesets! (some of the best I've seen for months!)
- win(2) by Stan Brone : Tileset : 8.02KB : *
Interesting, but hard to use, and the masks could be better.
- Lots of tilesets and Christmas levels to download today! (sorry, I'm a bit late on the X-mas stuff)
December 22, 1998
- Crazy Sands by Twitch : Battle : 11.5KB : **
Great eye candy, uses desert tile set.
- Christmas Kingdom by Charge : Single Player : 767KB : **
Another easy level with lots of fun! Includes HH98 tilesets.
- Silent Night by Outlaw UOI : Single Player : 234KB : **
Fun, although easy levels. Includes HH98 tileset.
- The Graveryard of Secret Devil by Secret Devil : Battle : 7.58KB : **
Fine layout, although there are too many weapons and carrots in some places.
- Flight of the Phoenix by Shadow : Version 2 : Battle : 2.43KB : **
There aren't as many weapon power-ups now, which is a good thing.
- CaRRoT's Christmas! by CaRRoTs : Battle : 861KB : **
Includes Holiday Hare 98 tileset and music!
- Death Race by Mezz : Battle : 12.4KB : **
Too complicated, in my opinion
- Helish Level Pack by Oscar Myers : Battle : 8.63KB : *
No music, needs better design
- I have re-evaluated Bluez CTF Stuff. The rating is now ***
December 20, 1998
- CCL Levels by CCL : Single Player/Battle : 162KB : *
Practice battling all of bosses in Jazz 2!
- <Darn Mosquitoz> by [Dr]Dre@m : Single Player : 40.8KB : ***
I have never seen anybody use the water event so well before!
- Sonic's At It Again by Death Dewey & Blood Ninja : Single Player : 262KB : **
Lots of action, fun, and creativity.
- CTF Stuff by BlueZ : Version 2 : CTF pack : 493KB : ***
Awesome tile sets, awesome music, awesome layout!
- Salsa City by Dexter : Battle : 87KB : **
An awesome level with jazzy music!
- Flight of the Phenix by Shadow : Version 2 : Battle : 2.44KB : **
Overall a fun level, although there are too many weapon power-ups.
- Moving Along by Steve Miner : Battle : 4.68KB : **
Good use of animations, but the layout is questionable, and the tubes were not done properly.
- Oak Valley by Mr A : Single Player : 10.5KB : **
Good graphics, good layout, lots of secrets
- Angle Island Act 1 by SvEiNuNg ThE mAd : Single Plyer : 41.7KB : **
Good graphics, but not the best gameplay, and you can get stuck on the H-Pole.
- Die Softly by Oh Dear : Battle : 3.33KB : *
Lots of weapons, but not a very good layout.
- Ken's Universe Xmas by Kenneth Dunlop : Single Player episode : 449KB : ***
The creator of "Ken's Universe" has put together a holiday pack that will litteraly keep you playing for hours!
- If you don't have Holiday Hare 98, check back later for free access to one of the tile sets when I post the first level using it!
December 17, 1998
- Buster has been very kind and has located all of the broken links on the Downloads pages for me. All of them should be fixed now, but if you find any please tell me.
December 15, 1998
- The New Jazz 2 City is up and running! Don't mind any of the news below, that was just there so Deth could see my progress on the new pages.

Remember: All levels submitted for now on will be posted on the individual Download pages, no matter how good or bad they are. Right now the levels that you see on the individual pages are the best ones from the Old Archives page. The Old Archives page will not be updated ever again.

About the Rating System:

The 3 star rating system is now being used so it's easier and faster for me to post the large load of levels I receive each week. Most levels will get a 2-star rating. Levels that get a 0-star rating will not be posted.

One final note: Before you submit another level to me, please read the rules on the Submit Level page.

thanks, and enjoy the #1 Jazz 2 site!

November 16, 1998
- Submitting Levels & Tile Sets page completed. (all pages completed!)
- All pages finalized, minor problems fixed.
- Background added to all pages.
- On the Music page, you can now download all of the Jazz 1 songs in one .zip file. (2.36MB)
- Programs and Music pages completed.
November 15, 1998
- Programs page partially completed.
- Tile Sets page completed.
November 11, 1998
- I had a problem with the tables, so I had to take off the file extension (.zip) from each download in the File Name column on every page.
- Tile Sets page partially completed.
- Battle, CTF, Treasure/Race, Single Player, and Level Packs sections completed.
November 10, 1998
- All sections updated. (tables fixed)
November 9, 1998
- All sections updated.
- All links fixed on Old Archives section.
November 5, 1998
- Latest Downloads section completed.
- "Hover colors" added to Links. (IE only)
October 22, 1998
- All new Download sections more or less operational.
October 21, 1998
- Download layout stable.