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Top Ten Downloads

March 30, 1999
- Invisiblox by I.T.F.O.M. : Tileset : 145KB : **
I especially like the cool background in this one.
- Laser Adventure by Rastus : Single Player : 128KB : ***
I really enjoyed this level for some reason that I can not quite ascertain.. But there sure are a lot of carrots.
- City by Taylor Brock : Tileset : 17KB : *
Half of the tileset just says "Tileset by Taylor Brock," but it really isn't that bad. Anyway, you'll have fun trying to figure out why Jazz has purple fur when he plays in the example level. =D
- LJH Battle Pack by Lau Jey Han : 11.3KB : **
These really are cool levels; check it out. One of the levels requires a tileset I don't have, so I can't guarantee you will have it either.
- Wondering how to make that cool trick from the Mario 64.5 level? Well, Nitro figured it out:

"What you do is surround the area with stop enemies and have walls at where they are. Put Devan (robot boss) on the right side at the right side of the wall. Then put the Bubba boss (enemies: end bosses: bubba) on the left side somewhere. Remember to put in an activate boss trigger. It's hard to understand, so I have an example level you can use to follow."

Wakemans note: In the example level, go by the lower right corner of the battle field and activate the laser shield. (type "jjshield" 4 times) Shoot at Devan and watch the fun occur. :)

March 29, 1999
- The "Axis" tileset has been deleted off of the server for reasons I will not go into.
- Out of Ammo by klrlICEMAN : Battle : 1.33KB : *
Not an innovative level at all, but that doesn't mean that you won't enjoy it..
- Jazzing and Spazing by ||JJ|Penguin & JJ Yoyo Simba : Battle : 3.42KB : **
It's different in many ways but has quite a few downfalls.
- Click here to see an awesome ad for AstroniA's and Maytrex's upcoming project: Jungle Jeopardy.

- Black Ninja is making a level pack that includes:

*1 Battle level,
*About 6 Single Player levels
*Tons of secretz,
*Rad music and tilesets
*Much more!

- Elias FF would like some help making new levels. You can download bitmaps of Elias' newest tileset here.

March 28, 1999
- Heck On Ice by Charge : Version 2 : Battle : 6.04KB : **
The missing warp target is fixed, unleasing a good Battle level.
- Save the Carrotus by Blood CCL & Ice Heka : Single Player : 4.92KB : **
Fun level, but the eye candy needs some work.
- Marioland 64.5 by Defalcon : Single Player : 44.3KB : **
Maybe this isn't the best single player level, but everybody needs to download it. Why? Well, there's the strangest thing I've ever seen in it.
Once you get to the boss, go close to the Devan with the remote control. There will be a countdown on the screen and a Jazz will run across the screen, followed by a bunch of Jazz's on airboards, which pop out of the ground like the gems in Gem Stomps. The strangest part is that this isn't an MCE, as you can see if you open the level in JCS. I just have no idea...
- More Than Cheeze Wiz by Captain Spam : Race : 7.21KB : ***
The Cap'n has created a decent race level with lots of traps.
- Clone Chaos by Alex Fountain : Single Player episode : 175KB : **
8 levels filled with "clones" of enemies and bosses. There are some interesting objectives, and there's a nice difficulty level.
March 27, 1999
- Crate Kingdom by Rastus : Single Player : 4.7KB : ***
This level scored *** because of its creativity; I've never seen a level like this before. Your goal? Defeat the crate puzzle...
- UnderGround Claustraphobia by JJ Yoyo Simba : Battle : 12.8KB : **
One of the more nicer looking mazes that I've seen. (Hint: Don't destroy the crate..)
- King of Moon by JJ Yoyo Simba : Battle : 2.69KB : **
A nice level in many ways, and one of the first levels that has pinball stuff which doesn't annoy me. ;)
- Nitro Zzone by Nitro : Version 2 : Battle : 5.12KB : **
This one looks quite nice, as the animated background adds a nice effect to it, imho.
- Nitro is making a level called DOOMSDAY. To promote the level, there is a contest that allows you do have your name and any phrase that you choose in the level. E-mail Nitro with your name and phrase if you want to participate. There must be no profanity or sexual slurs.
March 25, 1999
- Single Player Episode by Taylor Brock : **
The levels are difficult, but there's many missing levels. Since all of the levels are supposed to be linked together, the game always shuts down whenever you come across a missing level, which is very annoying.
Download Options:
With all tilesets and music (326KB)
Without old tilesets and music (204KB)
- Da NEW motel NO VACANCY by Gene$rr : Version 3 : Battle : 94.4KB : **
Not exactly a major improvement over the last version. If you want a room in the level, e-mail Gene$rr.
- Windows2 by JO Inca Boy : Tileset : 13.3KB : **
Even better than the original tileset with even more Windows stuff.
- Heck On Ice by Charge : Battle : 6.04KB : **
There's a missing warp target at the beginning, so I'm not sure if you can access the main part of the level. (the ** rating comes from my evaluation of the level in JCS.)
- Sonic1 by Pikachu! : Tileset : 18.8KB : ***
Very detailed set; you shouldn't have any problems making a good level using this tileset.
March 24, 1999
- "Axis: Project 13" has been removed from the J2C tilesets list for reasons I will not go into.
- Nitro Zone by Nitro : Version 2 : Battle : 4.53KB : **
Quite an interesting level, but it could use better eye candy.
- I've had troubles connecting to the J2C server recently, so the levels you've submitted in the last couple days will be posted starting tomorrow.
March 22, 1999
- Beach Mania! by Charge : Battle : 2.47KB : **
Very simple, but very cool.
March 21, 199 (2nd Update)
Top Ten Stuff:

- I finally finished matching all of the .zip names wtih the level and tileset names. So, when you view the Top Ten, all of the entries should have the name and author of the level or tileset. It took me a long time to finish it up because I've been busy with the new Jazz 2 Stuff.

