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Jazz 2 City uses a 3-star rating system. (***) Downloads maintained by Steven Wakeman.

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September 26, 1999
- Rabbit City by KillerCarrot : 5.69KB : high **
I hope you don't expect me to come up with a comment for every level.. :)
- Ambush Island by raptor JPL : 27.2KB : high **
I like the design, but you may notice that most of the platforms have a rectangular shape. I always encourage variations in the shape of the platforms.
- Electric Speedway by KillerCarrot : 6.69KB : high **
Focuses a lot around springs, which is obviously not a new concept, but is still a challenge in Race levels. Be sure to get a lot of ice.
- Smash Bros by Jazz : 51.2KB : **
There's some nice eye candy, but most of the floor/wall/ceiling tiles are just different colored blocks.


-Sorry, Madcat
On the 20th I posted a level called "Madcat's Hot Hothotobsel Battle" that was submitted by "Madcat". I just learned that the level was not created by the real Madcat. Somebody was using Madcat's e-mail address without his knowledge to send me the level.

Keep in mind that I do not tolerate people who submit levels under somebody elses name or who call somebody elses level their own. If I learn that somebody is doing this, I will never post level submissions from that person again.

-Broken Links
Thanks to iCeD JPL & KillerCarrot.

- Annihilator's World by Annihilator (CTF)
- Aquatic Dungeon by Bluez (Battle)
- Battle Over Carrotus by Alpha Wolf (CTF)
- Battle Pack by Agent Dee
- Battle Pack by Raptor RS
- CTF Pack by Agent Dee
- H-2-O by Agent Dee (Battle)
- Jungle Bunny War by MetalWarrior, HawkEyeWR, & Cyclone (Battle)
- Macbeth by Agent Dee (Battle)
- Rabbit Chase by Marky (Battle)
- Soggy Rabbit by aximili (Battle)
- Swingin Jazz by BloodBunny (CTF)
- The Amazon by Martin (Battle, Old Levels)

Looks like we've been hacked again.

-The Surprise Return
Opar is working on a level pack called The Surprise Return. The demo will have 3 Single Player levels, and the full version will have many more.. From what we can see in the screen shots, it looks like this is going to be a great pack.

Screenshot 1 - Screenshot 2

September 25, 1999
Single Player
- Easter Fun by Pindakaas32 : 8.5KB : high **
Just needs more eye candy and stuffs.
- are Great! by Warhammer : 7.16KB : **
I know, it's a weird name...


-Kick Arsenal Levels
I doubt this is still valid since I received it such a long time ago, but just in case..

DarkBunny, head of Kick Arsenal Levels, needs 1 more member for the team.  KAL can make tilesets and levels, but they need someone to make music.  If you want to join, send your request, your email address, and a small j2b sample to

-Broken Link
ET found this broken link: Devan's Minions by Dr Disguise (Single Player, Old Levels, 10KB)

September 20, 1999
Single Player
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer! by Gavie : 193KB : low **
The eye candy is eratic, but it's still fun. Too easy though.
- Single Player Episode by Ilya Floussov : Episode (4 Levels) : 1.76MB : (high?) ***
The coolest thing I've seen since SXR! Highly recommended. I especially love the music. For the first time in a long time I actually enjoyed playing the bosses because there was different music. (you may want to back up Boss2.j2b before you install this)
- Van Secretujp by Secretujp : 8.68KB : *
A poorly edited version of Battle 1.


-Butt Ugly Level of the Week
I'm sorta torn apart about the Butt Ugly Level of the Week. Send me mail telling me what you think of the whole thing. Just don't be rude. Send your rude comments to stripe. :-)

