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November 26, 1999
Single Player
- The New Jazz Jackrabbit 2 by Team Rabbit HO : Episode (27 Levels) : 405KB : high ***
Simply put: It's awesome and you should definitely download it. :-)
- Clan Wars: Special Edition by ShadowGpW : Pack (3 Levels) : 258KB : ***
Exceptionally good levels. Shadow upholds the Mystic Legends good name well. The third level requires TSF.
- Lost World, the fall by Ninja Dodo : 143KB : low ***
It takes place on more of a vertical plane instead of a horizontal one, which is something we don't see very often. That reason alone makes it unique.
- Unfinished Tilesets by The NEW spaz : 7 sets : 77.4KB
New Spaz is no longer making tilesets. So, he decided to release all of the sets that he never completed.


-Slight Rating System Change..
I'm going to start rating levels more harshly. Why? Just look at the ratings people have been receiving recently and you'll understand. I am truly not being overly generous. You guys are just coming out with tons and tons of awesome levels! I've never seen anything like this. Keep them coming!

For those who don't know, Rabbits Only has a Tileset of the Year contest going. It started at the end of October and voting will begin on December 1st. So, if you haven't sent in your tileset yet, send it in quick!

November 24, 1999
Single Player
- Agt Jackrabbit (Full Version) by Bartman : Episode (18 Levels) : 1.37MB : ***
There's some pretty creative stuff, as you know if you've seen the demo. I think it's worth checking out.
November 22, 1999

Get Your Levels Posted in Less Than 2 Days!
Really? Yes. On suggestion from Captain Spam, my brother, Brian, etc, I have started an Unrated Levels page. Basically, I'm dumping all levels I receive onto the server and listing them on that page. Then I will go through the list and individually rate each one as I always do. This just allows your levels to be up right away instead of haivng to wait up to a month. The list also allows you to see how many levels need to be rated before I get to your submission. Tell me what you think.

November 20, 1999
Single Player
- Jungle Trouble by Spy AD : 207KB : high ***
The rating says it all. I figure this is the only level I need to post today since everybody will download it. :)


-Downloads are Back!
We had quite a long downtime during the server switch. It was because of the messed up CGI in the Top Ten. Now, thanks to DethMan, everything is fixed and you should be able to download levels again. However, the Top Ten will not be coming back. It has been very screwed since J2C was deleted. It was never very accurate anyway. Hopefully we can at least get the Butt Ugly Level of the Week back in business, although I'm going to advice stripe to change it to the Butt Ugly Level of the Month.

November 13, 1999
Single Player
- Bunny Egg by Daan Hoekstra : 8.74KB : low ***
Very fun, despite the fact that it's easy.
- Battle on the Mountains by Andy & Speedy : 430KB : **
This is actually a nice looking level, but it uses a new tileset that doesn't have much to it.. you'll see what I mean.
- Warzone by Shifty Jack : 51.5KB : high **
Just a little more eye candy and a little less monotony and this level may have qualified for low ***.
- The New Battle Game (2) by SpazNukemUJP : Hide & Seek : 7.62KB : high **
For those who don't know, playing hide & seek in Jazz 2 involves turning off your names in a Battle game and hiding from the person who is "it". If you are shot by the rabbit who is "it", you will become "it". I've never played a game of hide & seek on Jazz 2 before, but it sounds interesting.
- Battle Out 2 by Mr. Magoo : 4.59KB : **
Just needs a better design. It's a little mundane in certain areas.
- Return of the Jedi by The Jedi : Pack (3 Levels) : 10KB : **
The last level is sorta fun. The first two - especially the second one - need some more work.
- Dragon Ball Z by JJ Tublear : 23.3KB : **
Uses a new tileset by Ultra Vegeta. It has a hotel-like layout which I don't especially like.
Treasure Hunt
- Coin Chase by Computer Nerd : 6.8KB : low ***
Great design and eye candy and it's unique in the fact that you can't even get to the gems until you collect enough coins to go into the coin warp. The only potential problem is that the coins don't respawn, so you may get into a situation where nobody can get into the coin warp.
- SPYSET by Spy AD : 70.1KB : ***
A *sweet* set. I can't believe he drew the whole thing by hand. My only complaint is now I'll probably get even more hotel levels. ;)
- Xenotile1 & FF2 by Xeno : 158KB : high **
Includes a Final Fantasy 2 tileset that was converted to .j2t by ET and another block-type tileset.
- JC by cc Jazz JC : 13.1KB : high **
(In this case, JC stands for Jazz Clan - not Jazz Central) Nothing wrong with the set that I can see. In fact, it looks pretty good.