- There are 4 levels on the Top Ten which don't belong there. However, they will be there forever for one simple reason: They're on The Daily Carrot and were linked directly from Jazz 2 City. This gives them a very unfair advantage over all other levels on J2C. Those 4 levels are:

*Carrot Cream by Wakeman
*Operation Clone Killer by Scinex
*Onag's Battle Pack
*PaSTE's City

March 21, 1999
- The Super Greens by Taylor Brock : Battle : 49.6KB : **
Good choice for a tileset, but it seems to be lacking in some areas...
- Storm Eagle : Music file : 63.7KB : N/A
From Mega Man X1; sent it by Daniel Silverstein.
- The Tavern by NeW : Version 2 : Battle : 279KB : ***
Version 2 of a large, awesome tileset with a very nice looking level.
- Da NEW motel NO VACANCY by Gene$rr : Version 2 : Version 3 : Battle : 94.3KB : **
There aren't many differences between this version and the last...
- Shivering Showdown by Onag : Battle : 5.17KB : ***
Awesome design, great eye candy, nice snow storm.
- Christmas in California by Onag : Battle : 3.22KB : **
Great design, but the eye candy could be better. (although I may be asking for too much, if you consider how little eye candy is in the Beach tilesets.)
- Carl's Jungle by Carl V : Battle : 7.39KB : **
Awesome eye candy!
March 20, 1999
- Windows(2) by The New Spaz : Version 1.5 : Tileset : 12.1KB : ***
Very creative; includes everything you need to make a nice-looking Windows level.
- Battle Pack by Shadowlord (formerly ThUnDeRsToRm) : 9.07KB : **
All 3 levels are very cool, which I'm not surprised about sice ThUnDeRsToRm has been creating good levels ever since Jazz 2 came out.
- Blue Flame/Drifting Onwards by Chris Jarvis/Jeffery Lim : Music pack : 540KB : N/A
I couldn't play these two .it files Syntax sent me because I think I deleted the program I used to play .it files. However, I'll assume that they would be good for use in your J2 levels...
- Digital Accent by Syntax : Music : 103KB : N/A
Cool-sounding, original music file for your J2 levels.
March 19, 1999
- Silent Night... In Hell! by Daneil Silverstein : Single Player : 2.55KB : **
The gameplay is ok, but better eye candy is needed throughout the level. This is only a demo for a 15-level episode.
- Da NEW motel NO VACANCY by Gene$rr : Version 2 : Version 3 : Battle : 94.2KB : **
Interesting name, but I think there's too much challenge for a Battle level.
- Opal Wednesday by Gizmo : Single Player : 463KB : ***
Too awesome to describe. (That frog surfing is SO cool... =)
- Labrat Down Under by Warlord : Single Player : 15.2KB : ***
A huge level with tons of secrets and tons of fun. Highly recommended.
- Blackman is making a new episode called: JJ2 WARPED. Info:

- 2 battle lvls (1 is already - in the jazz2city downloads..)
- 2 CTF lvls
- 7 single player lvls

- An amazing storyline
- 3 Secret lvls

If you would like to help beta test, e-mail Blackman at The episode should be released in about a month.

March 18, 1999
- Battle Pack by Spy : 204KB : **
Both levels contain fun aspects, but also iffy areas. Thus, the ** rating. :)
March 17, 1999
- Blackman's Warping Hotel by Blackman : Battle : 12.4KB : **
There are a lot of actions elements, but I think he might have gone a little overboard on some events, especially when it comes to shields. (How can you roast somebody if everybody has a shield all the time? :)
- SpazSaver by F. Quist of J2LC : Screen Saver : 31.8KB : N/A
I was never able to get this screen saver to work, so I can't tell you what it's like. (although F. Quist said it shows Spaz bumping over the screen.) I can't guarantee it will work for you either, but you might as well get it in case it does. Extract the files into your Windows folder.
- There are now almost exactly 1,000 levels on J2C! Coolness! =)

- Coming soon from the creator of Carrotia: the demo of "Jazz in Circles"...

March 16, 1999
- Windows1 by JO Inca Boy : Version 2 : Tileset : 12.5KB : **
Lots of Windows icons and symbols, but it could use more wall, floor, and ceiling tiles.
- Some of the best tilesets ever created are coming out soon! (trust me, I've seen one, and it is good.) Click here for more info.

- If you want a "house" in SJSean's upcoming level, e-mail him at Only 8 more houses are available.

