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= Requires full version of The Secret Files to play.
= Click for picture of tileset.

May 31, 1999
- Oh No Easter by KingP!n GPW : Battle : 6.55KB : ***
Yet another cool level by King.
- Welcome to King's Jungle by KingP!n GPW : Battle : 7.57KB : ***
No complaints here.
- Rover Madness by Elias FF : Version 4 : Tileset : 110KB : ***
Thanks to the cool new backgrounds, this set is a huge 800 tiles large.
- Ultimate Bonus Level by Markus Lund : Single Player : 104KB : *
I don't see that there's much point to this level, but there is one small challenge.
- A Bad Day For a Monkey by Spy : Battle : 12.8KB : ***
Exceptional eye candy; no problems.
- Simpson Motel by Agt Bartman : Battle/Chat/CTF/Treasure : 38.9KB : **
Nice, good looking level, but nothing that we haven't seen before.
- Hocus Pocus by GreenKiller : Tileset : 478KB : ***
GreenKiller's 2nd great tileset.
- Sucky CTF by Ice : 3.32KB : **
Small level, (50x15) but it still surpassed getting * because I like the design and placement of events.
- Music Pack sent in by Shadow GPW : 1.54MB : N/A
12 never-before-used music files to use with your Jazz 2 levels.
- The REAL Treasure Hunt! by Brutus : Single Player : 44.3KB : ***
I love levels like this - they don't have enemies, but rather tons of creative puzzles that you must solve to reach your ultimate goal... Check it out!
- Haunted Castle by Brain KEA : Single Player : 2.99KB : *
A good level until you get to the end. Maybe I'd give this 1 & 1/2 stars...
- Biohazardous Lab by Biohazard : Single Player : 15KB : ***
This is not a new level; it came with the BioLab tileset when it was released. If you don't have it, you'll want to get it.
- The Cold Arena by Spy : Battle : 427KB : ***
Spy barely pulled off *** with this one. However, I don't really have any complaints.
- The Micro-Problem by Rastus : Single Player : 4.19KB : ***
Not only is this level creatively unique, but Rastus has shown mastery in the use of the Trigger Zone event.
- Yummy! Candy by Electric IR : Version 1.1 : Battle : 83.9KB : **
Not sure what was updated in this one..
- City Horror by Madcat : Battle : 3.36KB : **
One of the first levels to be released that uses the TSF Town House tileset.
- Xmas Town Warzone by Blackman : Battle : 1.08MB : ***
Face paced and interesting.
- Rumble in the Jungle by Madcat : Battle : 3.98KB : **
No major problems, but some of the layout seems to me to be a little awkward.
- A DevIll's Hotel by DevIll : Version 1.1 : Battle : 29.7KB : **
I'm not sure exactly what was updated/fixed, but it is a cool level that you may want to download.
- Rockius Mayhem by Markus Lund : Single Player : 208KB : *
I like the concept protrayed in this level, but it seems to me to be impossible to beat...
- The Small Treasure Hunt Pack by Frank Jr. : 239KB : **
If you decide to play these levels, use these amounts for the number of gems you need to collect: For the space levels use 50 gems, and for the rest use 75, although you may want to use 65-70 on the 2nd Jungle level.
- Enozraw Sudnomaid by stripe : CTF : 5.6KB : ***
If you can't figure it out, "Enozraw Sudnomaid" is backwords for "Diamondus Warzone". Therefore, this is Diamondus Warzone - only backwards. Please note that the *** rating does not come from level design since Jeh made this level, but rather from originality and all the work it must have taken to flip the entire level.
May 24, 1999
- Shellion's Extreme Revenge (Demo) by SpazticPT : Patch : Single Player episode : 0.98MB : ***
Perfect levels in every way: super design, great eye candy, awesome challenges, extremely long, hard difficulty... Episodes this good don't come around very often; be sure to download it!
Note: Extract the "patch" into your Jazz 2 folder after you have downloaded the demo, replacing the previous file; it will fix a potential problem with one of the bosses.

- If you submitted a level on or after May 19th, it probably hasn't been posted yet. So, please do not worry about it, as it will be posted eventually. (the sooner you submitted the level, the sooner it will be posted) I've just been very busy recently. In 3 weeks I'll be out of school, providing plenty of time to update the downloads every day or every other day.

- Blackman provided me with more info for his upcoming episode, JJ2 Warped. It sounds very cool. The official specs for it are below:

- 21 single player lvls
- 7 boss lvls
- More than 15 new tilesets(including a few tile sets from E-realm and the most famous tile sets, like MEZ, and more...)
- More than 10 new music files (including TSF and HH98 musics)
- 3 Battle lvls
- 3 CTF lvls
- 2 diffrent endings
- A cool story
- Some of the best level creators in the community are working on it.

Blackman is still looking for people to help. JJ2 Warped should be released somewhere around the end of June to the beginning of July.