September 19, 1999
- Da roof is on fire! by Psycho : 10KB : high **
The design is great. There's really nothing to complain about.
- Lost World Battle Pack by Ninja Dodo : Pack (2 Levels) : 98KB : high **
They just need *more*...
- Medieval Frenzy by Disguise GPW : 15.1KB : ***
It's an awesome level, but it doesn't use the Diamondus tileset. It's a miracle! ;-)
- Sonic by Ninja Dodo & Jaws : 51.1KB : high *
It's just... well.... hmmmm.
Treasure Hunt
- Treasure Lab by Ninja Dodo : 4.19KB : **
This is his first multiplayer level. I actually think there are too many gems. At least it looks nice.
- Jazz in Marioland?! by Ninja Dodo : 24KB : **
There are plenty of gems, but the eye candy needs improvement and it looks like only layers 4 and 8 were utilized. However, this is an "old level".
- Battle to the End Demo by Allan : RPG : 2.43MB : Instructions
There really isn't much to do or to see yet. If you want an RPG, I would go with Dino Trigger and Fight to the Finish instead.


-Been a LONG Time...
Wow, it's been like forever since I last updated. I'm very sorry; I've been extremely busy since I started school on September 2.

Well, we've got a new feature for the Downloads section. If this doesn't help you to make good levels, I don't know what will. stripe has started something called the "Butt Ugly Level of the Week". Each week, stripe will pick out one level that is really bad and it will be put on the Hall of Shame, as such. My best instincts said not to do this, but I asked around and everybody seemed to find the idea to be interesting and funny. So, you better start making good levels, or else... :-) For future reference, you can find a link to the Butt Ugly Level of the Week at the top of this page.

btw, I've still got another 1000 submissions to post, so don't worry about your stuff not being here. =)

September 1, 1999
Single Player
- JazzTrek: The Level Pack by Sjazz : 4 Levels : 57.5KB : high **
Based upon the JazzTrek stories on Jazz 2 Stuff.. sort of...
- Final Fantasy Jazz Demo by Son of Jazz : Pack (2 Levels) : 553KB : high **
It is original, and yet it needs *more*... I'm sure that the final version will be worthy of ***. I have no idea how this pack compares to the real Final Fantasy games.
- KingPin Level Pack 1 by KingPin : Pack (8 Levels) : 643KB : ***
Very cool. Most of the levels aren't ***, but I graded it a little higher cause there's so many good levels.
- Speedy's Junglebattle by Speedy : 6.07KB : low ***
The trigger zone event is showed off and both the design and eye candy are pretty good.
- Tube Paradise by Iron Eagle : 65.2KB : high **
The eye candy on layer 4 is good. There isn't much on the other layers though.
- Paradise World by Son of Jazz : Pack (4 Levels) : 418KB : **
Needs more eye candy on all layers. Overall design is ok.
- 3D Blast by JJ Tublear : Pack (3 Levels) : 588KB : low **
The levels look great, but it's extremely easy to make levels using the 3D Battle tilesets. Thus the low **.
- Hotel Orion by MegaMewtwo : 102KB : high *
Nothing to brag about here.
- 800x640 Background by Boggy B : 502KB : Preview
It's not Jazz 2 related, but it is nice looking and not annoying, in my opinion.
- Jazz 2 Info by Allan : Program : 14.5KB
Gives you tons of Jazz 2 tips, most of which from the J2C ToD's.
- FLC to J2V Converter : Program : 93KB
Converts .flc movies to .j2v, the format used for Jazz 2 cinematics. You are restricted to either calling the file intro.j2v or ending.j2v, so be sure to make a backup of the original cutscenes.
- Jazz 2 Un-Install Aid : INF (Setup Information) file : 1.29KB
If you deleted Jazz 2 and can't reinstall the game, use this to fix the problem. It will remove all Jazz 2 components from your registry. Right-click the file and choose Install from the menu.
- Jazz 2 1.23 Patch (Shareware Version) : 857KB
I should have posted this a year ago. oh well, better late than never. :)


-Broken Links
Allan, JJ Tublear, PrOtoMaN X, The Hye Circus and others found these:

- Airship by Pikachu! (Tileset )
- Fight to the Finish by Elias FF - RPG (actually, the link worked but the zip file was corrupt)
- MOD Plug (MP3 Player)

-Was I Too Harsh?
Sorry if I came on too strong when I posted my level "tips" a few days ago. It's just that I don't have much free time during the school year and I don't want to be wasting time posting 1-star levels. :-)

-Help Needed With RPG Maker 95
JJ Tublear is having problems with RPG Maker 95. (the program used to make "Dino Trigger" and "Fight to the Finish") If you think you can help him, send a message to

-LN Release Date
iCeD JPL has estimated that it will take another 12 months to finish Lord Nux. (You've gotta wonder how many of his beta testers will still be around a year from now. ;)

Speaking of beta testers... iCeD would like to apologize to Arazi for forgetting to metion him in his final beta tester list.