March 15, 1999
- Nightime Magic by Spazattack : Battle : 2.63KB : **
Another nice Diamondus level. :)
- Xeno's Mix 3 by Xeno : Music pack : 435KB : N/A
10 new songs that are cool sounding and go well with Jazz 2 levels. Also, remember to download Xeno's Mix 1 and 2 if you don't have them yet.
- <ET1> by ET : Tileset : 18.9KB : **
Don't let the ** discourage you from getting this set, as it's definitely worth the download.
March 14, 1999
- Cool Day by Ice MAN : Tileset : 39.5KB : ***
One of the largest custom tilesets I've ever seen. You shouldn't have any trouble making a nice level using this set.
- Scavenger Pack by Kaven : CTF pack : 95.3KB : ***
Very good layout for each level, an important factor in CTF levels.
- Heka Generation 1 by Heka : Battle pack : 19.6KB : **
Too many weapons, and the respawn time is way too low. Some levels need better design or eye candy. Overall, they would be great fun. :)
March 13, 1999
- A Battle Fight At Night by Taylor Brock : 122KB : **
There's way to many weapons in some places. Too many weapons makes too many animations on the screen, which doesn't let you shoot.
- Clan Wars by Shadow GPW : Battle pack : 170KB : ***
All 3 levels are very well designed and filled with eye candy.
- Pigiotos Pack by JJ Tublear : Battle pack/Tilesets/music : 921KB : ***
Contains 2 Battle levels, new Pokemon tileset, fixed Exoticus tileset, and a bonus piece of music. The *** rating doesn't come from the Battle levels but rather the Pokemon tileset.
- J2LC Recharge 2 by F. Quist of J2LC : Tileset : 33.1KB : ***
Huge tileset with tons of exotic tiles.
- Green Hills Zone by Ice Wolf EE : Tileset : 12.7KB : ***
A cool Sonic tileset with loads of eye candy. Highly recommended.
March 11, 1999 (2nd Update)
You should no longer have any problems downloading levels. However, if you still experience problems, don't hesitate to tell me. Have fun!
March 11, 1999
- Boggy' s Battle Game by Boggy B : 5.42KB : ***
Why did this level get ***? Well, I don't know why, but I just sorta take a liking to it for some reason. There's something really cool about it that I haven't figured out yet... =)
- Battle Pack by Taomyster : 48.9KB : **
You can't help but love those Battle levels that let you turn into a bird... ;)

If you are one of those few people who are having trouble downloading levels thanks to the Top Ten, I have a solution. If you wanted to download "" below, don't click on the link. Instead, manually type in "/levels/". In other words, use instead of The problem will be fixed soon, so you may just want to wait a tiny bit before downloading anymore levels.

- Click here to see an ad for Ice Wolf EE's soon-to-be-released episode: Turtle Hunter 2000. (this one is quite interesting...)

March 9, 1999
- Pikachu by Icewolf EE : Tileset : 17.6KB : ***
Very creative; I have a feeling that many people will enjoy this tileset. :)
- Clashing Heros Part 2 by Bart : Single Player episode : **
I always have liked Bart's refreshing way of creating levels.
NOTE: You need to have Clashing Heros Part 1 before you play Part 2.
Download Options:
Clashing Heros Part 2 (3.11MB)
Clashing Heros Part 2 without old tilesets and music (2.61MB)
Clashing Heros Parts 1 & 2 (5.81MB)
Clashing Heros Part 1 (2.73MB)
- Everforest Zone by Pikachu! : Tileset : 17.6KB : ***
Another masterpiece from my main tileset maker. :)
- Psych Major by Bloodbunny : CTF : 9.76KB : ***
Words cannot describe the wonders in this level. =)
- Dirty Laundry by Bloodbunny : CTF : 10.7KB : ***
Very awesome, but what can you expect from one of the best level designers of all? This is actually an old level, and same with the other one above.
- The sequel for Jungle Basin Will will be released soon... (that's all I know at this time)

- Click here to see a picture of part of Pikachu's unfinished tileset.

- Operation: Doomsday is only a part of "The evil strikes back" triology. The triology has these  episodes:

Episode 1: Operation: Doomsday
Episode 2: The long way down
Episode 3: Heart of Evil

The triology will include these features:

-Incredible music
-Cool secret levels
-Mind-wrenching puzzles
-A very long and cool story

Currently, SvEiNuNg ThE mAd and AlEkSaNdEr ThE iCeMaN are working on the triology. They hope to release it in June 1999.

- Tobias' episodes have been delayed because his brother deleted all of his levels, including the back-ups...

March 7, 1999
- Nutkens Game by Nutkens : Battle : 2.34KB : *
There is extreme redundancy in the very few tiles that are used. Not very many unique features.
- Carrotia by ??? : Single Player pack : 413KB : **
Inperfect in all areas, but at least it's fun to play. :)
- Diamandusland Day by Supercat : Battle : 2.35KB : *
There's a huge area that only uses the Star block -- never a good idea.
- Krype V2 by The New Spaz : Tileset : 6.71KB : **
Even more tiles...
- CCS Battle Pack by Heka : 217KB : **
3 fun levels with no especially good or bad points.
- Carrottized by CaRRoTs of J2LC : Single Player : 54.7KB : ***
Awesome in every way!! This is the kind of level that I would expect to see on the Top Ten.
- Colonial Chaos by Jordan : Single Player : 3.58KB : *
The start pos. is in a wall (sorta), there's no ending, only 2 enemies, needs better eye candy.
- Casualty Kids Playground by Gwdw, Robo16, & Zapman : Single Player : 2.4KB : **
Needs better eye candy, you can get stuck in a wall after a warp, and it's hard to find the boss. Overall, it got a low **.
- [Dr]Dre@m's first pack is changed; it will not come out on Halloween. Infact, the whole pack has been changed. The name will now be [WarRabbits]: WARFEAR.

The Story: Jazz and Spaz have joined a group of freedom fighters and their first day at work something strange happens. Read the full story in the packs readme file.

The pack will hopefully be realesed Christmas 2000.

