Unrated Levels
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Wakeman has not had time to rate these levels yet, but they are still available for you to download now. The levels will be rated in the order they are listed, from bottom to top. Once they are rated, they will appear on the Latest Downloads page as always and will be added to the individual Download sections. Please note that I have not looked at these levels at all, so it is possible that certain ones may contain inappropriate material or may not ever be officially posted due to a 0-star rating, although both of these are very rare. The information provided for each submission was taken directly from the e-mail messages that the files were attached to. So, if you want your submissions to be listed appropriately, you need to make sure you give all of the required info in the e-mail message, as I suggest on the Submit Level page. The dates indicate when I received the submission. (To make me look bad. :-)

12/9 BumpingPlanet by Jazzer 2000 (Battle)
12/9 Jungle by Police Chief (Battle)
12/6 Day and Night Diamondus Gladiator Rink by Messershmitt (Battle)
12/6 Spaz Hotel by Fire Spaz (Battle)
12/5 The Secret Bases by Computer Nerd (CTF)
12/5 Evilness Tileset Pack by EvilMike
12/2 Patrick's Hotel by PatrickH (Battle)
12/2 Tileset Pack by MM2
12/2 Tileset by Spy
12/1 Level by Turtleslayer
11/30 Battle Level by The NEW spaz
11/29 Super Mario Brothers Tileset by Jspuz
11/28 Charmander Land 6.2 by MegaMewtwo (Battle)
11/28 Sucked Paw by Nighticer (Single)
11/28 Blown Up! by Computer Nerd (Race)
11/28 Lost World level by Ninja Dodo
11/26 Eternal Garden by Prowler (Battle)
11/26 UOI Tileset by Biohazard UOI
11/25 Battle Out 2 Version 2 by Mr. Magoo
11/23 Ninetales Space Base by TimberWolf
11/23 Charmander Land by TimberWolf (edited with permission by Mega Mewtwo)
11/22 Factory CTF by MetalWarrior
11/22 Factory 3D by MetalWarrior (Tileset)
11/22 Live Wires by i carnt spel (Battle)
11/21 Ken's Xmas by Ken
11/21 MarioZ2: Night by Prowler (Tileset & level)
11/20 KRSplat's Hideout by KRSplat
11/17 Pikaworld by Mog
11/14 Battle Level by FireClawDL
11/14 Level by FireClawDL
11/12 Battle Level by sven.michiels@skynet.be

If you submitted your level more than two days ago and it is not listed here, please contact me.