While Lord Nux is under production, iCeD will also be working on a CTF level called "Volcano".

-Unofficial Jazz 3 Update
JJ Tublear still needs help with his upcoming pack named "Jazz Jackrabbit 3". You can volunteer for any of the following parts, except for the Holiday Hare levels. JJ Tublear is doing those. You can also ask for a beta testing job.

- Holiday Hare Part: Uses HH98, 95 & 94 tilesets
- Jazz 2 Part:
* Episode 1: Uses Castle, Castle Night, Carrotus, Carrotus Night, Science1, Science2 & Science3 tilesets
* Episode 2: Uses Colony, Colony Night, Wonderland, Wonderland Night, Beach & Beach2 tilesets
* Episode 3: Uses Diamondus, Diamondus Night, Tubelectric, Tubelectric Night, Medivo & Medivo Night tilesets
* Episode 4: Uses Jungle, Jungle Night, Hell, Hell 2, Inferno & Inferno 2 tilesets
- TSF Part: You obviously need the full version of the game to help out in this area.

I personally wouldn't structure "Jazz 3" so much like Jazz 2 since that's pretty unoriginal, but...

August 27, 1999
Single Player
- Easter Elves by Ninja Dodo & Jaws : 6.81KB : high **
This got 3rd place in Project 2's level contest. The eye candy is pretty good; the difficulty is easy.
- Hasj by Snake : 1.68KB : high *
It's just one of those enter- the- correct- warp- to- get- to- the- next- room- and- if- you- enter- the- wrong- warp- you- get- thrown- back- to- the beginning- or- onto- spikes levels. :)
- Try If You Must V1.0 by The Hye Circus : Pack (12 Levels) : 110KB : *
All of the levels are very poorly edited versions of official levels.
- Knites & Rabbits... by DjBlade : 1.96KB : **
Looks pretty nice and the design is ok. On the other hand, there are too many power-ups.
- Disco by cc Orango : Hotel/Clan level : 98.8KB : high *
It's a little more original than most hotel levels, but it still needs a ton of work. The eye candy can be improved, none of the events respawn, etc.
- The New Pipe Maze by Spaznukemujp : 2.73KB : high *
It's not actually a maze level, but it's about as good as a typical maze level.
- Cannibal Land by CannibalBob : 39KB : ***
Very large and great looking; plenty of eye candy and a great background. Good job!


-The Law
Level quality, as always, isn't as great as I would like it to be. If everybody would follow these simple rules, we would have much better levels:

- ALL levels MUST use ALL 8 LAYERS. I promise there is not a single tileset that doesn't allow you to use all of the layers.
- ALL levels MUST be worked on for at least 1 week. That means at least 7 days of work. A good level should be worked on for AT LEAST 15 hours. Yes, 15 HOURS.
- ALL levels MUST be tested by AT LEAST 2 other people who are competent in finding problems. ALL levels MUST also be tested by yourself. In fact, you should spend more time beta testing than creating the level. I am NOT kidding.
- ALL levels MUST have something new and creative in them.
- I do NOT want ANY kind of level updates. I've rarely had a *** level that had an update. Do NOT rush your level just so people can download it. No offense, but that makes NO sense at all. Rushing your level and getting * gets you only a few downloads. Spending time on your level and getting *** will result in perhaps hundreds of downloads. Which do you want? (Note: I do not consider full versions of demos to be level updates, but I do expect both the demo and full version to be flawless)

A final, important FACT:

Wakeman dose NOT give levels bad ratings. YOU give levels bad ratings when YOU decide not to spend time on it, when YOU decide not to use all 8 layers, when YOU decide not to have people beta test it, and when YOU aren't creative!