[WarRabbits]:Warfear includes:

1)a long,maybe,boring story but still interesting.
2)very,very,very many and very,very,very big levels.
4)Different adventure for each character you are playing.
5)amazing music tracks
6)many secret and bonus levels
7)multiplayer levels including racing,battle,ctf chat everything!

No help is needed at this time.

- TimberWolf cancelled the Houseville 3 for many reasons (Xenocreated the original Houseville), and is making a new level called TimberWolf Hotel If anyone wants a room, e-mail him at  There are two people to a room.

- Click here to see another ad for DanX's Project Iceage.

March 6, 1999
Top Ten UP! - Follow the link above to see the Top Ten Downloads since today. (sorry, it's not the top ten of all time) I'm working on linking zip names with level names, so sometimes you'll see a level name with author and sometimes you'll just see a zip name. Enjoy!
March 5, 1999
- CHAOS!! by Taomyster : Battle : 22.7KB : **
This level really does deserve the name "Chaos" It's jam packed with items and has exploding TNT everywhere. It sorta creates a sense of action. :)
- Chance of Death pack by Aceldama : Battle/CTF : 9.45KB : *
Contains updates for Chance of Death and Chance of Death CTF, plus a new Battle level.
- Ramwar2 by Ram : Battle : 4.55KB : **
Very nice overall, but it would be nice it there were more coins.
- Carl's World by Carl V : Version 4 : Battle : 3.6KB : **
There are some noticeable changes in this version, but not enough. This should be the last update.
- Jungle Fun by Crudman RR (aka Spazattack) : Battle : 1.4KB : *
Very small, but actually pretty cool. :)
- Fortress Battle by Chaosonic : Battle : 46KB : **
Overall this is a great level, but there are many "average" areas and if you go through a certain warp you get stuck in a room with no way out.
March 3, 1999
- Krype V1.5 by The New Spaz (formerly Stan Brone) : Version 2 : Tileset : 5.63KB : **
There's about twice as many tiles. It's worth downloading again.
- Wet Wabbit by Spazattack : Battle/CTF pack : 14.4KB : **
These levels barely deserve the rating I gave them. They could be cool if they had airboards... (you'll see what I mean if you download this)
- Chance of Death CTF by Aceldama : 3.77KB : *
The level is almost exactly the same as the Battle version except that there's obviously CTF bases.
- Chance of Death by Aceldama : Battle : 3.76KB : *
Most areas in this level need a lot more work, but it is playable.
March 2, 1999
- Ramwar1 by Ram : Battle : 4.24KB : **
There's lots of places to visit and lots to do, but the level is lacking in some areas..
March 1, 1999
- Battle Pack by Spazattack : 17KB : **
Most of these levels are good in all respects..
- Royal Roast A Thon by WheatMaster : Version 2 : CTF : 4.3KB : ***
I'm not sure what problems were fixed in this version, but you might as well download it again since it's so cool. ;)
February 28, 1999
- The Tavern by NeW : Version 2 : Battle/Chat/Tileset : 17.3KB : ***
This partly got *** because of the level, and partly because of the great tileset. For more info, visit The War Tavern Support Site.
- Yoshi's Island by Prowler : Tileset : 22.1KB : ***
You haven't seen a good tileset until you've seen this one...
- Seething by LeSmash : Tileset : 18.8KB : ***
- Jazzin' in a Jungle by Roaster : CTF : 5.91KB : ***
A very cool level, I highly recommend it.
- Ramwar Demo by Ram : Battle : 1.93KB : **
There's not much in this level; it's barely deserving of ** (still, it isn't a bad level at all...and I'm sure the full version will be better)
- Paint by Ninja Dodo : Version 2 : Tileset : 322KB : ***
I don't know how he did it, but the sample level for this tileset has totally warped colors. (red gems are green, for example) ...
- Xeno's Mix 2 by Xeno : Music pack : 336KB : N/A
8 brand new, awesome music files!
- Radio Shack by Agent D & Warlord : CTF : 5.38KB : ***
Yet another of Agent D's last levels. This one is very cool; check it out.
- Carl's World by Carl V : Version 3 : Version 4 : 2.73KB : **
I can't see that there are any major updates in this version. So, unless you don't have this level yet, it may not be something you want to download.
- Single Player pack by Taylor Brock : 7.74KB : **
I find the main level to be sort of confusing, but at least it's challenging. :)
February 27, 1999
- Battle (and CTF?) Pack by Agent D : 32.3KB : ***
Agent D is leaving the Jazz 2 community, so he sent me all 11 of the levels he has created. I will miss Agent D very much; not only because he was a great guy, but also because he created such awesome levels.
- CTF/Battle Pack by Syntax : Version 3 : 85KB : ***
There is just a minor change in one of the levels in this pack, but it's so good that it's worth downloading again. :)
- Royal Roast A Thon by WheatMaster : Version 2 : CTF : 4.31KB : ***
An extremely good level with great eye candy and design. Download it now!
- Megamix by Ram : Battle/CTF/Treasure : 4.3KB : **
Some of the stuff is hard to find, but this is still a great level.
- Battle Pack by Ram : 11.4KB : **
A good variety of levels, but some parts could have better eye candy or design.
February 25, 1999
- Carl's World by Carl V : Version 2 : Version 3 : Version 4 : Battle : 2.5KB : **
I think the second version is better than the first in many aspects. Check it out!
- Hank's Team Fortress by Action Hank : CTF : 88.7KB : ***
Extremely creative and very well designed. Trust me, you'll REALLY like this one. =)
- Dragons Lair by ET : Tileset : 40.2KB : ***
This is quite an amazing tileset, considering the fact that it was created in only one day using Paint. :)
- Titanic Demo by Larry Boy : Single Player : 14.9KB : **
This level is sorta annoying. All of the enemies respawn one second after you kill them. Even so, some of you may enjoy the challenge.
- Diamond Orchard by Spazmaster : Battle : 32.2KB : ***
This is simply the most eye candy filled level I've ever seen!
- Prowler Beach by Prowler : Battle : 2.88KB : ***
Lots of eye candy, it looks great.
- Race Tournament Pack by Another Jazz 2 Fan : 177KB : ***
Contains 3 of the largest and best Race levels I've ever played!
- CTF/Battle Pack by Syntax : Version 2 : Version 3 : 85KB : ***
Some minor problems were fixed and there are now CTF bases in each of the 7 levels in this pack.
- You may be wondering why I've been giving out so many *** ratings lately. Well, the reason is simple: They all deserve it. I have NOT changed my rating system at all. There's just been a huge batch of awesomely cool levels lately. =)
February 24, 1999
- Armageddon by Black Ninja : Single Player pack : 273KB : **
Most of these are Boss levels, but there's nothing wrong with that.
- Ghost of Devan by Tor : Single Player episode : 739KB : ***
This is actually an update to Mega Battleships 2, although I think there's some new levels. Although I have trouble figuring out what to do or where to go sometimes, the levels are so cool and creative that I had to give it *** :)
- Lost in the Lab by The Merry Men (Robin Hare & Little Roel) : Single Player : 505KB : ***
Lots of fun with some cool challenges... Includes 4 advertisements for the full version of their upcoming episode. They're in a weird format, but they're pretty cool.
- Interesting fact: There are over 2000 files in my Jazz 2 folder. That includes almost 1000 levels and 83MB of zip files. :) Also, sorry for being so slow about updating the Downloads this week. I'm way behind. I've just been busy with school work.

