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Jazz 2 City uses a 3-star rating system. (***) Downloads maintained by Steven Wakeman.

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= Requires full version of The Secret Files to play.
= Click for picture of tileset.

July 28, 1999
Single Player
- Levelpack (Demo) by Christoph : 3 Levels : 10.8KB : high **
Lots of fun; not very difficult.
- Super Level Pack by Atmcdragon : 10.2KB : *
All levels need work. There aren't really enough enemies or items to make these good Single Player levels.
- D*** This is Hot and Cool! by Giant GPW : 2.94KB : high **
It's a great level if you don't mind the cuss word in the title.
- Emerald Forest by Cycloid : Version 2 : 4.97KB : high **
I *think* it's better than the first version. It's such an old level that I can't remember.
- Abandoned Hope by VIPER : 227KB : high **
Very good considering that it's his first level.
- Jazz 2 Estates by 007 : 31.2KB : low **
Another *dreaded* hotel level. (no offense to the author, but I am getting very tired of these hotel levels that all look the same)
- PaSTE's House by PaSTE : 8.84KB : ***
- Torture Castle by iCeD JPL : 5.2KB : high **
My only complaint is that getting into the red base can be hard/annoying.
- Racing Springland by ??? : 1.87KB : low *
For one, after you finish a lap it doesn't warp you back to the beginning. Secondly, the eye candy needs work. So...
- 3D? by IncaBoy : 6.85KB : **
Not much variety, but the 3D concept is cool.


-Broken Links
Thanks to iCeD JPL and one other guy, (ack, who was it?) I have fixed more of the broken download links. These broken links were the result of our hacker deleting files off of our server awhile back. The ones I fixed were:

- 1st UOI Level by Eugene UOI (CTF)
- 70's Fever by Martin (Single Player)
- Back to Carrotus by DanX (Single Player)
- BloodBunny's Lair by BloodBunny (CTF)
- Bugkill without Whare music by Bugz (CTF)

Also, I changed the link to the TSF Demo because the J2C mirror seems to be corrupt.

-X-mas Level Comp
Tobias is holding a Christmas level competition. The top 11 levels that are submitted to him will be put into a "Christmas Bash" server at the end of this year. The only rules are:

1. No swearing in the level or in the music.
2. Send the music along with the level.
3. Custom or official tilesets may be used.
4. Send all entries to

-To the JJ Warped Team:
Shadow GPW is almost done with his work for JJ Warped and would like to know how everybody else is doing. So, if you are part of the Warped team, please report to Shadow.

Shadow is also working on a new clan pack called "Clan Wars 2000". He hasn't released any details yet, besides the fact that "we're going to love it"...

July 25, 1999
Single Player
- Unfinished Level Pack by DanX : Single/Battle/CTF : 12 Levels : **
As many of you know, DanX left the community awhile back. Well, he decided to release his unfinished levels. Here's what he had to say about it:

"This is a pack containing unfinished levels and one whole level from Project: Iceage. You can edit these levels as long as you give [DanX] a credit. The password for all levels is 'dan'."

It was hard to rate this because there are so many unfinished levels, so I just gave it an even **.

- High Voltage by 007 : 3.66KB : **
Could be spruced up a little. Still, this is his first level, so we can't be too picky.
- PhilpacK Final by Yoshter : Final Version : 531KB : Episode (9 Levels) : low **
It doesn't look like much time was spent on most of the levels - a rushed release.
- PhilpacK Demo by Yoshter : 21.9KB : Pack (4 Levels) : low **
This is pretty late since you can already download the full version. oh well, at least the levels in the demo are different from the ones in the full version.
- Diamondus Disco by Giant GPW & Billy Boom : 2.35KB : high **
It would be *** if it were bigger.
- Chocolate Easter 1.0 by Electric Ir : 6.17KB : high **
Looks great.
- CyberJazz by Psycho : 8.39KB : high **
Nice eye candy; easy to navigate
- DiAmOnDs of JaZZ2 by Giant GPW : 2.39KB : high **
It needs *more*...
- Burn For Billy by Billy Boom : 2.69KB : **
Once again, tt needs **more**...
- Battle of the Bunnies by ShanD : 2.28KB : high **
Pretty good design; nice use of space; good distribution of events; blah blah blah ;)
- The Enjoyable Mission by TwEeTy : 96KB : **
It's very.. erm.. enjoyable. :)
- Onboard the Small Ship by Herbert : 245KB : low **
Not one of my favorite levels, although it's good considering that it's his first level.
- The MM says hi!!!!! by The MM : 7.99KB : low *
A poorly edited version of Beach Bunny Bingo
- JPL Warzone by iCeD JPL : 7.1KB : high **
There's some repetition in eye candy and I think the base placement could have been a little better.
- Another Stupid CTF by Mr. Magoo : 1.11KB : low *
It really is stupid. Still, stupidity often lead to a lot of fun...
- Tropical V1.5 by The NEW spaz : 13.9KB : high **
The set is about 3 times as large as the original, although mostly just a background was added.
- Tileset Templates by The NEW spaz : 1.09KB : N/A
2 tileset grids in PAL format for PSP5. You can also get tileset grids in BMP and PSD (Photoshop) formats.


-Nitro News
Update on Spots for Doomsday 2:

The background work for DOOMSDAY 2 has been taken. There is no worry yet for the rest of th1.09KBe spots, which means you should take your time to do a good job on tryout material. Production of Doomsday 2 will begin in September.

Regarding the Nitro Race Episodes:

After Nitro's "break" (see below) he will release the first episode. The second (being made by Pyroplasm of NC) will be released a week or two later.

August Work: (listed in the order that you will see it)

- Nitro Race Mayhem 1 release
- Nitro Race Mayhem 2 to be tested
- Nitro Race Mayhem 2 release
- Nitro World beta 1.5 release
- End of Doomsday 2 contest

Nitro's "Break":

Nitro will not be able to check e-mail or do any PC work for the next 2 weeks.  If you e-mail him, he will not be able to reply until August. Here's his e-mail addresses:

Send attachments to:
Send normal e-mail to:
Backup address:

-Beta Testers Needed
Biohazard UOI needs beta testers for his upcoming Battle pack. If you would like to help, contact Biohazard at (not

-PhilpacK 2
Yoshter is planning on making a PhilpacK 2 called "Return of Bilsy". (The Demo and Full Version of PhilpacK 1 were posted today.) He is also working on a level called "Monkey Madness". That should be released very soon..