I hope I didn't discourage anybody... I'm just giving you a few tips on level creating. :-)

-Broken Links
BlueIce EE found a couple broken links on his levels:

- Blue's Small Battle Pack by BlueIce EE
- Diamondus Death Wish by BlueIce EE (Battle)

-Rating Change
After further evaluation of Nutken's Crazy Clan Level, I have decided to change the rating from a high * to a low **. I think my frustration with all of those hotel levels affected my grading.

btw, you're dead meat if you send me another one of those hotel levels. :-)

-Episode Music
Ripsaw recently told me that his upcoming level pack will have music from the following bands:

- Marialyn Manson
- Korn
- Fear Factory
- Black Sabbath
- Coal Chamber
- Mettalica
- and more

I can't say that I like that selection, but... :)

August 23, 1999
Single Player
- Shellion's Extreme Revenge by SpazticGPW of MM : Episode (25 Levels) : 3.33MB : high ***
Let's see... perfect eye candy... awesome design... very creative... very long... great difficulty level... HIGH ***... need I say more? :-)
- Let's Rock by Dewo : 253KB : ***
Looks great, is difficult, and it has some interesting aspects. I swear that I've seen this level before though. hmm...
- Underwater Rabbit by Dewo : 8.66KB : low ***
Difficult and very nice looking.
- UZIkonijnen by Mark Marijnissen : 74.4KB : low ***
Plenty of stuff to shoot and collect, which keeps things interesting. I think he went overboard on the weapons though. At one point there were so many animations on the screen that I couldn't fire my gun. They eye candy is perfect.
- Jazz on Mobius by Knux : Episode (10 Levels) : 614KB : **
I really enjoyed playing this, but the eye candy and design could use a lot more work, especially in the Battle level.
- The CrazyClan Level by Nutkens : Hotel/Clan levels : 398KB : low **
I guess you don't really need this if you're not in the CrazyClan.

btw, these hotel levels are really getting on my nerves. Every single one uses the same tileset and every single one looks exactly the same. Can't *somebody* create an *original* hotel level?!?!

- Fight to the Finish by Elias FF : RPG : 3.82MB (23MB when extracted) : Instructions
Created using RPG Maker 95, just like Dino Trigger. It is very fun. My only complaint it that I think there are too many enemies. The battles become sorta long and mundane after awhile. That set aside, this is great!


-Rabbit Wars
Specs on Rabbit Wars, Roaster's new episode that is gonna be "bigger than QoB, AaRoN's episode, and TSF put together. :)"

- 15 levels with a detailed plot.
- Nearly EVERY event was used for this.
- Incredible Jazz 2 Tricks
- 8 New Tilesets, 15 if you count the darker versions.
- 15 new songs, some by Roaster, some not.
- 9 monthes in the making, Yes, 9 monthes!
- The Final JJ2 work by Roaster.

I've been talking to Roaster about Rabbit Wars, and trust me: It's going to be *awesome*.

The Rabbit Wars webpage is going to be up soon. Roaster needs 5 beta testers. To apply for the job, the person needs to send me a list of every bug they found in JJ2, including event bugs. The top 5 people with the most complete list will get to test.

-Broken Links
Thanks to KillerCarrot, ET & EvilMike for bringing these to my attention:

- Beach Brawl by Jeh (CTF)
- Hell's Angels (ver. 2) by Martin (Battle)
- Udderly Insane by Ice Wolf EE (Tileset )

-RoE & SoY
EvilMike sent in this news:

The full version of The Return of Evil should be released soon. EvilMike has admitted that it probably won't get ***. I'm surprised; most people wouldn't want to admit something like that. :)

Next EvilMike will be creating a level pack called SoY: Spam of Yak. It is designed to make you laugh and give you a good challange but will not make you scream and want to grab an a-bomb and blast your computer like SXR did. (I didn't come up with that; Evil did :)

Want to help? One or two music guys are needed to make music. If you are into art, you can make a new tileset for use in a QoB-like menu. Or, you can do something else if you can think of something... EvilMike just needs proof that you're good.