- Kovu is working on a new level pack (the old one should be out soon) It will be called "Sparkster," another Jazz 2 level pack. It will feature the use of Xeno's Mix music. It will also use LeSmash's Lagamorphs D-Lite Tileset and Martins D.B.B. Tileset And is possible(not certian) that LeSmash will make the tilesets for the levels...

February 22, 1999
- Titanic Battle by Larry Boy : 14.7KB : ***
Very creative and well designed. I very much recommend this level. Includes an updated version of the Titanic tileset.
- CTF Pack by Rachel : 12.2KB : ***
This pack shows Rachel's skill at level designing. These 3 levels probably weren't supposed to go together in one pack, but I decided to be lazy and put them all together. ;)
- Muckamo Monkeys by Rachel : Battle : 1.54KB : **
Small, but sweet.
- Xeno's Mix by Xeno : Music pack : 1.1MB : N/A
12 awesome, never-before-heard music files for you Jazz 2 levels!
- Jazz Blaster Battle! by Hecker : Battle : ** : Download Options -
With "2unlimit" music (245KB)
Without "2unlimit" music (36.6KB)
I love Battle levels like this: The only weapon is the Blaster powerup and there's an abundant supply of fast fire. :)
- Jazz Fair by SJSean : Single Player : 93.5KB : **
This is one of those levels that's hard, but doesn't have many enemies. There's a quite interesting challenge in this one involving swinging vines. Ever since I've played Claw, which has some nice swinging vine challenges, I've wanted somebody to make some sort of challenge using swinging vines in a Jazz 2 level. So far nobody has been able to do it. It's hard cause you can just use Jazz's helicopter ears to get across the entire thing in most levels. Howver, it's a little different this time, as you'll soon see... =)
- Click here to see an ad for Larry Boy's upcoming 3-level-pack : Titanic.
Titanic will feature an updated version of the tileset, brand new music, and 3 (hopefully) big levels.
February 20, 1999
- Damned Jungle by JazzyE : Single Player : 14.9KB : ***
This level has everything in it! We're talking about awe-inspiring eye candy, awesome design, extreme challenge, nerve wrecking puzzles and traps, unending secrets... Don't be left out in the cold. Download now!
- Electric by INnet : Battle : 1.24KB : *
I don't highly recommend this level. The eye candy needs some work and the items don't respawn.
- Warzone by Ice Wolf EE : Tileset : 7.33KB : **
Contains nice eye candy. Be sure to look at the example level.
- Castle Choas by Rachel : Battle : 3.02KB : **
A small, but extremely cool level. (you don't have to make a super large level to impress me :)
- I've finally gotten to talk with Bloodbunny/Harmless. He said he'll be able to finish up the top ten tomorrow. The info I posted yesterday from Rach VIP turned out to be false.
February 19, 1999
- The Maze by JJ Tublear : Battle : 2.93KB : **
There's at least one missing warp target, and, as always, I don't like the idea of having a maze in a level. Still, it works for a Battle level, so I had to give it **.
- Jungle Basin: Saturn Rampage by Patrick Jarvis : 12.5KB : ***
There's tons of tricks, traps, and secrets in this level. I recommend it.
- Little but Fine pack by Electric IR : Battle pack : 523KB : **
Most of these levels are only 24x24 in size. However, I've learned from experience that small Battle levels are often times the funnest Battle levels.
- Immortal Fortress by klrThRaSy : Battle : 6.13KB : **
Pretty good eye candy...pretty good design...pretty good level. :)
- Titanic by Larry Boy : Tileset : 12.3KB : **
It looks simple, but, as the sample level shows, you can make an interesting level using it. Just think: you could make Titanic sink...
February 18, 1999
- Saving Carrottus by Rachel : Single Player : 5.91KB : ***
You definitely want to download this one.
- Jazzin in 3D by Another Jazz 2 Fan : Battle : 102KB : **
Creative and nice looking.
- Battle/CTF Pack by Syntax : Version 2 : Version 3 : 84.8KB : ***
February 17, 1999
- Funky Diamonds by CaRRoTs : Battle : 5.47KB : ***
Extremely nice, highly recommended.
- Bug Killer Capture Pak 2 by Warlord (formerly Bugz) : 9.19KB : **
Good levels...although I can't figure out why there is aqua ice in "Black Ice Battle" ;)
- Jazz on Mobius Levels by DeraldSny : Single Player : 53.3KB : **
Very creative. (Here's a hint: If you want a good rating, be creative...and have good eye candy :)
- Skybase by PhoenixB : CTF : 1.31KB : **
Could use some work in the eye candy area...
- Space CTF & Lost in Space 4 by Larry Boy : CTF/Tileset : 17.2KB : **
Both the tileset and level have many good points. Get this one now!
- Battle Pack by Zandal : 22.3KB : **
Pretty good levels, probably worth downloading.
- Easter Egg Hunt by Charge : Single Player : 8.54KB : **
This is only the demo of Easter Egg Hunt; the full version will be larger. Even so, this is a cool level and is worth downloading right now.
- An updated version of Martin/Eugene's advertisement for Jazz Bond can be found here.