-Battle Pack 1
Brandon is working on a pack called "Batlte Pack 1". It will include all of the newest tilesets. In fact, if you create a new tileset now it may be in there. Currently there is no release date.

-Holiday Inn Secrets
Defalcon is reporting that Holiday Inn will now have 2 secret levels. If you find them, the plot will change slightly. Also, Defalcon is currently working on a 4-level CTF pack.

July 17, 1999
Single Player
- Carrot Stew by Rastus : Pack (2 Levels) : 302KB : low ***
It looks great, although that's partly because the tileset is so cool.
- WARPED: Carrotus by PrOtOmAn X & Spuz : Pack (7 Levels) : 959KB : **
More time could have been spent in all areas. You can also download a lite version of this without the custom music. (14.9
- New Worlds by Philip : Pack (2 Levels) : **
The eye candy could be a whole lot better. Challenge is pretty good.
- stripe forgot to put a few tilesets in the Another Story zip file. You can download the updated version here. (3.23MB) If you don't want to download the whole thing again, you can just download the missing tilesets here.
- AD Jungle Arena by Nemesis AD : 2.55KB : low ***
Short but sweet
- REALLY FAST Battle by Disguise GPW : 3.6KB : low ***
The only weapon in this level is RF Missiles. That should make for interesting gameplay...
- Welcome to Hell by Distruct : 4.87KB : low ***
Nice in the technical areas. It just lacks creativeness.
- Killer Ville Plaza by Progwiz : 4.68KB : **
Another hotel level. I must admit that I'm getting really tired of these, but I guess you people like them...
- The JackRabbit Hotel by @lien : Pack (2 Levels) : 179KB : low **
It's annoying and unoriginal. (Sorry to be so blunt, but it really doesn't make for a good Battle level.)
- Tree House Battle Stations by Brandon : 1.94KB : *
It looks like it was slapped together in 15 minutes, although it's one of his first levels, so we have to give him some credit.
- BurnOut JTF by Action Hank : 83.9KB : ***
Very good design with the unique concept of choosing your character class before you begin...
Treasure Hunt
- Treasur Hunt by Ripsaw : 1.54KB : *
Looks like a very rushed production.


-Carrotus Squash
Martin is finishing up a new Battle level called "Carrotus Squash". You can view a preview of the level here. With any luck, the new level should be releaed this weekend. Martin is also still working on 5 Alive.

-Puzzles n Lizards
the Question is creating a Single Player level called "Puzzles n Lizards". It is a puzzler where you are given the answers but need to work out the questions. There are plenty of sneaky lizards and hazards to keep you on your toes and ET has created a tileset to give it a fresh look. The level is finished and has been tested for 3 weeks and after a final tweek is fixed it will be released. Check out this screen shot to see one of the puzzles.

-Beta Testers Needed
Atmcdragon is looking for people to test his levels. If you would like to help, drop Atmcdragon an e-mail.

-Status of Lord Nux
iCeD JPL (formerly known as SpazMan) has reported that Lord Nux is in full swing. A cool new menu has been worked out, and iCeD now has all of his beta testesr. The testers are EG Warren, Disguise GPW, Spazie, SR AK CB, Outlaw UOI, EvilMike BH, Baeauman & Biohazard, who is his multiplayer level tester. Keep checking back for future details.

July 14, 1999
Single Player
- Bloody Stones by ODT : 149KB : **
I couldn't figure out something at the end, but other than that it was fine.
- Another Story by stripe, Bluez, Buster & Roaster : Interactive Movie (10 Levels) : 3.23MB : high ***
Too awesome to describe. Just download it!!!
- Monkey Mash by ET : 13.6KB : ***
Amazing eye candy!
- Doomsday (final) by Nitro NC : Episode (7 Levels) : 720KB : high **
Good in all respects. Plus, this pack contains the first level to use the Jazz Boss. (SXR also has it, but it hasn't been released yet.)
- Saving Birdland by Talec : Pack (8 Levels ) : 34.3KB : low **
I find the whole set up to be a little confusing.
- Land of Carrotus by Eagle : 2.17KB : *
Small and very easy.


-Rating System Updated
Everybody has been asking for a better rating system, so I've changed it a tiny bit. Now levels can get one of 9 ratings: low ***, low **, low *; high ***, high **, high *; and the regular * or ** or ***. The high *** is reserved only for the very best levels; you will not see it very often. When you do, you better make sure that you download that one! This will not be the only change to the rating system. Another one is already under development. Also, the high and lows will only be seen on the Latest Downloads section and not on the individual level pages.

Are you guys happy now? :)

-Doomsday 2
Nitro NC is looking for people to help out with DOOMSDAY 2. (You can download Doomsday 1 here.) He needs different people to do different parts:

Sprite layer: (including layers 3 & 5): Nitro is doing it.
Background: Person interested must send Nitro a simple walk level showing his/her abilities in background work.
Foreground: Person interested must send Nitro a simple walk level his/her abilities in foreground work.
Text: Person interested must e-mail Nitro at the address below so he can send them a level. The person must then give the level text.
Beta Testers: Anyone can
Custom Tileset Creator: Person interested must send Nitro a tileset with an example level.
Custom Music Creator (optional): Person interested must send Nitro a music sample they have made.

Nitro NC =

July 12, 1999
Single Player
- Weapon Station by Black Ninja : 2.14KB : **
Small and hard.
- Beach Busters by Electric IR : Version 2 : Pack (2 Levels) : 39.5KB : **
Some "errors" were fixed.
- Warp Crazy by Boggy B : 48.9KB : ***
Great design, to say the least.
- The Jungle Will Boom You by B!lly Boom : 4.54KB : **
Nothing new or exciting here. Of course, that doesn't make this a bad level though.
- Pop Level Pack by Pop Mark : 6 Levels : 449KB : *
These seem to be a mix of Single and Battle in the same level. Either way they need more work.
- CTF Stuff 3 by Bluez : Pack (3 Levels) : 696KB : ***
Very cool. There's updates to old classic levels by Bluez and a very nice looking new one using a new "Blood" tileset...
- Bean's CTF Levels by Bean : Pack (3 Levels) : 20.6KB : **
Not bad, but not perfect either...
- Holiday Colors by Eric the AniFreak : Registry files : 1.74KB : N/A
Open the files to get holiday colors in Party Mode. Goto the news section for further details.
Note: J2C is not responsible if you mess up your Registry by using these files. Always back up your Registry before editing it.