August 21, 1999
Single Player
- Golf World by The ? : Pack (3 Levels) : 43.8KB : **
I find the main level to be hard to navigate, but it does look sorta cool. This was based off of a battle level so it doesn't fit the Single Player category so well in some areas.
- Black Chasm by SpazRocks : Version 2 : 48.9KB : high **
I said that I would give this a high ** if the tileset problem was fixed in the first level, and it was in this version.
- Guns, Gems and Baddo's by Mr. Dude : 5.27KB : **
Design & Eye Candy: OK; Difficulty: Easy if you enter the correct warp.
- Townhouse Battle by Allan : 6.64KB : high **
There are no events, which can make a level become quite dull. High ** cause it looks great.
- Razz Pack 1 by Razz : 5 Levels : 13.6KB : **
I couldn't play two of the levels because I didn't have the tilesets in my TSF folder. (Remember to always send me custom tilesets and music with your levels!!!) The levels I could play didn't have the greatest design.
- ShanD Pack 2 by ShanD : 80.3KB : 4 Levels : high **
Two of the levels have too many small platforms and not enough big ones. I always encourage having variations in platform size in Battle levels. Other than that, this is very nice.
- Billy's WarParty by Billy Boom : 3.75KB : high **
What he has is nice, but it's sorta small and there is some redundancy in the design.
- The Dragon is on Fire by Rat Killer : 2.47KB : **
The design could be better. As with most Battle levels, it's fiine but there's nothing that sets it apart from all other Battle levels.
- Battle Out! by Mr. Magoo FK : Version 2 : 2.67KB : **
It could still use some work in the eye candy and event departments. Also, is there any purpose in having gems and 1-ups in multiplayer, besides the fact that they could be nice decorations? :)
- Emerald Hills Zone by Ice Wolf EE : 28.3KB : ***
What can I say? It's *awesome*. :-)
- Charmander V2 by Ice Wolf EE : 32.5KB : ***
Exactly the same as the original set except when you use this one you get funky sprite colors.
- Udderly Insane by Ice Wolf EE : 22.8KB : low ***
Now that we have a cow tileset we just need a chicken tileseset and I'll be happy. :-)
- Playstation by Ice Wolf EE : 37.9KB : low ***
It looks great, but I think that it would be hard to make a good level using this. There aren't enough floor, wall and ceiling tiles.


-Broken Links
KillerCarrot and EvilMike found these:

- LeSmashy Tileset Pack by LeSmashy & Nuka
- Letters by F. Quist of J2LC (Tileset)
- Mega Battleships 2 by Tor (Single Player)

-Jail Bird
Pikachu needs help with his upcoming level pack called "Jail Bird". The first level is already finished. It is called "The Puzzling UFO". In that level a hidden cop arrests you for speeding. Pikachu needs a tileset that shows the inside of a prison for the following levels. He also needs people to help him create the Prison levels and you can also volunteer to be a beta tester. E-mail him at if you want to help.

-Episode Update
Inside information on Ripsaw's upcoming level pack:

- It has hard to solve puzzles not found in other levels
- It has never-before-seen tilesets by Ripsaw
- It is mainly Single Player but there is also a couple Treasure and Battle
- "It is expected to be one of the best Jazz 2 games EVER made."
- Six months in the making and more to come.

I wish everybody spent 6 months on their levels. :-)

-Lord Nux Updated
Production of Lord Nux is going good. iCeD JPL has a killer beta testing group:

- Fquist MERC of J2LC
- Roaster MERC
- Talec LP
- Disguise GPW
- Baeauman
- Xeno A.K.A. Ghaleon GPW (sp?)
- Biohazard
- Black Ninja
- Martin
- Spazie

The LN demo should be ready in a month or two. Here is an updated list of LN features:

- 8+ Single Player levels
- Some 12 or 13 MP levels
- A creative, long, QoB like and very fustrating challenge! (Wakeman doesn't like the "very frustrating" part :)
- Everything you can expect from an awesome episode!