- The tile drive is being extended to the end of March. So, you've still got time to send in your tilesets.

- Another Jazz 2 Fan has taken some screen shots of the Puzzle of the Wierd, one of the ten levels in his upcoming Race tournament pack. A demo may be released soon. Puzzle of the Wierd is not in the demo version.

Screen Shot 1 Screen Shot 2 Screen Shot 3 Screen Shot 4

- Click here to see an advertisement for DanX's upcoming episode - Project: Iceage.

- Blackman has delayed HH98X because of a computer crash. Stay tuned...

February 15, 1999
- Krype by Stan Brone : Version 2 : Tileset : 3.53KB : **
See if you can find the "hidden" tile...
- Cyber Battle by INnet2100 : Battle : 1.11KB : *
An unadvised download.
- Jazz Bond, created by Eugene and Martin, is coming! The first advertisement for the awesome episode is above.
February 14, 1999
- Skycapture by PhoenixB : CTF : 1.31KB : *
The bases aren't very far apart from each other, and the design and eye candy could use quite a bit of work.
- Rabbit Zone & Clan Palace by Zapman : Battle pack : 32.8KB : **
Updated versions of two cool levels...
- For Pride's Honor by Kovu : CTF : 2.24KB : **
Overall, this is an ok level, although it's pretty small compared to most CTF levels.
- JJ1: Industrius (fix) by Roaster : Tileset : 45.7KB : N/A
I decided not to rate this one cause it's one of Epic's tilesets and I don't know how much work Roaster did "fixing" the tileset.
- Devan Conspiracy: Epis.1 "And So It Begins" (Demo) by Roaster : Single Player : 8.33KB : ***
Is it just me, or does it seem like all of the best Single Player levels were made using the Diamondus tileset?
February 13, 1999
- Hare in a Hamsters World by JJYoyoSimba : Battle : 3.83KB : **
Ever wonder what it's like in a hamster cage? Find out by downloading this level.
- Jungle Bungle by Snow DoGG & Zandal : Battle : 5.05KB : **
Good eye candy, no problems that I can see.
- The Other Chaotic Land by Snow DoGG : Battle : 3.47KB : **
I can't think of any major good points or downfalls for this level, so I guess it's just a fun, average level. :)
- Terrain's JJ2level by PhoenixB : Battle : 1.52KB : *
This is actually a semi-good level, but it got * cause it's small with questionable eye candy and design.
- Nothing about the top ten yet. I know that BloodBunny has the CGI scripts finished. Now it's just a matter of implementing it into this page...
Feburary 12, 1999
- Ultimate World by Disguise : Tileset : 52.8KB : ***
Not only is this one of the best tilesets out there, but it also comes with a *** single player level to show you how to use the tileset. In other words, this is a must have for everybody.
- Smallworld by Ram : Battle : 1.27KB : *
The main reason why this level only got * is because the it only uses about 1 or 2 tiles. (still, even I have to admit that it doesn't look too bad ;)
- As you've probably noticed, we are finally getting a top ten! Bloodbunny, the person who hosts Jazz 2 City, has been kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to get it set up. I'm not sure how it will look in the end, but I've put up a sample table for Bloodbunny to use to set it up. Sorry it took us over a year to get a top ten for the Downloads.

- DeraldSny needs beta testers for his Jazz on Mobius levels. The levels are:

A Night on Mobius - Very short, you set out to free Knuckles and find Mecha Sonic who has the Chaos Emeralds, then face off with one of Robotnik's creations.
Hidden Palace - Longer and with more ammo pickups, you explore Hidden Palace so you can find Robotnik and Devan and drive them out for good.