All levels I received before Oct. 31 have been posted. All levels submitted in November have not been posted. You don't need to contact me asking why your submission hasn't been posted. I know it is taking a long time for me to do the Downloads. I am doing my best. Only contact me if you think you submitted your level before Oct. 31 and it hasn't been posted. Thanks

November 10, 1999
- Battle Stuff by Evil Bluez : Pack (3 Levels) : 1.37MB : ***
The best battle levels I've seen in a long time. You definitely want to check them out.
- DevIll 3D by Flower Girl (formerly DevIll) : Pack (3 Levels) : 531KB : low **
All of the levels that use the 3D Battle tilesets look basically the same. Since it doesn't take much time at all to construct one of these levels, I didn't think she should get more than low **.. not necessarily because they're bad levels, but rather because it didn't take much effort to make them.
- Mumbo Jumbo CTF by Electric Ir : 5.5KB : high **
There seems to be something awkward about it that I can't quite put my finger on.. oh well; still a good level.
- Africa by Disguise GPW : 212KB : ***
There's tons of stuff you can do with this set. View the example levels to see what I mean.


I should probably make a note that a lot of this news was submitted quite awhile ago, so who knows how valid it is anymore. ;)

-Episode Super Pack
Bartman is working on a new "episode super pack" with a great storyline. In fact, half of the pack will be movies. (not completely sure what that means..) A demo should be released soon. The story:

Jazz and his lovely wife Eva have been together for a long time, solving mysteries and cracking Devans plans, but it all came to an end when Eva was kidnapped! Now Jazz and Spaz must save Eva; without her, Jazz and Eva will lose their minds. While speaking to her on his communicator, Jazz learns that Devan is going back in time to get revenge on Carrotus.

Bartman is also still working on Agt Jackrabbit. J2C posted a *** demo of the awesome episode awhile back. You can download it here. (550KB)

-Sega Pics
If any of you want pics from Sega games to make a tileset, just e-mail Zapman and tell him which game and what parts of the game you want pictures from. This example has pics from Rampage, California Games, Sonic, Sonic 2, Sonic Chaos, and Winter Olympics. (250KB)

November 9, 1999
Single Player
- Single Player Episode by GI Dark Infa : Episode (7 Levels) : 1.36MB : low ***
The eye candy in the beach level is a little messed. Other than that, it's awesome. Very fun. :)
November 7, 1999
- Tileset Pack by Ice M A N : 4 tilesets : 545KB : ***
Pure awesomeness. Includes updates to the Cool Day/Night tilesets and a new set: Blasteria.
- Stan Version 1.5 by The NEW spaz : Version 1.5 : 11KB : high **
This is an update to The NEW spaz's first tileset, and it is also his last tileset. It's too bad that he has decided to quit making sets, but you can still download about 15 of his tilesets at J2C.