May 23, 1999
- I have added a Videos section to the Programs page. So far there are 5 videos to download, all of which you probably have, but you might as well check it out to make sure.
- Jungle Fever Reverse Mode by Warlord : Race : 12.4KB : ***
This is basically playing Jungle Fever from end to beginning instead of beginning to end, which I must admit is quite interesting.
- J2LC_Battery Check by The NEW spaz : Tileset : 22.5KB : ***
Has part of the Battery Check tileset. This probably should have gotten a rating of N/A since Orange was actually the one to create the tileset, but I gave the first version of this *** for one reason or another, so I've got to stay consistant. :)
- GIANTS CASTLE by Giant GPW : Battle : 5.83KB : **
No real problems, but nothing spectacular either.
- Giant's New Jungle by Giant GPW : Version 3 : Battle : 5.65KB : **
An error was fixed in this version. I'm not sure if anything else was fixed or added besides that certain error.
- Seaside Wabbits by Opar : Single Player : 11.1KB : ***
Good detail, great design, and it's loaded with secrets!
- Ash by Pikachu : Tileset : 46.5KB : *
If you're a Pokemon fan you'll want to download this set, but it would be very difficult to make a level using it.
- Meadow by Syntax : Final version : Tileset : 21.7KB : **
There aren't any new tiles, but the masks are much better.
- Blind CTF by ShanD : CTF : 2.59KB : **
Creative, but the bases are too close to each other, among other things.
- Turtle Robot by Tor : Tileset : 25.3KB : **
Creative tileset and level.
- Alienator will not allow me to mirror his Earthrealm levels on J2C yet, but you can download the demo and two Battle levels here. Below are my reviews:
*Newest : Tileset : 118KB : ***
If anybody could make a tileset better than Mez, it would be Alienator. Both the tileset and level that comes with it are awesome, and this is only the demo!
*Five : Tileset/Battle : 213KB : ***
The Battle level could be better, but the tileset is great.
*Alien Marble : Tileset/Battle : 98.9KB : ***
Uses the "Newest" tileset; nicely designed level.

- Blackman doesn't know when his episode, JJ2 Warped, is going to be out, but he is looking for level designers and tileset builders to help. He is also currently working on a pack that includes the music and tilesets from HH98 and TSF. On top of all that he is working on a new Jazz 2 website...
May 19, 1999
- Little But Fine 2 by Electric IR : Battle pack : 236KB : **
All 15 levels are very small, but I've found that the smallest levels are often the most fun to play on the Net.
- Jungletown by White Fang DW : Battle : 294KB : **
Pretty good design + Pretty good eye candy = Pretty good level :)
- Lego by Jazz : Battle : 2.52KB : *
Nothing in here that we haven't seen before, but it is one of the better * levels.
- Help Enemy Party Select Hard Skill by Markus Lund : Single Player pack : 116KB : *
I don't especially like most of the things in this pack, but at least it has an interesting name. ;)

- DarkBunny and his brother are working on a new level called "Brothers in Harm". The level is divided into 5 sectors, which are: Obstacle Curse, Crazy Maze, Season`s Beatings, Rip Tide and Optical Contusion. Brothers in Harm will be released in about a week. It's supposed to be as good as Jeh's levels, but we'll just have to wait and judge for ourselves when it's released. :)
May 16, 1999
- Race Fixer by Annihilator : 15.6KB : N/A
Extract the files into your TSF folder and you will be able to play Race Mode.
- Project 2 Screen Saver : 1.3MB : N/A
I finally put this in the Programs page. For those you don't have it yet, it shows Jazz, Spaz, and Lori running across the screen collecting gems.
- All of the different patches have been added to the Programs page.
May 15, 1999
- JCS.ini Update 3 by GreenKiller : JCS Configuration Update : 5KB : N/A
Allows you to use: HH98 enemies & boss, pinball events in Party Mode, and the Trigger Zone event. Place it in your Jazz 2 folder and allow it to overwrite the old file.
- The Long One by Rachel : Race : 7.44KB : **
Not very many large obstacles, but still a great level if you're looking for some fast paced action.
- Unreal by Rachel : Single Player : 8.92KB : ***
Yet another of her huge, fun levels.
- Paint by Ninja Dodo : Version 3 : Tileset : 21.6KB : **
The "weird" colors were fixed in this version.
- NeW's Mayhem by NeW & various : Tileset : 90.4KB : N/A
A big tileset with proper masks for 3 Jazz 1 tilesets. (Deckstar, Industrius & Muckammo)
- Battle Pack by Spaznukem : 4.67KB : *
The tile placement is a little eratic, and there's too many of certain items. (I don't see the use of having 50 carrots right next to each other. :)
- King Castle by ShanD : Battle : 5.97KB : **
Concepts in this level are similar to Hank's Team Fortress: you choose your designation before entering the Battle arena.
- Battle Pack by Oli of the Chaos Mappers : 28.7KB : **
Quite interesting levels, although I found 2 places in separate levels where you can get stuck.
- StormKnights First by StormKnight & Radon : Battle : 36.4KB : **
Cool looking; great level.
- Castle Smashenstein by LeSmash : Version 2 : Tileset : 96.3KB : ***
The 1st version of this set was missing its bottom, which is why LeSmash sent in version 2.
- Rabbit Soup by Henrik Ullman : Single Player : 6.03KB : **
Pretty fun level, but the eye candy could be a little better, and you get stuck in a wall when you come out of a warp. (remember to never to put a warp target right next to a wall!)
- Death Star by Biohazard : Tileset : 10.1KB : **
This was the perfect time to release this tileset, as the new Star Wars movie is coming out in just a few days. I can't wait to see it. :)
- Cyber SHOWDOWN!!! by SpazMan : Battle : 210KB : *
This just proves that you can't make a very good level in 45 minutes. I'm not kidding when I tell you to spend at least 1 week on each level you make with at least 2 beta testers.
- Kaven's Collection by Kaven : Battle pack (& other types?) : 69.3KB : ***
I didn't look at all 9 levels in this pack, but I'm pretty sure this is *** since most things I see from Kaven get that rating, and most of these levels I've already seen.
- Thermal K.1 by Kaven : Tileset : 197KB : ***
This is basically the Carrotus tileset in Hell. You may not think it deserves ***, but if you knew how much work he spent on it you would agree with the rating. Unfortunately, I was not able to play the level that came with it due to an "internal error". Maybe you'll have better luck.
- Diamond Hill by Onag : CTF : 8.06KB : ***
Awesome level; great job, Onag!
- Cave Capture by Onag : CTF : 1.97KB : **
This is one of those small levels where the two bases are 3 seconds apart, adding quite a bit of action.
- Valley Volley by Onag : CTF : 4.98KB : ***
Yet another classic level by Onag.
- Treasure Hunt Battle Pack by Onag : Treasure Hunt : 10.7KB : ***
These 6 levels get a perfect score just because of their innovativeness. Each level contains one blue gem that respawns. So, you have to fight to get it each time it appears. Admael told me that she had a lot of fun playing this on Onag's server.
- Cotton Eye Joe sent in by Electric IR : Music file : 550KB : N/A
I haven't heard this song in a long time; it was nice to hear it again.
- Mister Cactus by Electric IR : Tileset : 647KB : **
Funny tileset. Includes the music file above.
- Meadow by Syntax : Tileset : 35.8KB : **
You can do tons of things with this set, as the 5 example levels show. However, I think some of the masking could be better. (such as eliminating the mask on the grass so that you walk through it instead of on top of it)
- Earthbees by Bunt : Tileset : 65.8KB : **
A strawberry tileset. ("Earthbees" came from a Dutch word meaing "strawberries")