-Castaway Carrot
Roaster sent me this ad for his upcoming Battle level called "Castaway Carrot". I'm sure that it will be very cool, just like all of his other levels. :)

-Big Battle Pack
Biohazard has noticed that most homecooked levels need more work, so he is creating a Battle pack with the best levels he can make. There will be levels using each official tileset, and maybe a few more. (in other words, there will be at least 12 levels) The pack will be out "soon".

July 7, 1999
Single Player
- Silent Night in Hell Episode II Demo by Magic Card : 2.68KB : *
Overall, most everything could have used more work. Looks like a rushed release.
- Friday 13th by Psycho : 11.3KB : ***
One of the better *** Battle levels I've seen. Check it out.
- Future in TSF by Kingpin GPW & Giant GPW : 7.65KB : ***
I don't think that it's physically possible for GPW to make a bad level. :)
- Billy and Giant Rules by Billy Boom & Giant GPW : 5.62KB : ***
Looks great; nice design.
- Project Testudon by Syntax : Battle/CTF/Single/Treasure : 337KB : ***
I was reluctant to give this ***, but I found the Single Player aspects of this to be very interesting. These look like Battle levels, but each actually has different challenges for you to solve...
- CaRRotus BaTTle Zone by Giant GPW : 4.1KB : **
Eye candy is good - design could use some work.
- Jungle Mania by Blue Falcon & Iron Eagle : 12.2KB : ***
Yet another awesome CTF level to add to your collection.


-Disco Pack
Cheeze's new disco pack is coming. A lot of different people are working on it, including Rocky, Charge, Dino, Roaster, Gizmo and F. Quist. Rocky is re-creating one of his Colonius lvls into "The Town That Went Disco" and is also creating a whole new lvl, "Psycadelic Stuffness" (sp?). Roaster is creating a lvl called "Village People", and Cheeze is creating a lvl called "Laboratory 54".

This sounds pretty cool to me, considering the fact that so many great level creators are working on it.

-Nitro Levels
Nitro NC has provided me with the following info on all of his current projects:

Nitro World: The next beta is being developed. It will have a spaceship and "a military plant filled with all kinds of goodies..."

Nitro Race Mayhem 1: Insanity Unplugged: A 3-level Race pack. The first level is completed and is quite big - it takes 5 minutes just to complete one lap.

Doomsday: It has been halted yet again due to "difficulties".

-New Episode Coming
Defalcon is working on a new episode. It will have 9 or 10 single player levels and a few battle/ctf levels, courtesy of GreenKiller. There may also be some new tilesets. Plus, Holiday Inn will have an expansion pack.

Beta testers will not be called for until Defaclon has finished most of the levels. In the meantime, here are some screen shots:

- Screen 1 - Screen 2 - Screen 3 - Screen 4 - Screen 5 - Screen 6 - Screen 7 -

July 6, 1999
Single Player
- Rabbit Salad by PrOtOmAn X : 2.89KB : **
Just one problem: you get stuck in the wall when you come out of one of the warps.
- Jungle Warfare by Disguise GPW : 6.03KB : ***
Both the eye candy and design are awesome.
- ShanD Pack 1 by ShanD : 4 Levels : 8.58KB : **
I can see how these would be very fun Battle levels. They just don't have enough to earn 3-stars.
- SnowBall Warzone by F. Quist : 5.16KB : **
Basically, it's Diamondus Warzone using the HH98 tileset. 2-stars due to unoriginal design, although I still love the level.
Treasure Hunt
- Night Hunters by KillerCarrot : 5.42KB : ***
It's hard to grade Treasure levels since there aren't very many of them to compare with, but it seems to me that this is a good level.
- J1: Blocks - Extended by Toxic Bunny : 26.3KB : N/A
Once again, I can't rate this because it's a modified version of one of Epic's sets. However, if I were to grade on effort I'd give Toxic Bunny ***. :)
July 5, 1999
Single Player
- Pipe City by Rastus : 4.61KB : ***
Not very difficult, but I like some of the design attributes.
- Beach Busters by Electric Ir : Version 2 : Pack (2 Levels) : 39.3KB : **
Awesome level, except for one thing: it lacks in originality.
- WWJD by Dan Dude : 19.6KB : **
In case you don't know, WWJD stands for "What Would Jesus Do?". It's a big thing in the US... tell me if it is in other countries.
- Frog DEMO Version by Speedy & Andy : Pack (2 Levels) : 301KB : *
There's 2 things wrong with this: 1. It's easy to tell that it was copied from "Marinated Rabbit" and 2. Having a frog run through some water collecting a few pieces of fruit doesn't make the best level.
- HILL Level Triologie by Speedy : Pack (3 Levels) : 24.6KB : **
The goal in these levels is to push your opponents off of "The Hill". I like the idea, I just don't think that the levels are ***.
- Salsa City by Agamemnon (formerly Dexter) : Version 2 : 87.5KB : **
I can't even remember the first version of this because it was released back in December. I do know that it's a great level though.
- The 7 Wonders of the World by JJ Tublear : Pack (8 Levels) : 20.4KB : **
Some of the level are *. Overall, it's not the best I've seen, but good enough for a nice battle.
- No More PATIENCE!!!!!! by Disguise GPW : 8.96KB : **
A long time ago Disguise released a level called "Patience is a Virtue". This is the same level, but in this version the tubes go quickly. So, if you're unpatient, get this level. :)
- Dino Trigger Demo by Dino : RPG Game : 1.92MB : N/A
Very awesome! Whether you like RPG's or not, you've gotta download this. Please read the instructions to learn how to properly install everything. You can also download the Dino Trigger Demo in two parts:

- Part 1 (828KB) - Part 2 (1.12MB) -


-Screen Shots
Spy has released some screen shots of his upcoming pack. I've tested some of these levels and they are really good. Here are the screens:

- Screen 1 - Screen 2 - Screen 3 - Screen 4 -

July 2, 1999
Single Player
- Bilsy Rebellion by Biohazard : Single/CTF/Battle : Pack (15 Levels) : 191KB : ***
Very long and very cool, especially since Biohazard created most of the tilesets. Check it out!
- Electric Fried by Shadow GPW : 14.6KB : ***
A better version of this level will be in JJ Warped, although I don't see how this level can be any better. :)
- Trigger Trap by JSMatt : 3.2KB : *
Repetition in all areas and I was never able to finish the level, but there is a nice kind of challenge in here.