-Broken Link
Thanks to whoever/whatever submitted these. :)

- Agent Aziz's Battle Pack (Old Levels)
- mod2j2b

-Digimon Tileset Still Needed..
Brandon says he'll make a *** Battle level if you make/send him a Digimon tileset. =)

November 6, 1999
Single Player
- Rescue Eva by Dewo : 84.3KB : ***
w00! Awesome eye candy and design and it's quite challenging.
- Single Player Pack by Jaws : Pack (5 Levels) : 273KB : high **
Two of the levels require TSF. Eye candy could use some improvement. I like the frog level.. it's always interesting to try and navigate a level without being able to shoot.
- Race 2 - Down Underworld by Darth Vadar : 2.96KB : **
It's easy until you get to the bosses. Pretty cool.
- Area 6 by Orion GPW : 672KB : **
I don't highly recommend it, but there's really nothing wrong with it.
- Construction Zone by Zapman : 24.6KB : **
Same comment as above.
Treasure Hunt
- Burning Burgulars by Disguise GPW : 6.17KB : ***
I recommend this level. Me likes.
- Out In The Light by Aaron : 45KB : high **
There are enough tiles to make a pretty good level. As always, check out the preview to see if you like it.
- ETbridge by ET : Example Level : 1.25KB
ET discovered a way to get back up when you fall off the screen - use a bridge. This level shows you how it works.


-Testers Needed
Zapman needs some peope to beta test his new level pack. He isn't going to release many details yet, but he did tell me that Greenkiller made the tileset and it is based on an old game...

November 5, 1999
- Level Pack by Mr. MagooFK : Battle/Single : Pack (3 Levels) : 12.6KB : **
I think this is a re-release of a few old levels.. includes a neat MCE level and a (very frustrating :) maze level.

Why haven't I been updating? It's really quite simple: last week was the end of the quarter and I had so much to do that I was doing homework from when I got home to when I went to bed. Now I'll have more time to post levels. (yay!) I'm just too tired tonight to do more than one.
November 2, 1999
Single Player
- Temple Raid by Rumbo Rabbit : Pack (3 Levels) : 9.28KB : high **
It focues a little more around strategy than just killing enemies, which is always nice, and some of the eye candy is pretty cool. My only complaint is that some of the warp targets are in bad places. Remember: never put a warp target next to a wall.
October 31, 1999
- Bottie Smasher by Shenny : 4.12KB : high **
Not perfect, but overall I really can't complain. You can't complain either because I am actually updating the Downloads everyday. Hey, one level is better than nuttin.
October 30, 1999
Single Player
- Single Player Pack by Roelof : Pack (3 Levels) : 691KB : **
I got stuck in a couple walls when I came out of warps, and it's easy. Still enjoyable though.
- XMAS II by Firemen : 4.53KB : **
Some eratic placement of certain things. Found one missing warp target. Other than that, it's ok.
October 29, 1999
Single Player
- Electric Dominating Axon by GI Dark Infa : 5.04KB : low ***
It's fun levels like this that will keep me updating the Downloads. :)


-Broken Links
ET discovered a broken link: A Diamondus Forever by Rachel, Single Player, Old levels. (Not related to the official level.)

October 28, 1999
- Zephoan Land by Boggy B : Background : 769KB
View the preview.
- Jazz Jackrabbit Fans by Icegrame : Jazz 2 Music : 205KB
Fun song. Me likes.
- Jazz 2 Info by Allan : Version 2 : 880KB
A program which displays tons of Jazz 2 tips, most of which from the J2C ToD's.


-New Game Plan
Seeing how the Downloads is one of the most crucial parts of J2C, I gotta do better with updating this. I'm going to work out something.. just wait and see.

hmm.. I don't really need to sleep, do I? ;-)

October 17, 1999
Two days ago I posted theTerminator's "PhilpacK 2". Unfortunately, I looked at the wrong levels and gave it an inaccurate review. The correct review is below. I would like to apologize to theTerminator for this mistake and would like to thank EvilMike for pointing it out.