The levels are already finished, so I'm sure that not much beta testing is required. If you would like to help, e-mail DeraldSny at or

February 11, 1999
- Devan's Haunted Castle by Daniel Silverstein : Single Player : 5.83KB : *
This level could have gotten **, but since it was copied from the "Rabbit in Training" level I figured it would be unfair to give it that. However, it is still fun to play, and there are some interesing secrets...
- Click Here to download a blank level. (once again, I'm not crazy..the level is blank, but all of the animations are pre-made. It uses the Soinc HPZ tileset) - 832bytes, created by DeraldSny
- Jazz Bond Demo by Eugene : Single Player : 56.8KB : ***
Extremely creative and well-made! I recommend this one to everyone!
- TimberWolf is making a level called Houseville 3, and he would like to make rooms for players.  There are only 16 rooms available.  Tell what you want your house to made of (tube- green, red, or blue; or brick- white, green, red, or blue), and what items you want inside (food, ammo, powerup, scenery).  E-mail at
February 10, 1999
- Crimson Diamond by Martin : CTF : 6.92KB : ***
This is Martin's first CTF level. Even though it's only his first, this is one of the best CTF levels I've ever seen! Of course, that doesn't surprise me since Martin was the one who made it. :)
- Hot Tub Chat by PhoenixB : Battle/Chat : 935bytes : *
I don't recommend this level to anyone, as you can certainly find a much better chat level than this one.
- Carl's World by Carl V : Version 2 : Version 3 : Version 4 : Battle : 2.15KB : **
Needs better eye candy and design, imho.
- Charge has an exclusive picture of his upcoming Easter Egg Hunt level pack. You can view it here. (it will open in a new window)
February 9, 1999
- Burn Baby Burn by INnet2100 : Single Player : 1.24KB : *
A very small level that needs a lot of work, especially in the eye candy department. Even so, there is a nice boss challenge at the end.
- GreenHillZone by Prowler : CTF : 4.76KB : **
This level doesn't have the best design for CTF, considering the fact that it used to be a single player level. Still, the fact that the Queen Boss is guarding the red base is rather interesting ;)
- Party by Jennifer : Tileset : 178KB : **
Check out the example level to see the full potential of this great tileset.
- Rabbit Zone by Zapman : Battle : 90.4KB : **
This level strikes my attention more than most because of the obscure tileset used. Includes an MCE test level.
- G-Land by Biohazard : Tileset : 14.7KB : **
Very well designed, nice looking tileset.
- A tile drive is currently going on. If you would like to participate, send base pictures for tilesets in BMP or PCX formats to You need to hurry because the tile drive is only going to last for one week. All who send pictures will get a copy of a mega tileset compiled from all entries. (in other words, there's no way you can lose :)
February 7, 1999
- Psychotic by Bart775 : Battle : 1.65KB : *
There's so many chances to get stuck in a wall in this level that I don't even think it's worth playing.
- The Amazon by CaRRoTs : Battle : 117KB : ***
This is one of the few Battle levels that receives ***. The eye candy is great, and the design also has many good points.
- Aquatic Dungeon 2 by Bugz : Treasure : 27.1KB : ***
This makes for an interesting Treasure Hunt level because it's mostly underwater. There are also many secret areas.
- Paint by Ninja Dodo : Tileset : 317KB : **
A nice, creative tileset. Includes an advertisement for his next tileset.
- Chaotic Lands by Nagash & Zandal : Battle : 5.9KB : **
I thought this would be a good time to point out a common "mistake" that people do in multiplayer levels. There is no point in putting the hurt event in a multiplayer level. Hurt events will only hurt the server in an Internet game...and not the clients.
- I've fixed the broken links for Bio3b and BioLab. Thanks to various people for pointing this out.

- Charge is making a level pack for the Easter Contest....

--It Will Be Called Easter Egg Hunt--
--It Will Have 6 Levels--
--It will not use any new tilesets--
--Cool MUSIC--

The name of the levels will be:

Intro Level--Easter Egg Intro--Beach--
First Level--Easter Egg Hunt--Beach--
Second Level--The Chase Continues--Beach--
Third Level--The Wacky Egg--Physch--
Fourth Level--The Dino's Egg--Physch--
Fifth Level--Electirfying Egg--Tube Electric--
Sixth Level-- The Final Egg--Tube Electric--
The Bonus Level--Secret Egg?--Suprise...--

The Story For Easter Egg Hunt is:

One Day When Jazz And Spaz were out shopping at their local wal-mart around easter time...they saw some papers to sign up for an easter egg hunt around the galaxy..the point of this contest was to be the first one to get all 6 Eggs And get back to Wal-mart before everyone else...And The Reward was A NEW BLASTER! So they were YOU have to help them find the eggs. : ) The Demo will be released soon...It will be a one level demo...actually 2 if you count the intro.

February 6, 1999
- LeSmashy Tileset Pack 2 by LeSmashy : 202KB : ***
6 totally awesome, extremely detailed, unique tilesets! Includes a music file and sample level to show how to use a cool psycho background.
- Sonic HPZ by Pikachu! : Tileset : 298KB : ***
This tileset displays awesome detail on every tile! Includes a new music file.
- BioLab by Biohazard : Tileset : 15KB : ***
Biohazard once again gets a perfect score on his second awesome tileset. Includes a long, sample Single Player level.
- Tropical by Stan Brone : Tileset : 8.89KB : **
A good tileset that includes all of the tiles you need to make a nice level. Day and Night versions are included. However, I think the masks could be better.
- Cyber Carrotz by Ice Wolf EE : Tileset: 7.43KB : **
Check out the example level to see exactly how to use this cool looking tileset.
- I have moved all of the Downloads news from October through January onto a separate page. The link to the archives can be found at the bottom of this page.