-The Super Summer Pack
J.U.M.P and J2LC are working on a battle pack called "The Super Summer Pack". It will include 12 levels, a storyline and hopefully at least 1 new tileset. The levels will have an outdoor "nature" theme. There is no release date for it right now. The JMMB contains a thread for this in the General Forum, but I'm not sure if it's there anymore because I forgot to post this for awhile. (sorry EvilMike)

-Tundra Treasurehunt
AstroniA is creating a new Treasure level called "Tundra Treasurehunt". It uses one of the HH98 tilesets, and AstroniA is not sure when it will be released because he's very busy right now. In the meantime, you can check out this cool pic of the upcoming level.

-JJ Warped Upgrade
GPW, the creators of JJ Warped, have decided to make it even better by releasing a TSF Upgrade Pack to it with 8-10 new levels...

July 1, 1999
Single Player
- Nuclear Snow by Agt Nukem : 168KB : **
First level by Agt Nukem that we've seen for quite a while. This is the shareware of an upcoming pack. The difficulty is good, but the eye candy could use some work.
- Steven's Battle by SFranzen : 254KB : ***
Great design & eye candy; easy to navigate; unique.
- My Battle by ??? : 5.09KB : ***
Nice level. It's a shame we don't know who created it.


I made some mistakes with the JCS.ini Updates I posted on the Programs page. Ironically, the JCS.ini I posted doesn't even have the Trigger Zone event in it, even though that's the whole reason why you download it. So, here is the udpated files & info:

JCSini3 - Allows you to use the HH98 enemies/boss & pinball events in Party Mode (no Trigger Zone event) - 5KB
iniJCS - Allows you to use Pinball Events in Party Mode (no Trigger Zone event) - 4.89KB
JCSini - Allows you use the Trigger Zone event in JCS - 5.83KB

-Agt Jackrabbit
Bartman has released some more info on his upcoming episode, Agt Jackrabbit. (The awesome demo was released yesterday, as you can see if you look below this news.) Basically, there is going to be 3 missions for each of the 3 cases you need to solve, plus some extra stuff. So, that's yet another thing to look forward to.

June 30, 1999
Single Player
- Agt Jackrabbit Demo by Bartman : Episode (4 Levels) : 550KB : ***
Very creative! Some of the most enjoyable levels I've played for quite awhile.
- Reba's Fortress by Nerz : Episode (19 Levels) : 30.8KB : **
Most of the levels are *, but since there's so many I decided to up it to **.
- Hells Bells! by Toxic Bunny : 3.5KB : **
Good in all areas.
- Hocus Pocus Shareware Sets by GreenKiller : 111KB : ***
3 tilesets from the shareware version of Hocus Pocus. If you have the full version of Hocus Pocus and would like to have tilesets of the levels in there, e-mail GreenKiller the game.


-Hotel Level Pack
TimberWolf is making a 2-part hotel level pack, and he needs people to fill in the rooms.  Two players will be in each room.  Send TimberWolf
an e-mail at if you would like a room.

-Diamondus Revenge
Rachel has changed the name of Devan Strikes Back to "Diamondus Revenge". It should be out next week.

-Lord Nux & JJ2LT
The beta tester list for SpazMan's upcomng "Lord Nux" is now full. Thanks to all the people who signed up.

Also, some bad news about JJ2LT: They have broken up due to some disagreements. SpazMan may pick up his Clone Machine level later, although for now his focus is on Lord Nux.

June 29, 1999
Single Player
- Single Player Pack by WCVKKen : 92.2KB : ***
Some of the eye candy is questionable, but other than that it's great.
- Pikachu's Final by Pikachu : 670KB : **
Could use some work in eye candy, design, and event stuff.
- Beach Battle by KillerCarrot : 3.04KB : **
Wide open and easy to navigate.
- Hotels in the USA by KillerCarrot : 113KB : **
Many aspects are similar to those of other hotel levels.
- The Flip Side! by Matti : 253KB : ***
Great design; nice looking.
- Spotty's Neon Level! by Spotty : 278KB : *
I like how the blue base pops out of a box. ;)
- Motherboard by Disguise GPW : 11.8KB : ***
See if you can find the virus hidden inside the tileset...
- Jordan's Stadium by Jords : 26.2KB : **
Many nice aspects, yet there isn't enough original tiles for it to earn ***.


I accidently posted JJ Tublear's submission as "Battle Pack" instead of "The 3 Wonders of the World (ver. 1.0)". Be sure to download the pack. (9.76KB, **)

-Link Fixed
I fixed the broken link on the Jazz 2 Shareware. Thanks to Vivie for reporting this problem.

Now that Martin is finished with Jazz Bond, he has began work on his newest project: 5Alive. This 2-level pack will use the TSF City tileset. Martin has given me the chance to beta test 5Alive, so I'll be sure to keep you updated on its progress. For now, here's a screen shot to advertise Martin's newest levels.

-Mission Uncrossible
Spy is creating an episode called "Mission Uncrossible". It will feature brand new songs and Battle and Single Player levels. In the future Spy will release some screen shots ans demo levels. If you would like to help Spy test these levels, e-mail him at

Development on ETR, J2LC's big episode, is going good. Here's what you can expect to see in this huge pack:

- 100 multiplayer levels
- 20 Single Playerlevels
- Some new tilesets

Some of the levels have already been tested on the Internet, and everybody seemed to enjoy them thoroughly. J2LC will release a 5 or 6 multiplayer demo soon, so be sure to continue to check J2C for that.