- PhilpacK 2 by theTerminator : Pack (6 Levels) : 15.3KB : **
Lots o' fun. :)

October 15, 1999
Single Player
- Single Player Pack by Marcel : 164KB : **
Some of the stuff was a little messed, but it was fun, which is the only thing that really matters.
- PhilpacK 2 by theTerminator : Pack (6 Levels) : 15.3KB : **
Lots o' fun. :)
- Uninhabitable Area by Aiko : 6.82KB : high **
No complaints here.
- The Scourge of Cannibal Land by CannibalBob : 205KB : high **
He did a good job using his own tileset. Me likes.
- SMACK DOWN CTF! by Felix : 209KB : ***
Eye candy is superb. Coolness.
- Cheq 3 by Onag : 64.4KB : ***
Ten times better than the original Cheq tileset. Looks great!
- Donut Plains by Onag : 26.8KB : ***
Might be the best Mario tileset I've ever seen. It includes a neat Single Player level.
- Lost World ver. 1.2 by Ninja Dodo & Jaws : 554KB : ***
Niftyness!! The reuglar version of this set can only be viewed in TSF's JCS, but there are two smaller versions for use in either JCS.

Also, check out this cool banner:

- Sonic Adventure Backgrounds sent in by Bartman : 6.52MB (28MB when extracted)
The complete collection of backgrounds from Sonic Adventure, found on the Game CD of America.
- Pikachu Cursors by Brandon : 5.93KB
I don't see why anybody would want to have anything that has to do with Pokemon on their cursor, or anything else on their computer for that matter, but whatever.
October 14, 1999
Single Player
- The Return of the Evil by Warhammer : Pack (4 Levels) : 16.8KB : **
I'm not sure if it's even possible to get thru the pinball level. (at least, I had a lot of trouble with it) Everything is pretty much just so-so.
- Parallel Worlds v1.0 by Jeh : 7.42KB : ***
One half of the level is the same as the other half, except for differences in eye candy and weapons. It isn't really a new concept, but we're familiar with seeing this in CTF levels. Total coolness, Jeh!
- DooMeD 4 EveR by Giant GPW : 5.77KB : high **
Giant did a nice job on this one. Maybe a little more eye candy in the foreground and background would be nice though.
- Underground Obsession by Tarquin : 109KB : **
Eye candy is ok. Nothing special about the design. I got stuck in the coin warp room.
- The Amazon by Robospaz : 188KB : low **
The level is basically one long platform. I am biased toward varied platforms. (I hope Roaster isn't reading this. :)
- Hotel Pack by Gavie : 64.8KB : Hotel/Battle : Pack (3 levels) : low **
I think this is the first time I almost fell asleep while playing a level submission. :-)
- Bongo Bongo CTF by Jeh : 8.5KB : ***
In case you forogt: Jeh always makes perfect levels. :) This has been a popular level online recently.
- The Small But Nice CTF Pack by iCeD JPL : Pack (10 Levels) : 14.5KB : **
He did well with the "Small" part. He just needs to work on the "Nice" part. ;)
- Tileset Pack by Midnight : 3 Tilesets : 103KB : ***
Awesome sets! Tons of detail. If you *have* to make another one of those dreaded Hotel levels, try making one using the School set in this pack. At least it will be original.


-Been a long time..
Dethman got me going on the Downloads again. I'm making it my top priority. If all goes well, all downloads that have been submitted in the last month should be up very soon, and I hope to start updating the Downloads a lot more often in the future. We'll see. As I said on the news, I have a life, and it's hard to fit this into it.

-Butt Ugly Level of the Week
Sorry that it took us a month to get a new one up. In the future it won't take that long, assuming that stripe can find a new level every week or so.

Click Here to read about a really bad level! :-)

btw, if you haven't heard, the Butt Ugly Level of the Week stays because the vast majority of the people on the Jazz 2 Stuff poll either liked it or didn't care.

-Top 100 Broken
The Top 100 Downloads stopped working after J2C was deleted. Not only that, but we lost a lot of data, so it will inaccurate if we can get it back up. Therefore, is it really worth putting it back up at all?? I'll contact Harmless about it soon...

-Digimon Tilesets Wanted
Brandon would like ya guys to make Digimon tilesets for his upcoming Battle pack. Send 'em to

-Broken Link
Talec LP discovered that the link to Queen of Board by DethMan on the Old Levels page was broken, among other things. Thanks, Talec!