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Jazz Shareware

Filename: Description: FileSize:
tsfdemo Jazz 2: The Secret Files Demo 21MB
Jazz2swf Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Shareware 11MB
1jazz Jazz Jackrabbit 1 Shareware 1.4MB
jjxmas95 Jazz Jackrabbit Holiday Hare '95 1.4MB
jazzxmas Jazz Jackrabbit Christmas Edition '94 1.4MB


Filename: Description: FileSize:
j2patch_123r 1.23 patch for Jazz 2 (regd) 1.4MB
j2patch_123sw 1.23 patch for Jazz 2 (sw) 857KB
Jazz2ListServers Jazz 2 Server List Patch; fixes problems with Party Mode 1KB
tsfpatch The Secret Files Patch; fixes installation problems 425KB
jj2patch Multi-Version Server Patch 1KB
j2_uninst If you delete J2 and can't reinstall the game, use this to fix the program. Right-click the file and choose Install. 1.29KB
FixRace Fixes Race Mode in TSF; unzip the files into your TSF folder. 15.6KB

View Ice's Server Patch Tutorial.

JCS.ini Updates

Filename: Description: FileSize:
dutchjcs By GreenKiller; changes the text in JCS to the Dutch language 35.2KB
JCSini3 Allows you to use the HH98 enemies/boss & pinball events in Party Mode (no Trigger Zone event) 5KB
iniJCS Allows you to use Pinball Events in Party Mode (no Trigger Zone event) 4.89KB
JCSini Allows you use the Trigger Zone event in JCS 4.83KB

Multiplayer Launchers

Filename: Description: FileSize:
GJL Golden Jazz 2 Launcher by Everlasting GK 1.76MB
JMLite Same as the original JML, (below) but its fiile size is a lot smaller. 295KB
JML Jazz2 Multiplayer Launcher by Aceldama; easy to use program that lets you launch all types of J2 games without starting up J2 itself. 2.02MB
xjj2v15 Xperimental-JJ2 Wizard v1.5 by Pennywise - lets you set up Race and Coop games to play with your friends over the Internet. Official Website 5.67KB


Filename: Description: FileSize:
ddFlic Converts FLC files to J2V, the format for J2 cinematic files. 93KB
J2 intro cutscene by Dean Dodrill @ Jagged Edge Studios. MOV 1.64MB
comprealm Earthrealm video 1 by Alienator 1.39MB
earthshot Earthrealm video 2 by Alienator 555KB
station Earthrealm video 3 by Alienator 690KB
thrown Earthrealm video 4 by Alienator 686KB

Screen Savers

Filename: Description: FileSize:
jazz2scrn By Project 2; shows Jazz/Spaz/Lori running across the screen collecting gems. 1.3MB
spazsaver By F. Quist of J2LC; shows Spaz bumping over the screen 31.8KB

Tileset Templates & Palettes

Filename: Description: FileSize:
stencil Template & Palette for PSP 2.85KB
tilepal 2 palettes for Paint Shop Pro 5 1.09KB
tilesbmp Tileset grid with 1000 tiles, BMP format 15.1KB
1000tiles Tileset grid with 1000 tiles, PSD format for Photo Shop 1.35MB


Filename: Description: FileSize:
BttE Battle to the End Demo by Allan (Instructions) 2.43MB
FttF Fight to the Finish by Elias FF (Instructions) 3.82MB
dinotrig Dino Trigger Demo by Dino (Instructions) 1.92MB

Other Stuff

Filename: Description: FileSize:
J2Info "Jazz 2 Info" by Allan; tons of Jazz 2 tips (ver. 2) 880KB
Pikacur Pikachu cursors, sent in by Brandon 5.93KB
HolidayColors By AniFreak; open files to get holiday colors in Party Mode 1.74KB
waterdoc By Rastus; list of the best tilesets to put water into. 2.03KB
J2filecopy Created by MetalWarrior, copies JJ2 levels from your "Cache" folder to your "Jazz2" folder. 1.7MB

Music Programs

Filename: Description: FileSize:
mod2j2b Converts music files into .j2b 66KB
Music Maniac MP3 player, click for FTP list 1MB
MODPlug MP3 player, click for FTP list 243KB


Most backgrounds made for 800x600 resolution and were created by Dethman or Onag, unless otherwise specified.

Filename: Preview: FileSize:
by Boggy B
Preview 769KB
sent in by Bartman
Complete collection of backgrounds from Sonic Adventure. 6.52MB
by Boggy B
Preview 502KB
by Alienator
Preview 736KB
by SpazMan
Preview 93KB
jj2back2 Preview 104KB
jj2back3 Preview 229KB
jj2back4 Preview 46.8KB
jj2back5 Preview 280KB
jj2back6 Preview 1.25MB
8x6spjj2 Preview 411KB