June 27, 1999
Single Player
- Universal Travels Demo by Elias FF : 280KB : **
Level 1 is *, Level 2 is **, and Level 3 is ***, so I guess you can see where I got my rating from. :)
- The Fiery Pits of Charmander!! by Pikachu : 517KB : *
I'm not sure if it's even possible to defeat the last bosses... At least it has cool Pokemon music.
- Jazzific Ocean by Psycho : 6.17KB : ***
Reminds me of Madcat's nice levels.
- I know what you eat last summer! by Madcat GPW : 3.02KB : ***
Once again Madcat dosn't make the best level of all time, but still one that is worth ***. (just shows how messed up this rating system is now ;)
- Frightning Furious Fence Fighters by Madcat GPW : 3.46KB : ***
^ See above comment ^
- Birdy! by TwEeTy & Mr. Magoo : Version 2 : 304KB : **
Even if you don't want the level, download this anyway so you can see some of the cool stuff that pops out of the boxes...
- BlockMania by F. Quist of J2LC : 3.37KB : **
It simply needs a little more of everything... keep in mind that this is an old level.
- Radical Roasting Rasta Rats by Madcat GPW : 3.64KB : **
Madcat finally didn't get a perfect score. As always, it's not because it's a bad level, but compared to other CTF levels it doesn't quite measure up.
- Pipe CTF version 0.46 by F. Quist of J2LC : 2.53KB : **
The overall design bothers me a little... keep in mind that this is an old level.
- Camallot Chase by Gizmo of MM : 331KB : ***
Barely ***, but very enjoyable.
- Checkerboard Speedway by Another Jazz 2 Fan : 6.87KB : ***
Very good if you consider that it's using Onag's Cheq tileset, one of the simplest tilesets ever created. On the other hand, you may get very annoyed with the flashing colors. In fact, this is the first J2 level that has given me a headache. =)
- J2LC_Easter by F. Quist of J2LC : 37.2KB : ***
One of the best J2LC tilesets I've seen. (I guess; I can't remember all of them :) Includes an Easter version of the J2LC Snow tileset.
- Final Fantasy music by Squaresoft; sent in by Arazi : music pack : 2.01MB : N/A
12 songs to use with your Jazz 2 levels; they are already in the .j2b or .it formats.


-Site News
I updated the "Submit a Level" page. If you are planning on submitting anything in the future, you must consult that page for the instructions and guidlines involved in this. I find it to be quite annoying that a great amount of submissions don't follow those simple guidlines.

-Race Tournament Pack
Now that it is summer, Another Jazz 2 Fan is resuming work on his Race Tournament pack. The demo of this pack was originally posted on February 25 and can be downloaded here. (177KB, ***) Another J2 Fan's latest Race level was just released today. You can download it in the appropriate section above.

-501 Screens
AstroniA has taken some more screen shots to advertise his 501 Battle Pack that was posted back on the 18th. (2.15MB, ***) Here they are:

- Screen 5 - Screen 6 - Screen 7 -

And here's the old shots I posted on the 24th:

- Screen 1 - Screen 2 - Screen 3 - Screen 4 -

June 26, 1999
Single Player
- Jazz Bond by Martin : Episode : 179KB : ***
It's finally here! If you only download one thing this summer, make it Jazz Bond!!!
June 25, 1999
Single Player
- Single Player Pack by Dr. LAW : 435KB : ***
The eye candy gets a little sketchy in some places, but these are still super long, super cool levels.
- Hydrotronic Amplivolumator by Toxic Bunny : 23.7KB : ***
Totally awesome in every way.
- Crazy Hare by Opar : 12.4KB : ***
Lots of secrets and multiple routes to choose from; highly recommended.
- Explosive Emerald by Psycho : 7.45KB : ***
Looks great, smells great, tastes great. =)
- Twilight Speed by Rastus : 110KB : ***
Looks great, semi-easy but still fun.
- Building Site by Toxic Bunny : 25.6KB : ***
Look at the sample level to see all the cool things you can do with this set.


-Agent Jackrabbit
Bartman is planning to make a new Single Player Episode called "Agent Jackrabbit". It will feature an unknown amount of levels and "surprises everywhere!" A demo of 3 levels will be released before the final comes out.

It's starting to look like Warped, a new episode by Blackman, could be one of the biggest things ever to be released. Shadow GPW has just informed me that both GPW and J2LC, two of the greatest level designing groups, are now helping with Warped. Believe it or not, I'm even working on one small boss level for this pack. If you look in some of the archived news here in the Downlaods you can find more info about Warped. There's more to say, but I'm nto sure how much Blackman wants to give away at this moment. Stay tuned.

-Netparty Pack
Rastus' Netparty Pack will be finished soon thanks to the fact that his Winter Break is coming up on July 1st. (Rastus lives in Australia) His homepage is also almost here. It will feature Jazz 2, but also many other things. If you would like to help Rastus with his site, write to him at

-Lord Nux
This was already posted on the News, but it was only supposed to go here; Alienator made a mistake. Anyway, here's the news:

SpazMan has released the first screen shots from his upcoming episode, Lord Nux. He very much needs level designers and beta testers. If you would like to help SpazMan, drop him a message at Here are the screens:

- Screen 1 - Screen 2 - Screen 3 - Screen 4 -

June 24, 1999
Single Player
- Lost Levels Pack by Bartman : Single/Battle/CTF/Race Pack : 42KB : **
15 levels that Bartman never released. Keep in mind that many of these levels may be unfinished. Also, these are by no means Bartman's last levels.
- Reba's Fortress by Nerz : 2.54KB : **
Eye candy could use some work and there's way too many of the same events, but at least it's fun.
- MK Level Pack by Madcat GPW & Killer : Battle/CTF : 95.8KB : ***
18 awesome levels. There's a little bit of swearing, but I'm not going to be that picky. I think we're all mature enough to handle it.
- Christmas in TSF by KingP!n GPW : 5.53KB : ***
The GPW sure make good levels. :)
- Block Busting Baseball Battle by Madcat GPW : 4.47KB : ***
Forget the comment and download the level. =P
- The Hotel by Spy : 8.62KB : ***
I don't like this level as much as some of Spy's other levels, but it's still *** nonetheless.
- Hockey Smash! by Black Ninja of the Over Insane Level Builders : "Hockey" : 1.62MB : **
I'd like to try one of these levels in a Party Mode game just to see how well it would work... Of course, you don't know what I'm talking about, so you better download the pack. :) It also includes a lot of Black Ninja's old levels. If you just want the hockey levels without all of the old stuff, click here. (372KB)
- The 3 Wonders of the World (ver. 1.0) by JJ Tublear RS GPW : 9.76KB : **
Repetition in tile placement; went a little overboard with some of the events; good pack overall.


-Another Oops
I accidently put the link to the Ciy music on the Easter music link yesterday... you can download the Easter music from TSF here.