- Well, this is a new record - 23 downloads posted in 1 day! And guess what? I'm not even finished yet! Arrrrggggggg!!!!!!


May 13, 1999
- Eva's Quest by PaG : Single Player : 10KB : ***
This was one of the best scoring levels in Onag's Try Me Comp Event 2. In other words, this is one level that you don't want to miss out on. :)
- Scarry Jungle !!! by Giant GPW : Battle : 4.37KB : **
Too much repetition of a single tile.
- Easter Carrot by Giant GPW : Battle : 4.69KB : **
I think some event and tile placement could be better, but overall it's a pretty good level.
- Giant's New Jungle by Giant GPW : Version 2 : Version 3 : Battle : 5.73KB : **
Pretty much the same comment as before; most spots are great, but there's still some awkward tile placement.
May 12, 1999
- Jemz by Radon : Treasure Hunt : 4.06KB : ***
Awesomely cool. This is one of the funnest Treasure Hunt levels I've played in a very long time.
- Fright Night CTF by Martin : CTF : 13.5KB : ***
Why do I even both grading Martin's levels? We all know that every single one gets ***. :) Martin is submitting this level in the TSF contest - I know he'll win. ;)


- Arggg!! Too many level submissions!! (and I only had time to post 2 today :) I warn you: submit anymore and you will be whacked by a pig-eating chicken! =)
May 11, 1999
- The Secret Files Demo added to the Programs page. (21MB) Thanks to Milesba for uploadig it onto our server.
- Blind Corner by Markus Lund : Treasure Hunt pack : 902KB : *
These aren't the best Treasure levels of all time, but I like some of the concepts.
- Haunted Hell by Rachel : Battle : 2.82KB : **
Great looking level, I recommend this one.
- Easter Fun by Rachel : Single Player : 7.63KB : ***
Awesome level; very big.
- Lab 13 by ShanD : Single Player : 15.9KB : **
Nice and difficult.
- I finally finished taking pictures of all of the different tilesets. I sorta forgot to do the last 13 awhile ago. :) Of course, all tilesets submitted in the future will have pics, unless it's a tileset pack.
May 8, 1999
- Cyrstal Cave Killer Races by *Taylor-X & ET of the Crystal Cave Killers : Race pack : 370KB : **
These levels would definitely be fun to play with an opponent, as the spring challenges seem pretty intense...
- A Dark Night in Carrottus by ShanD : Battle : 49KB : **
A good level in many aspects..
- Snow Devill by Devill : Battle : 672KB : **
Some tile placement is a little awkward.
- DevIll's Smurfs by DevIll : Battle : 97.9KB : **
Overuse of certain tiles, but there's a nice, fun atmosphere.
- A DevIlls Hotel by Devill : Version 1.1 : Battle : 30KB : **
Maybe it could use better design or eye candy, although I'm not sure if the tileset used lends itself well to those aspects.
- Ancient Dungeon CTF by RockyRaccoon : 13.4KB : ***
I hosted this level in the Anniversary CTF game, and it was great fun. Download or else! =)
- Brutus Da Vinci by Brutus : Battle pack : 11.7KB : **
Coolness. :)
- Giant's New Jungle by Giant GPW : Version 2 : Version 3 : Battle : 5.75KB : **
Most parts look great, but others seem to need more work.
- Diamondus Dilemma by Distruct DA : Battle : 6.31KB : ***
Platforms get a little monotanous, but the design is very good.
- Hotel California by Distruct DA : Battle : 78.6KB : **
Nicely designed and creative.
- Carl's Jungle by CVExtreame (formerly Carl V) : Version 2 : Battle : 7.4KB : **
Looks great, but most of the level takes place in a straight line. (with obstacles, but it's always a good idea to have variations in your platforms)
- Christmas by Killer : Battle : 10.7KB : **
A great level. It has a rather scary mood to it. (sorta ironic since the name is "Christmas" :)
- SONIC by Spaznukem UBK : CTF : 62.8KB : *
No background; probably not worth downloading.
- Tube Track by SpazMan : Race : 73KB : **
I love the cool puzzles in this one.
- Jungle Fever! by Warlord : Version 1.1 : Reverse Mode : Race : 11KB : ***
A broken warp has been fixed. Also, I learned that it *is* possible to die in Race mode afterall, although rabbits can't kill rabbits. (Just stand on spikes long enough.. :)
- Cool Day by Ice M A N : Version 2 : Tileset pack : 119KB : ***
Includes 3 variations of the great tileset. The file is located at the same address so Ice M A N can stay on the Top Ten.
- As I mentioned on the News earlier, you can now submit or resubmit levels that were created using the JCS in TSF. I got The Secret Files last Wednesday.