A note to beta testers: If you did not receive an e-mail from iCeD JPL about testing, e-mail him at

-Level List
A list of levels for Rastus' upcoming pack:

1. Practice
2. Laser Adventure
3. The Security Base
4. Turtle Base
5. The Bad Generator
6. In Search of Santa
7. In search of Santa 2
8. Planet Phoebe
9. Dragon Attack
10. Feeding Frenzy
11. Colour Spasm
12. Create Kingdom
13. Cave Crave
14. Le Climb Le Smash
15. The Micro-Problem
16. Tiny Town
17. Create Kingdom 2
18. Cold Spike of Ouch
19. Level 19
20. Building Site
21. Cold Spikes of Ouch 2
22. Carrot Stew
23. The Final Splash

August 18, 1999
Single Player
- The Great Puzzle by Biohazard UOI : 11.2KB : low ***
This level is different from other puzzle levels I've played. It didn't get me frustrated when I played it. However, lack of frustration also means lack of difficulty, although I still found it to be challenging.
- Cold Spikes of Ouch 2 by Rastus : 149KB : low **
To tell you the truth, this would almost work better as a race level. :)
- The Final Battle by Philip : 22.2KB : low **
Eye candy needs lots of work, not very difficult.
- MaTRiX-BaTtLe by XC & Yves : 3.86KB : **
I guess this is based on the Matrix movie, but I'm not completely sure since I've never seen it. They eye candy is interesting, but it's a small level with few features besides the scenery.
- Jazzing Jungle by Distruct : 193KB : low ***
Very well designed. Looks great.
- Biohazrdous Shoreline by Biohazard UOI : 8.44KB : low ***
Looks nice and this is the first level I have seen that has a chat room where nobody can be roasted..
- Motley Pack by Motley : 2 levels : 37KB : **
Too many weapon power-ups and some items respawn too quickly; eye candy is ok.
- South African Tag by Disguise GPW & Distruct : Tag level : 193KB : **
I didn't know how to go about grading a tag level, so I just gave it a solid **. This is almost like a maze, but it is much easier to navigate.
- Sonic Returns by JJ Tublear : Pack (6 levels) : 12.3KB : low **
Too many powerups in many levels, some levels seem more like Race levels, etc.
- Battle Pack by Whiteout : 2 levels : 45.3KB : low **
The design could use some work, but the eye candy is ok in many parts.
- Battle Out! by Mr. Magoo FK : Mr. Magoo FK : 1.93KB : low **
Everything needs work. I don't like the placement of the coins and I don't think the shields were needed.
- Mean Green CTF by Opar : 8.16KB : ***
Awesome design and eye candy; great placement of bases. It seems like all of the best CTF levels - like this one - use the Diamondus tileset, doesn't it?
- Renko's Racepack by Renko : 16.8KB : low **
Everything is so-so.
- Battery Check UFO version by The NEW spaz : 21.1KB : ***
It's darker and more blue than the original Battery Check tilesets. I personally think it looks better.
- Tileset Palette for PSP by The NEW spaz : 2.85KB
I can't view this file myself, but you should check it out if you want to create a tileset using PSP.


-Unofficial Jazz Jackrabbit 3
JJ Tublear GPW TA RS MB Pokemon (hehe, that's a long name :) is making a large level pack called Jazz Jackrabbit 3. I wouldn't call it that, but...

It's been broken into 3 parts:

1. Jazz Jackrabbit 3: Evas capture
2. Jazz Jackrabbit 3: Evas rescue
3. Jazz Jackrabbit 3: Devan steals the Clockmand Diamond

Part 1 will be using Jazz 1 tilesets, Part 2 will be using Jazz 2 and Holiday Hare tileset and Part 3 will be using TSF tilesets.