-501 Screens
AstroniA has taken some screen shots to advertise his 501 Battle Pack that was posted back on the 18th. (2.15MB, ***) Here they are:

- Screen 1 - Screen 2 - Screen 3 - Screen 4 -

June 23, 1999
- The Secret Files music:
Somebody posted this music without my knowledge. Whoever did it, you do not have permission to update the Downloads wthout my permission, and all future updates you may make will be overwrited, seeing how you already messed up the Music page to a small extent.
Anyway, here's the music in .it format: (go to the Programs page to get a program to play this music with if you need it)

- Easter (970KB) - City (660KB) - Haunted (410KB) -

- New MOD's to use with your J2 levels:
Alphine (formerly Icegrame) has discovered a place with lots of good MOD's o use with your J2 levels. Click here if you're interested in seeing that page.


When I posted the Single/Race Pack ( - 60.5KB - ***) on the 18th, I forgot to mention that F. Quist of J2LC not only made the levels, but also created the music and tileset. Sorry about that, F. Quist.

-Syphon Filter
Outlaw UOI is working on a new episode based on the Playstation game "Syphon Filter". No details have been released yet, but Outlaw has assured me that he is also still working on PANGOIO. (The demo of PANGOIO was posetd on the 13th; download the episode here. - 1.39MB - ***)

June 22, 1999
- Bridge over Carrotus by Madcat GPW : 3.74KB : ***
Great design, great eye candy, great placement of events, great, great, great. :)
- Critical X-mass by Madcat GPW : 6.09KB : ***
Why do I even bother to play Madcat's levels when I know that all of them are going to be ***? =)
- JML Lite by Aceldama : Multiplayer Launcher : 295KB : N/A
The same program as the original JML, but this one is 1.7MB smaller.


-Jazz Bond Coming This Week!
Martin, one of the greatest level creators of all time, is just now finishing up his latest project: Jazz Bond. I've had the opportunity to beta test the Jazz Bond episode throughout its development. Simply speaking, they are some of coolest levels I've ever seen. Along with the great eye candy, Martin has also put in many new & creative aspects into his levels, especially in the last level... I will receive Jazz Bond in the middle of this week, although I can't post it until Saturday, so check back then to download the awesome Single Player levels. In the meantime, Martin has provided me with some screen shots for you to look at:

- Exclusive 1 - Exlcusive 2 - Exclusive 3 - Exclusive 4 -

June 21, 1999
Single Player
- Return of Evil Demo by EvilMike : Episode : 384KB : **
Creative and very hard; I'm sure the final version will get ***. The final version will include 10 normal levels, 3 secret levels, 1-2 storyline levels, and 2-3 multiplayer levels.
- GPW is Haunting!!! by Madcat GPW : 7.58KB : ***
Easy to navigate; awesome eye candy.
- GPW Future Attack!!! by Madcat GPW : 5.28KB : ***
I don't think Madcat will ever release anything but perfect levels. :)
- LaserLevel by Madcat GPW : 4.43KB : ***
How can I comment on levels that are this good? =)
- -=Abandoned Beach=- by Spy : 11.5KB : ***
Good considering the fact that he used the Beach tileset, which can be a difficult one to create a level with.
- The Dark Side of Jazz by Psycho : 9.04KB : ***
No visible problems...
- Santa's Party by Psycho : 8.89KB : ***
At first glance it didn't seem like this was a *** level, but there's nothing really wrong with it, so...
- Jazz City by SpazMan & KillerCarrot : 3.36KB : **
As happens in many Battle levels, certain events were overused.
- Da Hotel! by GeNe$ : Version 2 : 6.01KB : ***
I gave in and put this level on the *** list. Afterall, it does have many interesting aspects...
- Pin Ball by Mr. Magoo : Version 2 : 3.31KB : **
Magoo went a little overboard on some of the events, although there are some interesting aspects in this level.
- Diamond Doom by KillerCarrot (formerly Frank Jr.) : Version 2 : 5.32KB : **
Quite a bit of repetition in tile placement; not sure what was changed in this version of the level.
- Kick Me! by SpazMan : 2.02KB : **
Same as the Treasure Hunt version of this level, (see below) but there are no gems.
Treasure Hunt
- Kick Me! by SpazMan : 2.8KB : ***
There is only one set of gems which respawn. So, it's got the same concept as Onag's Treasure Hunt Battle Pack. However, the level is full of No-Fire Zones, meaning tat you have to kick the gems out of your opponent. :) Once again, creativity pushes a level into a *** rating.
- The Fast Lane by KillerCarrot (formerly Frank Jr.) : 37.6KB : **
Very long and challenging.
- Race As Da Frog by SpazMan : 1.27KB : **
Creative.. I hope the background doesn't make you sick. ;)
- Mountain by Disguise DA : 38.9KB : ***
This is the 2nd tileset from *it* (version 2.00). It doesn't have as much as the first tileset, but it just as cool. (You can get the 1st tileset here.)
- Jazz2 Multiplayer Launcher by Aceldama : Program : 2.02MB : N/A
Easy to use program that lets you launch all types of Jazz 2 games (Battle, CTF, Treasure, Race, Coop) without starting up Jazz 2 itself.
- JCS.ini Update by GreenKiller : 35.2KB : N/A
Converts the text in JCS to the Dutch language.
June 20, 1999
Single Player
- Revenge of Devan Demo by SPAZzer : Pack : 7.83KB : *
I found it to be impossible to navigate the 2nd level and there are problems with eye candy. However, these are his first levels so we should give him some credit.
- The Bottom of the Sea by Electric Ir : 6.64KB : ***
Design & eye candy are fine, no major problems here.
- Cat Pack 1 by Supercat : 180KB : **
Not bad levels; not perfect levels.
- DevIll's Island by DevIll : 38.3KB : **
Creative in the eye candy department, but the events and design aspects are questionable.
- Rabid Jungle by Eleck Wiemer & Electric Ir : 4.16KB : **
I would re-evaluate some of tile placement, although it's nothing major.
- Super Yellow by Supercat : 61.7KB : **
Probably didn't take much time to make this level. It's also included in Cat Pack 1, (above) but I guess Supercat wanted to release it separately.
- Diamondus Warfare by Blackman : 8.03KB : ***
This is not an edited version of Diamondus Warzone. The *** says it all.
- 3D Battle Pack by Noraa RS : 527KB : ***
These are the coolest tilesets I've ever seen! I'm sure you'll be just as amazed as I was when you download this. If only there weren't such great limitations in how you can use the sets...