- Kaven is working on a new tileset called Thermal Carrotus. It's basically the Carrotus tileset mixed with the Hell tileset. (I think..) You can download 4 screenshots of the cool looking set here. (252KB)

- Defalcon's level pack has been delayed. He is currently working on a Race level.

May 2, 1999
- Syntax has updated his Ambient Sound List with the help of NeW. You can download the 2nd version here. (2.68KB)
- Charge has created a level to honor all of the people who have left the Jazz 2 community recently. You can download it here. (1.85KB)
- Necropobia by Shadow GPW : Battle : 6.31KB : **
NOTE: This level was rated by Roaster because I don't have the JCS in TSF yet. This is a rare occurance and probably will not happen again. Please do not submit anymore TSF levels until I announce on this page that I have TSF.
"Great eye candy, hard design - highly recommended"
- Jungle Fever! by Warlord : Version 2 : Reverse Mode : Race : 11.3KB : ***
Lots of obstacles in this one. Too bad you can't get hurt in Race levels; it would make things more interesting.
- Battery Check - Alpha by The NEW Spaz : Tileset : 12KB : ***
A simpler and smaller version of Mez's Battery Check tileset.
- SUPAPLEX by GreenKiller : Tileset : 73.4KB : ***
Great detail.
- The Monkey Jungle by Frank Jr. : Single Player : 2.15KB : **
Go fast - the enemies respawn. I don't highly recommend this one.
- Ultimate Hunt by Frank Jr. : Treasure Hunt : 1.21KB : *
There's enough gems, but the eye candy and design needs a lot of work.
- Diamondus Maze by Frank Jr. : Version 2 : Single Player : 3.84KB : **
There are tons of new parts, but I don't like many of the concepts in it.
- Jungle Chase by Fireball : Treasure Hunt : 10.2KB : ***
Keep in mind that there are only about 57 gems in Jungle Chase, so you'll probably want to set the gem amount to about 40 when you play this level.
- Monkey Jungle by Electric IR : Single Player : 5.87KB : **
I think it needs more items of all sorts, although it's not bad if you consider the fact that it is his first Single Player level.
- Yummy! Candy by Electric IR : Version 1.1 : Battle : 107KB : **
Lots of secrets in this one. See how many you can find.
- Race Thru da Fog by Larry Boy : Race : 2.27KB : ***
An awesome looking level. The whole thing is translucent; it really does look like it's foggy.
- Light Speed by Brutus : Race : 3.98KB : **
There's certainly nothing to hate about this level. Try it out.
- Ultimate War by Distruct : Battle : 148KB : ***
This is a great level compared to what we're used to seeing in Battle levels. Good job, Distruct!
- Ultimate Hotel by Disguise DA of J2LC : Tileset : 78.3KB : ***
Looks great!
- I have changed the links on the Programs page for Shareware Jazz. You should be able to download all of the shareware without problems now.
April 27, 1999
- Omega's Battle Pack by Omega & various : Battle/CTF/Tilesets : 156KB : N/A
I decided not to grade this one due to collaborative efforts found in many of the levels. However, it is an extremely excellect download and is definitely worth the 156KB it takes up.
- King of da Hill by Adrian Dalton : Battle : 6.3KB : **
This level brought up an interesting question: If you get a bird in multiplayer, will the bird hurt your opponents?
- The Nightmare by *Taylor-X* : Single Player pack : 334KB : **
Lots of fun - with new music. :)
- Battle & CTF Pack by Brutus : 22KB : **
I like Brutus' refreshing way of creating levels. (refreshing compared to what I usually see) Check it out.
- Electric Nightmare by Another Jazz 2 Fan : Single Player pack : 85.7KB : ***
I haven't seen anything as good as this for ages! This got 15/20 points in Onag's TryMe Comp Event 2. You can download tons of other levels of this quality at the TryMe Comp pages at JCS Reference.
- flying Treasure by Frank Jr. : Treasure Hunt : 0.9KB : *
The eye candy is much to be desired, but Treasure levels don't come around too often, so you may want to download it.
- Ping-Pong-Battle 1.1 by Electric IR : Battle : 49.3KB : **
I'm not sure exactly what has been updated, but it's still a cool level.
- There is yet another problem with downloading levels which resurfaced after the Top Ten went back online. If you try to download any file with an address that begins with "" it will not download. To get around this problem, access the site at instead of