JJ Tublear needs help in the following areas:

1. Level Making
2. Tileset Fixing
3. Beta Testing

If you would like to help, email JJ Tublear at

-Level Contest
Atmcdragon is holding a contest to find the 6 best single player levels. The six winners will be awarded with their own picture and battle level created by Atmcdragon and will also have a chnace to join the secret ELITE fighters. Send your entries to

-Solo Island Pack
Outlaw UOI is working on a battle pack that will consist of a jungle island level, a futuristic island level and another typical battle on an island. What is an "island"? Well, a real island would be surrounded by water. These levels are surrounded by warps. Of course, since it's a 2D environment only the bottom of the level has warps. Anyway, these Solo Island levels should be released relatively soon because Outlaw would like to have them ready before the Dreamcast is released. I think you can figure out why... :)

I would like to apologize to KillerCarrot for posting his name as "Killer Carrots" when I posted his Battle level on the 6th.

August 17, 1999
Single Player
- Mission Uncrossible by Spy : Single/Battle/CTF/Treasure/Race : Episode/Pack (21 levels) : 1.47MB : ***
The best thing I've seen since Another Story. Check it out!!
- Laser Adventure by Rastus : 207KB : high **
Very long and great eye candy.
- Operation: Clone Killer 2 by Kovu : Pack (3 levels) : 41.5KB : high **
Nice looking and pretty good difficulty, but it doesn't have anything that we've never seen before.
- Fly Away Home Demo by Black Ninja : 1.21MB : low **
Needs better eye candy and there aren't many enemies. However, Black assured me that the full version would be totally different. Click here to download the level without the 7th Legion music or Mez tilesets. (3.38KB)
- The Pyramid by Brutus : 10.9KB : high **
Weapons are well placed; very good design.
Treasure Hunt
- Springboard Mountain by Felix aka Warlord : Pack (2 levels) : 31.1KB : ***
It looks awesome. My only complaint is I think it could have used a few more gems. An updated version of Aquatic Dungeon 2 is also included.
- A Long, Shcoking Race! by Austin Brown : 5.75KB : low ***
Good length and nice challenges. There's enough things to do to keep you busy, but not so many that you have to slow down a lot.
- LN's Laugh by iCeD JPL : WAV file : 833KB
A sample of Lord Nux's evil laugh.


**Anything submitted on or after August 8 has not been posted yet. So, please do NOT e-mail me asking why your levels haven't been posted. Also, I am no longer accepting level submissions over ICQ, even if your e-mail is not working. I have good reasons, so don't complain. :)**

-TimberWolf's Mini-Level Contest
TimberWolf wants all you Jazz and Spaz fans out there to send him your mini-levels.  What's a mini-level?  A mini-level is created when layer 4 is only 20-25 tiles tall and wide.  Send your mini-levels to and you might be the next player TimberWolf makes a level for! The 5 participants with the best mini-levels will get their own personal mini-level pack!  Everybody who participates will get their level put in a min-level pack.

The Rules-

*If you passworded your mini-level(s) send the password so TimberWolf can check it out.
*Don't put any cussing in text.
*The contest ends August 26 (hopefully it will end later because it took me such a long time to get this posted :)

Good Luck!

August 11, 1999
Single Player
- Christmas in Chaos: Devan's Toys by Son of Jazz : Episode (3 Levels) : 390KB : low ***
Long, fun levels.
- Black Chasm by SpazRocks : Version 2 : 48.9KB : **
It probably would have been high ** if I would have had the tileset for the first level. :)
- Frostbitten by Seth Heyer : 2.4KB : low **
The eye candy isn't especially good; difficulty is good.
- Relm of Rabid Rabbits by Shw RR : 9.16KB : ***
The trigger zone event was used nicely and the scenery is great.
- Cool Battle Arena by Son of Jazz : Pack (3 Levels) : 631KB : high **
Small, but very nice levels.
- HazardDAWG's Ship by HazardDAWG : 6.7KB : **
Interesting in some ways, but I think it could have been organized better.
- Select and Fight! by Ronin : 4.51KB : high *
Before entering the Battle arena you get to choose what weapons you want. Unfortunately, the eye candy isn't too great.
- Battle Pack 1 by Brandon : 6 Levels : 628KB : *
Too many shields; most of the eye candy doesn't fit together correctly...
- Another Maze by Mr. Magoo FK : 2.63KB : *
You guys should already know what I think of mazes...
Treasure Hunt
- Garden Gemz by Son of Jazz : 4.76KB : ***
Good placement of gems; great eye candy.
- Gold Rush '99 by Son of Jazz : 29.1KB : high **
Includes most of the usual tricks and traps and more..