-Broken Links
The following are links that were previously broken but are now fixed. If you find any other broken links, please report them. I believe that a lot of zip files were deleted from our server last time we were hacked, as I have fixed other links before these.
* Antartica tileset by Icegrame
* Bugkill Capture pack by Bugz

June 18, 1999
Single Player
- Single/Race Pack by F. Quist of J2LC : 60.5KB : ***
Creativity is what pushed these levels into ***. Perhaps you'll see what I mean when you reach the pits...
- Cinderella by Dan Dude : 4.73KB : **
I got stuck twice in the level. I'm not sure if these are actual problems; I just probably wasn't looking hard enough for an exit. See if you can have better luck than me...
- Wizzard Wabbits by Spy : 5.44KB : ***
Yet another awesome level by Spy.
- TSF New Science by Giant GPW : 3.98KB : ***
Nice design, but I need to warn you that there is profanity in this level. Profanity has never really been a problem in the past, but if it starts to be one I will not post levels with inappropriate words in them.
- Striker's Battle1 by StrikerUJP : 2.16KB : **
Minor problems with eye candy, but it's nothing serious.
- 501 Battle Pack by AstroniA (501) : 2.15MB : ***
A 13-level collection of updated classics, including the popular Hilly Pastures level. You can also download this cool pack in 4 parts:
Part 1 (461KB) - Part 2 (499KB) - Part 3 (614KB) - Part 4 (631KB)
- Nitro World Beta by Nitro : 41.4KB : **
Can seem big, monotanous, and confusing. Also keep in mind that this is only a beta.
- Mountain Trip by Disguise DA : 34.2KB : ***
Very detailed with many tiles. Well done!
- The Water Works by Rastus : Word Document : 2.03KB : N/A
A list of the best tilesets, official or otherwise, to use with the water event.


-The Bilsy Rebellion
Biohazard has provided me with the following info for his upcoming episode, the "Bilsy Rebellion". This info is subject to change.

* 7 normal levels
* 1+ secret levels
* 2 possible endings
* 2 bosses at the end
* 4 new tilesets by Biohazard
* 1+ tilesets by other people
* Demo coming...

-The NEW spaz's Future...
The NEW spaz is going to stop making tilesets for awhile so he can create a new Jazz 2 webpage with Ninja Dodo. Of course, you can still download his old tilesets in the appropriate section.

June 17, 1999
Single Player
- Cold Spikes of Ouch by Rastus : 175KB : **
Uses the "Newest" Earthrealm tileset; pretty long with semi-good challenges.
- The Beasts of Diamondus! by Spazattack : 4.64KB : **
It has many *** aspects, but it didn't quite cut it.
- AD Hunter Zone by Spy : 33.2KB : ***
Created for the AD clan; Spy has yet again come out with a totally awesome level.
- Jolly Jungle by Madcat GPW : 7.27KB : **
I actually got to play this one on the Net and it was quite fun, but, unfortunately, I can't grade on that.


-Legoland Levels
Cubone is working on a new level pack called "Legoland" and is looking for people to help him make levels. All levels must use the Jazz 1: Blocks tileset and should be finished by the end of July. You can e-mail Cubone at and can download a sample level for the pack here.

-Testers Needed
DeraldSny needs beta testers for version 1.4 of his Jazz on Mobius levels. You can contact Derald at

-Netparty Pack Delayed
Due to the fact that it is winter down under, the Netparty Pack has been delayed. Instead of working on the pack Rastus will be doing many different chores. He will announce more details on the release of the pack in the future.

June 16, 1999
Single Player
- Salad Days by Gizmo : 24.5KB : ***
You have two choics: download or die! Our favorite chicken killer has once again come out with one of the best levels ever created. (imho)
- Xmas Crackers by Spy : 10.8KB : ***
Uses the HH98 tileset very well; super eye candy.
- Let's Kill Da Pigs by Psycho : 5.08KB : **
I can't really comment on the title, ;) but the level itself has few problems.
- Jungle Power by Psycho : 5.17KB : **
No new or exciting concepts in this level although that isn't necessarily a bad thing.
- Diehard 4 : Jazzhard by Psycho : 4.92KB : **
Easily navigatable and probably worth your download.
- Rumble in the Sun by Madman : 3.01KB : **
Minor problems with eye candy. Other than that, a great level.
- Far Out Battle Land by Dr. LAW : 50.4KB : **
Design and size are pretty good, but the tileset allows for better eye candy than what is displayed.
- Battle Pack by Jazz : 1.31MB : **
A couple of the levels have interesting backgrounds, but most other aspects in the levels aren't especially great.
- Bubble or Bust Jazz by The NEW spaz : 10.9KB : **
Small, but there are enough tiles to make a level.
- Xperimental-JJ2 v1.5 by Pennywise : Program : 5.67KB : N/A
An easy-to-use wizard that allows you to set up and play Race and Coop games with your friends over the Internet. You can visit the official website for this program here.
June 14, 1999
Single Player
- Hot Cross Bunnies by CaRRoTs of J2LC : 12.6KB : ***
This is the level that got first place in Project2's contest, so you can well imagine that it's an awesome level.
- Yoshi Pack by Philip : 4.25KB : **
Barely got **; I don't like the fact that the enemies respawn, and much of the eye candy is questionable.
- Return of the Enemies by Cubone : 2.41KB : *
Hardly worth downloading; it's basically an old multiplayer level with a boss in it.
- Da Hotel! by GeNe$ : Version 2 : 389KB : **
Looks very nice, but the beginning is confusing; I couldn't find the warp to get into the main arena.
- The Lost Town by KingP!n GPW & Spy : 16.7KB : ***
Big (300x100) and confusing, which happens to be a good thing. :)
- Their Darkest Hour: Capture by Ice : 30.5KB : **
You may already have this level if you downloaded "Their Darkest Hour" before it was taken off J2C.
- Runner Hotel by CrazyKiller : 3.14KB : *
The bases are very close to each other, and there are other problems...
- Shine Land by Frank Jr. : 6.35KB : **
Good considering that it's his first set.
- The Pig Party by Icegrame : Music file : 81.6KB : N/A
Just so you know, this song was actually created by Icegrame himself.


-Lord Nux
Here's more info on Lord Nux. (You can read what was originally posted here.)

Lord Nux is being developed by SpazMan and should be released in a few months. So far the only thing that has been worked on is the Main Menu.

A few more tid bits:

*The main level is going to be 500x500 in size!
*There will be a tough boss level.
*The bonus level will be using the Shine Land tileset, which was just posted today.