- SpazMan has announced that the JJ2LT's demo for "The Clone Machine" should be released soon. In case you're wondering, the members of the latest level designing group are: SpazMan, Frank jr., DarkJackal, and Lewigi. The episodes in the full version of The Clone Machine trilogy are:

1. Jazz Is Back!
2. Back There Again
3. Brave New Worlds

- Another Jazz 2 Fan has put off his Race tournament pack until Summer. However, you can still download the demo here. (***)

April 25, 1999
- Jungle Jewels by SpazMan : Treasure Hunt : 3.08KB : **
Finally a new Treasure level! This should only be our 2nd one since the new J2C was released. Check it out.
- Diamond Cutter by SpazticPT : Battle : 6.88KB : ***
Some will say that this level doesn't deserve ***, but I want to make a point of the fact that I appreciate levels (especially Battle) that have good eye candy.
- Nuclear Winter by Orion : Battle : 3.41KB : **
Needs better eye candy. (It sure seems like I say that a lot - you guys need to spend more time on your levels!)
- Neonius by Bluez : Final Version : Tileset : 1.03MB : ***
Bluez would appreciate it if you gave him comments (good or bad) on his tileset after you download it.
- Devan's Clone World by Markus Lund : Single Player episode : 277KB : **
I would actually give all but the first level *. You might find some of the levels to be frustrating.
- Diamondus Maze by Frank Jr. : Version 2 : Single Player : 2.53KB : **
This in truth isn't a maze level, so don't let that throw you off. It's pretty difficult; you should enjoy it.
- If you're having problems downloading levels, it's probably because of congestion in the folder I'm putting levels in right now. I've started putting levels and tilesets in a new folder, so you shouldn't have any problems downloading them for now on. However, you may have problems with some older levels. If you do, come back later and try to download them again. If the problem continues, e-mail me.

- SpazMan and his pals are forming a team to make new JCS levels. The team will be called JJ2LT (Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Level team). Their first project is a Jazz Jackrabbit episodes called "The Clone Machine". An ad for that episode can be viewed here.

- The Raz Conspiracy has been halted by Roaster due to an extreme abundance of levels. A new project with better design is in the works though. Unfortunatly, Rabbit Warz will only include 6 levels.

- Outlaw UOI has finally decided on a new official episode name. It's going to be: P.A.N.G.O.I.O., which stands for "Practically A New Game On It's Own". This will take the place of 4 Seasons of Suffering. More details will be released in the future.

April 22, 1999
- Toxic Waste by Disguise : Battle : 4.02KB : ***
Another terrific level from one of the best Battle level designers.
- Castle Nightmares by TrIlOgY DW : Version ? : Battle Pack : 1.01MB : **
These are old levels, so it wouldn't hurt to download them again.
- Blood of a Warrior by SpazMan : Battle : 4.38KB : **
Needs better eye candy and such..
April 21, 1999
- Castle Smashenstein by LeSmash : Tileset : 95.6KB : ***
Yet another big, awesome tileset; yet another must-download.
- CTF Pack by Martin : 14.8KB : ***
In case you haven't figured it out yet: Everything with the word "Martin" on it must be downloaded, whether you like it or not. =)
- Space Lab by DanX of J2LC : Tileset : 12.3KB : **
Looks great; download it.
- The Battle Of The Chickens! by Charge : Battle : 4.46KB : ***
I'd give this a low ***. It's cool, but doesn't seem to go above and beyond in too many ways. (and where's the chickens? :)
- Lost World by Ninja Dodo & Jaws : Tileset : 140KB : ***
Awesome tileset! You're gonna love it...and the single player level that comes with it. Just watch out, or the dinosaurs may kill you. (litterally!)
April 20, 1999
- The Top Ten Downloads is back up. If you didn't know, it's not been working since the hacking problems on J2C. Harmless just fixed it today. Sorry it took so long, but it was awhile before I even knew that it was down.

I'll probably be posting some more levels/tilesets tomorrow. There's been quite a drop in the number I've been receiving recently.