-Broken Links
Thanks to iCeD JPL and Dethman for finding these broken links:

- Bio3 (ver. 2) by Biohazard (Tileset)
- Bio3 by Biohazard (Tileset)
- The Life in the Sewer by Icegrame (CTF)
- Jazz 2 Shareware
- TSF Demo

August 7, 1999


August 6, 1999 (2nd Update)


-Top 100
The top ten was getting boring because it barely ever changed. So, I made it into a Top 100. :)

Click here to see if your level has been one of the top hundred levels on J2C.

Note: Please keep in mind that this is the Top 100 since March 6 of this year, not the Top 100 of all time.

August 6, 1999
Single Player
- Puzzles n Lizards by The ? : 75.9KB : high ***
Creative, nice looking and very fun. This is the kind of level that I like to see. :)
- Blox World by PrOtOmAn X : 137KB : high **
I always love playing levels that use Jazz 1 tilesets, especially when they're as good as this one.
- Pikachu Land by ??? : 65.3KB : **
An unfinished level. So, you can edit it if you want...
- The Quest for the Diamond by Atmcdragon : Pack (4 Levels) : 13.8KB : low **
The first few levels are ok, even if they do have too many carrots, but you get stuck in a wall when you enter the last level. I can't figure it out. The two beta testers that were mentioned in the readme must have been asleep when they tested this cause I don't see how they could have missed such an obvious problem. =)
- Hath Warp by ??? : 75KB : low **
Small and simple.
- Gadget Zone (Demo) by ??? : 78.2KB : low **
I don't think this one was even beta tested.
- Castle of Darkness by Nemesis AD : 3.67KB : **
Very good, but nothing I haven't seen before.
- Killer Carrots by KillerCarrot : 3.87KB : high **
Good design and placement of events, except there's too many powerups in the coin warp.
- SPRINGS! by WhiteOut : 5.66KB : **
Its design is like a layout of a hotel level, but it's not a hotel level..
- The Lost Flag by The NEW spaz : 96.5KB : low **
Can be difficult to navigate; the tileset could have been used better.
- Flag Rabbit by Haze Hackrabbit : Pack (5 Levels) : 343KB : ***
Includes 4 versions of Flag Rabbit and one "hockey" level. Very good.
- No More Mr. Nice Rabbit... by Haze Hackrabbit : 140KB : ***
The Jazz 1: Deckstar tileset was used very well.
- Torture Castle by iCeD JPL : Version 2 : 5.33KB : low ***
A couple minor changes bumped this to a low ***, but I'm still a little skeptical...
- CTF Pack by Talec LP : 4 Levels : 236KB : **
Locating the CTF bases is a little more difficult than I would wish and one of the levels is an obvious copy of Under Siegeness. That set aside, this is a good pack that could just use a little more work.
- Fantasy World by The Killer : 166KB : ***
- Cats by Supercat : 29KB : **
It has cats. And it is super. hmm... :)


I'm sorry for the infrequent download updates. I've been very busy with many other things. I'll try to keep these maintained better in the future.

Obviously, I've added the news from June and July into the Archives. The links to the archives from October 1998 to now are at the bottom of this page.

Also, I've still got 12 level submissions and a bunch of level news to post, so don't freak out if you don't see your levels listed above. :)

-Tilesets Wanted
Slash is looking for tilesets that are inside of a UFO for use in his upcoming ID4 level pack. So far he has finished the abduction part. He is also looking for somebody to help him with his Hotel Orion level. You can contact Slash at

-Jazz on Mobius Upgrade
DeraldSny (der) is currently working on version 1.5 of hid Jazz on Mobius levels, which will:

- Have two different endings
- Be playable with both JJ2 and TSF (Lori can play)
- Have 5 levels
- Feature appearances of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles

Click here if you would like to help beta test.

Der is also working on a new level pack...