June 13, 1999
Single Player
- P.A.N.G.O.I.O. - Practically A New Game On It's Own (Demo) by Outlaw UOI : Episode : 1.39MB : ***
Very awesome levels. Diffiiculty was pretty good, although I only died when I got to the boss levels. The last few levels are actually from a previous Christmas pack that Outlaw released awhile back.
- Diamondus Catasthrophe by Opar : 6.97KB : ***
The eye candy, design, secrets, etc. are all good.
- Warehouse by Rastus : 33.6KB : **
Great foreground and background. I think the design could have been better though.
- Charmander by Ice Wolf EE : 32.4KB : ***
Me likes the cute dinosaurs. =)
- Jazz 2 Background by Alienator : 736KB : N/A : Preview
Size = 800x600
- Shellion's Extreme Revenge Patch by SpazticPT : 1KB : N/A
After downloading the Full Version of the SXR Demo, extract this file into your Jazz 2 folder, overwriting the previous file. This "patch" will fix a potential problem with one of the boss levels.
- I've added the BMP and PSD tileset templates to the Programs page. So, if you want to create a tileset, head on over there and grab one.


-Site News
I've been way behind on updating the Downloads for weeks. However, now that I'm out of school for the summer, I should be able to get caught up by (early) next week. For now on I'll try to update the Downloads at least every other day for the most part.

-Missing Authors
Here are the authors of two levels that were originally posted without the name of the creator:
*Brothers in Harms was created by DarkBunny & Tyler Fountain.
*Seaside Wabbits was created by Opar.

June 11, 1999


-Site News
I have created a page that explains in great detail the J2C rating system. I decided to do this so that I won't get so many questions about the system in the future. You can view the page here, and there is also a link at the top of this page for future reference.

June 7, 1999
Single Player
- Inferno Fright by Rachel : 11.2KB : **
This level was denied *** because it was very obviously copied from an Epic level.
- It's Haunting by Killer : 11.6KB : ***
Total coolness. =)
- AD Jungle by Nemesis AD : 6.51KB : ***
It got an upgrade to ***. (not much was changed; the level was on the borderline between the two ratings from the beginning)
- Jazz Home Sweet Easter by Spy : Replacement version : 9.29KB : ***
Spy discovered that this level had been messed with by somebody. So, he sent the replacement that you see here.
June 6, 1999
Single Player
- Brothers In Harms by DarkBunny & Tyler Fountain : 73.2KB : ***
Unique and very difficult.
- Tiny Town by Rastus : 336KB : ***
Nice looking; lots of fun.
- Silent Night Episode 1 by Magic Card : Episode : 18.1KB : **
All levels need improvement in the eye candy department. On a good note, there are interesting challenges in all 7 levels.
- Battle Pack by Spy & KingP!n GPW : 36.9KB : ***
17 very small, very cool levels.
- King's Future by KingP!n GPW : 7.18KB : ***
Good design.
- King's Town by KingP!n GPW : 8.4KB : ***
No complaints here.
- Jazz Home Sweet Easter by Spy : 9.29KB : ***
Extremely nice looking level.
- Dark Street Gang by Spy : 6.6KB : ***
Great looking, nice design.
- Diamond Doom by Frank jr : Version 2 : 5.23KB : **
I personally think the level would be better without such an overload of weapons and with less repetition in scenery, but these aspects don't really hurt the gameplay much.


-Diamondus Warfare
Blackman is making 2 new lvls (not related to Warped) called "Diamondus Warfare" & "Chemical Warzone". These levels will work with the shareware of Jazz 2 because they will have the same filename. No other details have been released yet.

-Deleted Levels
The following were deleted from J2C upon request by the creators for various reasons:
*Their Darkest Hour - Demo by Ice
*Jazz Home Sweet Spy by Spy

June 4, 1999
Single Player
- The Branis Fall by Kovu : 120KB : **
Eye candy and design get a little mundane. Still, I did enjoy playing it.
- AD Jungle by Nemesis AD : Version 2 : 4.74KB : **
Wide spread and open, which happens to be a good thing in this case.
- God Promise to Haunt by Giant GPW : 8.76KB : **
Almost all levels using the TSF tilesets look good, including this one.
- Deaths Duet by Action Hank : 668KB : ***
I love the music; it fits the level well. The level itself is extremely awesome, and the bases are very well placed.
- Jaguar Place by CrazyKiller : CTF : 2.03KB : *
Eye candy and design need work; the bases are too close together and are not in strategic places.
- Blood Lost by Icegrame : 33.1KB : ***
Great set, lots of detail.
- Pikachu's Favorite Day! by Kayla : 10.4KB : *
It's almost nothing more than a background, but I guess Pokemon fans will like it.
- Jazz VS Spaz by SpazMan : Desktop Wallpaper : 93KB : N/A
Includes wallpaper for 7 different screen resolutions. You can view a preview of the picture here.


-Site News
A lot of people have been asking how I rate levels, so I decided to make a section explaining that. Expect to see that soon.

-Lord Nux
Either Frank Jr. or Spazman (didn't mention who) is making a new single player episode. It will be called "Lord Nux" and will have the following features:

-5 Single Player levels
-A "very frustrating" challenge
-MEZ tilesets, among others
-Jazzy music
-And more...

He said that it would be out soon, although the release date is in October. (I guess people have different definitions of the word "soon". :) If you would like to help with the beta testing, click here. You can read the latest info on Lord Nux here.

June 2, 1999


-Site News
April & May downloads news added to the Archives. I've finally decided to organize this page a little more, although not much has changed. I don't have any time to post submissions today, but I'll be sure to get some up soon.

-Devan Strikes Back
Rachel is making a new level pack called "Devan Strikes back" (which has nothing to do with Martin's "Devin Bites Back" episode) It will include:

*An unspecified # of Single Player levels
*2 Battle levels
*2 CTF levels
*New music, including the songs from TSF and HH98
*New enemies (the TSF ones, to be exact)

The level pack should be out very soon.

-Nitro Clan Needs Help
The Nitro Clan are currently working on a new Battle level called "Nitro World". If anybody would like to pitch in and help, e-mail the clan at

Wakeman regrets the following mistakes made on the Download submissions for May 31, 1999:
* Jazz Home Sweet Spy was created by Spy, not Madcat, as was originally posted.
* Haunted Castle was created by Brain KEA, not Brian Kea.