April 19, 1999
- The Climb by Bobby AKA Dizzy : Race : 37KB : **
This one can be frustrating if you mess up. Also, I would use Jazz, despite the fact that it says that Spaz is better...
- Gorilla Warfare CTF by Jeh : Version 1.1 : 7.71KB : ***
I'd like to say sorry to Jon for not having this up sooner. I had a little confusement about something, but it's cleared up now, so download now and death to Jeh! ;)
- I'm just beginning to receive levels created using the JCS in TSF. The problem is, I don't have TSF yet, and I won't have it until the beginning of May when Games Terminal sends out the copies. So, please don't send me any levels built with the JCS in TSF yet because I can't play them, and therefore don't want to post them. (believe it or not, not every level submitted eventually ends up here, even if there are few that don't)
Sorry for the inconvenience.

- Awhile ago I posted what was supposedly MetalWarrior's last level. Well, it turns out that MetalWarrior has not completely left the Jazz 2 community and that I was misinformed. You may still see him in Jazz 2 occasionally, and you can contact him thru AIM. (MetalWarJ2)

- Blackman's episode, JJ2 Warped, should be out soon. In the meantime, Blackman wants to put together a pack of the best levels on J2C. If you have any suggestions or would like to help, e-mail Blackman at

btw, before anybody mentions it again, I will tell you all that I made some mistakes when I made my selection for the levels to go on the TSF CD. So, just be warned so you're not too disgusted when you receieve your copy, if you haven't already. :)

April 18, 1999
- Hotel Tublear II by JJ Tublear GPW TA : Battle/Chat/Tag : 1.74KB : **
Tag and Hide and Seek in Jazz 2 seem to be becoming more and more popular...
- The Eletric Base by *Taylor-X* : Tileset : 6.17KB : **
Yet another nice tileset to add to your collection.
- Carrot Race by Frank Jr. : Race : 1.57KB : *
Design and eye candy aren't the greatest, but it's always nice to have a new Race level.
- The Castle by Frank Jr. : Battle : 2.98KB : *
The level is in need of better design and eye candy.
- Level X by SpazMan : Single Player : 2.8KB : **
A very hard level; the creator himself has only beaten it once. See if you can beat it.
- Music Pack sent in by Shadow GPW : 1.23MB : N/A
10 cool songs, most are new.
- Music Pack sent in by Shadow GPW : 1.25MB : N/A
10 cool songs, all but 1 are new as far as I know.
April 17, 1999
- aMAZEing by bLaCKaT : Single Player : 3.95KB : **
This level alsmost deserves * due to the bad eye candy. Don't download unless you have a lot of patience cause I worked at beating this level for the longest time, but ended up giving up out of frustration. These maze levels drive me crazy!!
- Demo by Orange Games, sent in by Mez : Tileset : 111KB : ***
The Battery Check tileset from the demo. This is one of the largest tilesets I've ever seen, and one of the best. A must download.
- Holiday Inn Demo by Defalcon : Single Player pack : 52.6KB : **
Includes 1 SP level and a sample level showing off the Rocket Turtle enemy.
- Funkadelic Land by coolKDK : Battle : 4.28KB : **
It looks cool, but it's not a perfect level.
- Death Cradle by ??? : Battle : 2.19KB : **
Needs some revisions in some areas, but overall it seems like a fun level.
- Tropical Island by BlueIce E : Tileset : 18.6KB : **
Check out the example level to learn how to make some cool animations using this tileset.
- Ultimate Battle Game 2 by Spaznukem : 2.31KB : *
It needs a background, among other things.
- Ultimate Battle Game by Spaznukem : Version 2 : 7.75KB : *
You can't get stuck in the wall as much, but I still think it deserves * since it was edited from an Epic level.
- Xeno is starting his first Single Player Episode. It will consist of about 5 Single Player levels and some race levels.

- Half year ago Shadow GPW and Stealth GPW started an episode called: the Help fore a hare! The episode is going to include:

12 levels, 2 secrets, 1 bonus
And a Story!

It will be ready in May or June.

April 14, 1999
- I am working on posting pictures of all the tilesets. You can see what I've got done so far in the Tilesets section.
April 13, 1999
- Warp Center by Metal Warrior, sent in by Speede: Battle : 4.75KB : ***
This is Metal Warrior's very last level. He has left the J2 community.
- Disguise wanted me to post all of these levels separately, so here they are. All of them are very cool and are worth downloading.
Carrotus Battle Zone by Distruct : Battle : 6.24KB : ***
Fight the Future by Disguise : Battle : 187KB : ***
...Le Sewer... by Disguise : Battle : 3.94KB : ***
Weapon Armory by Disguise : Battle : 3.16KB : ***
Size DOES Matter by Disguise : CTF : 13.3KB : **
The Night of Sonic by Disguise : Battle : 355KB : **
Death by Carrots by Disguise : Battle : 3.34KB : ***
You Need PRACTICE!!!!! by Disguise : Race : 6.27KB : ***
Hell at its WORST!!!!! by Disguise : Battle : 2.85KB : ***
Futuristic Warfare by Disguise : Battle : 5.06KB : **
A Day at the Town by Disguise : Battle : 6.67KB : ***
- HH98 Battle Pack V2.75 by Greenkiller : 1.75MB : ***
Some of these levels you've seen before, but many you haven't. Check it out.
Download Options:
With music and tilesets (1.75MB)
Without music and tilesets (70.2KB)
- Spaznukem's Battle Game by Spaznukem : Version 2 : 6.99KB : *
The level is an edited version of the official Battle A and you get stuck in the wall a lot because of misplaced warp targets.
- Da NEW motel NO VACANCY! By Gene$rr : Version 4 : Battle : 97.5KB : **
I can't say that there are many major differences between versions 3 and 4. Also, Gene$rr wanted me to tell you that this is an upgrade, although I'm pretty sure that's the same as calling it Version 4. :)
- Defalcon is working on a single player episode. It will include:

*Roughly 6 single player episodes
*Possibly 1-2 CTF levels
*1-2 race levels

April 12, 1999
- Moon Station by DanX : Tileset : 45.3KB : **
Good, fun tileset.
- Gorilla Warfare CTF by Jon MacLellan : Version 1.1 : 7.69KB : ***
Jeh's first attempt with the Jungle tileset turned out to be a success. Check it out!
April 11, 1999
- Amazon Forest by Jaws : Tileset : 31KB : ***
An awesome, large, detailed tileset. Includes a sample Single Player level.
- Clan Wars CTF by Shadow GPW : 409KB : **
This is a really fun level, don't let the ** fool you. I just decided to make it a little harder to get *** with CTF levels because almost every level has been getting that rating in the CTF category.
- Makpac's Home by Makpac : Battle : 6.81KB : **
Could use better design, but it's bareable.
- Diamondus is cooool by Electric IR : Battle : 3.14KB : **
Small but nice.
- Battle Pack by Menno Nijhuis : 13.6KB : **
Good levels overall.
- Jazz City by SpazMan : Battle : 2.39KB : **
In some places the level seems dull due to lack of color.
- Single Player Episode by PhoenixB : 6.98KB : **
The first level is "Future 1", watch out for the attacking bird in level 2.., you might get an Access Violation in level 3, and don't use the TNT in level 4. (you'll shoot Devan right out of the arena.)
- Pokemon theme music sent in by Nights BWU : 482KB : N/A
I have a feeling that lots of people will like this one... :)
- Where Warriors Fall by Jon MacLellan : Battle : 5.93KB : ***
There's been quite some comotion over this level and Jeh, as you know if you've been reading the news recently. If you haven't downloaded this level yet, be sure to get it now.
- Mt. Never-rest by TheE : Battle : 4.24KB : **
A good solid level.
- I figured out how to get Carrot Cream, Operation: Clone Killer, Onag's Battle Pack, and PaSTE's City off of the Top Ten. So, there are now 4 new entries in spaces 7-10.

- Outlaw UOI has taken a long break from creating his episode, 4 Seasons of Suffering, due to school work. You should now expect the episode in 2000 with a demo coming out this summer.

- A5TR0N1A won't be returning to the Jazz 2 community after all. The Carrot Crusade project (of which Jungle Jeopardy was a small part of) has been cancelled. Maytrex has decided to leave the group, and on top of that he's having some love troubles right now. So, he can't devote much, if any time at all, to games right now.

- JJ Tublear is making a Hotel level called: Hotel Tublear II. If anyone wants a room in the hotel e-mail him. These are the people who have rooms so far:

-Bobby RS
-JJ Tublear TA GPW
-Greek Mythology

Only 4 spots are left, so act now.

- Roaster created this ad for his upcoming episode: The Raz Conspiracy.

April 8, 1999
- Underground Battle by JJ Tublear : Battle : 2.45KB : **
Uses too many of the same tiles.
April 7, 1999
- Chance of Death by Aceldama : Version 2 : Battle : 4.2KB : *
Still needs a lot of work, but it's better than the first version.
- Mission: Impossible? by Banjo : Single Player : 88KB : ***
A nice looking, hard level.
- Chocolate Land by Jennifer : Tileset : 552KB : **
Cool tileset; includes sample level and 2 new music files
- Ping-Pong-Battle by Electric IR : Battle : 49.1KB : **
A good level in most ways
- Bunnies vs Golfers by The ? : Battle : 24.2KB : ***
Very creative level; you should enjoy playing this one.
- SpazTown by Zzzup : Battle : 364KB : **
I could only get this level to work when I played it on the Internet, so keep that in mind.
- Battle Sub by *Taylor Brock* : Tileset : 4.2KB : *
A very simple tileset, but there's nothing wrong with simplicity.
- The Fortress of Fear by *Taylor Brock* : Version 2 : Single Player : 3.66KB : **
A lot of work could still be done with the eye candy, but I guess it deserves two stars..
- Crown Castle by Roaster : Battle : 8.31KB : ***
Awesome in every way.
- The Doomsday episode, created by Nitro, is going to be delayed because of some problems found in Episode 1. Hopefully the next version will be released May 1.
April 6, 1999
- The Smurfs by The New Spaz : Tileset : 26.7KB : ***
A funny, great looking tileset.
- Click here to download an updated JCS.ini file created by Greenkiller that allows you to use pinball events in multiplayer.
- JACA Battle1 by Bobby RS & Noraa RS : Battle : 47.8KB : **
Great in many aspects, but questionable in others.
- Turtle Acres by Kovu : Version 2 : Single Player : 6.29KB : **
I'm not sure what the differences between the 1st and 2nd versions of this level are, but it's pretty fun.
- Atomic Dance Explosion Radio E sent in by Jo bfboy : Music file : 2.7MB : N/A
Great music...
- Lemmings sent in by Rastus : Music file : 69.3KB : N/A
hmm..sorta hard to think of comments when ppl submit music. :)
- Diamondus by JJ Tublear : Battle : 3.39KB : **
Doesn't use many tiles or eye candy.
- New Clan Wars by Shadow GPW : Battle pack : 497KB : ***
Great design, eye candy, and music!
- NeW's Battleground #1 by NeW : Battle : 5.87KB : ***
A nice, fresh prespective on Battle levels.
- Wacky Gadget Zone by Pikachu! : Tileset : 12.7KB : ***
Another masterpiece; great detail, plenty of tiles, nice theme.
- Dark Wolves Center by Almandeto DW & Ivory Wolf : Battle/CTF : 234KB : **
Uses a cool tileset, but the layout is lacking in some ways.
April 4, 1999
- Royal-X by Taylor Brock : Tileset : 2.46KB : *
There's only 9 tiles using 3 colors, if that matters to you..
- Carrotus BattleZone by Agt Nix : Battle : 3.49KB : **
There are too many weapons that respawn too quickly. Some people like this, and some don't...
- Battle & CTF Pack by Psi Walrus : 12.9KB : **
These levels barely deserver **, as all 4 need to be worked on a lot more.
- ElectricFlag by Man in Black & Ghost : CTF : 2.66KB : **
This level and many others I've seen have two red bases and two blue bases. I've often wondered what gameplay with a large group of people would be like in this situation...
- The Security Base by Snugs & Rastus : Single Player : 245KB : **
A great level in all aspects.
- Music Pack sent in by Shadow GPW : 1.13MB : N/A
13 great songs. (I think sending in music is the newest craze :)
- The Fortress of Fear by Taylor Brock : Version 2 : Single Player : 79.5KB : *
The eye candy needs tons of work. However, you've gotta realize that Taylor created this level a long time ago, so it doesn't reflect his real level designing skills.
- HH98 Battle Pack V2 by Greenkiller : 1.03MB : ***
4 levels, each using the Day, Evening, and Night tilesets. It includes all of the HH98 tilesets and X-mas music from HH94 & 95. So, if you don't have those yet, this would be a good download.
- Mobius Madness by Defalcon : Single Player : 51.2KB : **
Not the greatest level, but it's got lots of cool MCE's. (It's strange that I don't see more MCE's in levels, considering the way that you guys went nuts about them. ;)
- Bitedust sent in by JO Bfboy : Music file : 100KB : N/A
I think this one would sound great in a Jazz 2 level.
- Doomsday Beta by Nitro : Single Player episode : 18.6KB : **
I think there's too many carrots, and the eye candy could probably be better. The beta includes 3 levels, but the final version, which is almost finished, will have 15 levels plus Nitro Zone 2.
- Bug Killer Capture Pak 2 Addon by Warlord : CTF pack : 18.6KB : ***
Very innovative levels; I'm sure you'll enjoy them. You must have Bug Killer Capture Pak 2 before downloading the addon.
April 2, 1999
- LJH Battle Pack by Lau Jey Han : Version 2 : 28.6KB : **
Same as the first version except this time the new tileset is included, which allows you to play the 3rd level.
- Tree hills by Taylor Brock : Tileset : 10.7KB : **
The name is a little ironic; I can't find much evidence of trees in the set. However, it's still a great tileset. (never judge a tileset by it's name I guess :)
- Digital Accent & Pulse by Syntax : Music pack : 206KB : N/A
Awesome, original music. (2 songs)
- Music pack by or created by Nights BWU and sent in by stripe =) : 783KB : N/A
There's two songs, which I think are pretty cool.
- The links to the Latest Downloads Archives now work. If you submitted a level on the 31st of March or later, it still probably hasn't been posted.

- Click here to download one of the best ads I've seen. It is for Alienator's much anticipated EarthRealm tilesets.

April 1, 1999
- Clashing Heros - Final by Bart : Single Player episode : **
Bart has been providing pure entertainment with this episode for as long as I can remember. What does the final version have to boast over the last version? Well, all of the levels are finally linked properly together, and tons of the levels were updated. Is it worth downloading again? I think so. After all, some of the levels are so old that you will certainly enjoy playing them again, and I can never stop laughing when I read those hilarious phrases scattered throughout all the levels. :)
Download Options:
Full version with most tilesets and music (2.66MB)
Stripped-down version without some old tilesets and music (2.33MB)
- Aint it nice to have a fast loading page again? :)
Also, I'm way behind on posting downloads because of the new Jazz 2 Stuff. Luckily, my spring break is coming up starting tomorrow afternoon, so I'll have time to catch up. However, I've got to do the long and tedious poll results for Poll 50 this weekend, meaning that I won't be able to do any real catching up until Sunday. So, hold off on sending too many new downloads if all possible until next week, when I'll have plenty of time to post anything and everything you decide to clog up my e-mail box with. =)
In the meantime, I posted a huge episode for you to play above.