- Bartman is working on a pack that will have 11 levels, 11 tilesets and music, and 2 bonus levels. He is also working on another pack involving The Secret Files.

February 4, 1999
- Airship by Pikachu! (formally Spaz) : Tileset : 17.2KB : ***
One word: WOW! :)
- Toast: Volcano by Taylor Brock : Single Player : 3.71KB : *
This level may not have the best graphics, but it is still very fun, imho.
- I just posted the Project 2 press release for The Secret Files on the news. Check it out!

- Here are the names for the levels in Tobias' upcoming episodes:

Blast From the Past
1.Warpin Back
2.Under the Boardwalk
5.Kung-Fu Fighting
6.Disco Inferno
7.Macho Rabbit
8.Peace Man!
Still Going Back
1.Wipeout Again!
2.Summer in the City
3.Great Balls of Fire
4.OK.Thats It!
5.Final Confrontation?
6.Warpin Forward
7.Home Again
February 3, 1999
- Level Pack by JazzySpaz : Single Player : ** : Download Options -
With Simpsons music (1.06MB)
Without Simpsons music (6.89KB)
This is the demo for JazzySpaz's upcoming Single Player pack.
- Bio3b by Biohazard : Version 2: Tileset : 15.8KB : ***
This is just an updated version of the tileset posted on Monday, although it does come with a cool single player level.
- I *think* the following information has to do with Zapman's pack with never-before-seen levels:

1.i would really appreciate levels made with the original tilesets (if you cant get original then post a level and ask how).
3. DO NOT post levels with passwords.
4. i will have the pack in episodes, post level to get episode password.
5. all the levels in each episode have a different password (1 per episode) meaning all the levels in an episode use the same password.

February 2, 1999
- Electric Fight by MisterX : Battle : 3.87KB : **
Wakeman's ToD:
Never put a maze in a Battle level. Nobody likes to try and work their way through a maze when they are battling. Actually, I dislike mazes no matter what level type you put them in. Most of them just use one tile for the entire maze and they're always frustrating and boring. The whole point of Jazz 2 is to be able to shoot enemies..not work your way through a maze.
I have no idea why I said that here, since there isn't even a maze in this level. :)
Another note: I'm starting to realize about the flaws in the rating system. This level and Disguise's below all scored ** - and I think Disguise's are better. oh well, who cares about the rating anyway? (yes, this is Deth's fault once again. hehe ;)
- Medieval Warfare by Disguise : Battle : 5.34KB : **
I've never seen it rain so hard in a Jazz 2 level before...
- A Day at the Beach by Disguise : Battle : 3.64KB : **
This is one of the only levels I've ever seen that is completely underwater. I hope you can hold your breathe for a long time. =)
- Diamondus Centre by Disguise : Battle : 4.14KB : ***
This is one of those Battle levels that would be a blast to play on the Internet. :)
- Cold as Hell by Disguise : Battle : 5.11KB : **
Great detail, good design.
- The Long Trip Home has recieved some major overhauls..

First off, It's now gonna be called "The Devan Conspiracy". It will be released in the form of 12 episodes, Each episode will be released when Roaster finishes it, and each episode will have a demo for it. For my BETA testers, he is trashing the original levels you got and making new, longer, more fun levels.

The storyline is as follows: On A Dark and stormy night in Carrotus Castle, Queen Eva recieved an important message, a strange figure bearing the same physical appearance as Devan has been sighted heading into a "Cave" of some sort. A Hidden Labratory is their best guess, but what was the "figure" doing in it!? Recently, Strange crackles and explosions have been heard from the "Cave", and now you (Jazz, Spaz, or MAYBE Lori) must go out and find out what this is. Along the way you will find valuable clues about the puzzle, and you will probably run into a Dead End at least once, but he is not giving away any more......

Roaster needs one or two people to help him. He would like DanX or Martin, but he will accept other testers.

- Tobias is making two new episodes: Blast from the Past and Still Going Back

The storyline: Jazz and Spaz just get back from fighting Devan(again).And find all the other rabbits have been made into(scary music please)HIPPIES!!!!Devan changed the past to make the rabbits into hippies.So now Jazz and Spaz must go back through time.They both agreed on that and as they were setting out they get sucked into a timewarp.They don't know where they'll get put out.But lets hope they find a way to reach Devan.Can Jazz and Spaz escape from the warp?Can they return all the rabbits to normal?Find out in Blast From the Past and Still going Back.Jazz and Spaz go kick some shell!

- Rachel is creating a new level pack called "Operation Christmas Cruise." It will use HH98 tilesets and music and will have 2 levels from each tileset. Rachel is also still working on "Island Sin."

February 1, 1999
- Bio3 by Biohazard : Version 2 : Tileset : 12.6KB : ***
This is a very good tileset, considering the fact that it's his first one. A sample single player level is included.
- As you know, the first info and screen shots have been released about *it* (read the news if you haven't yet) I don't know about you, but I can hardly wait to receive levels you guys/gals create using those awesomely awesome new tilesets. :)

- Elias FF has extended the deadline for the tileset competition to March 21. For those who don't know about the competition, the rules are below. Mail all of your submissions to

1. There must be at least 100 tiles in your tileset.
2. No more than 500 tiles. (Provided you have the patience.)
3. Tilesets MUST have the proper masking.
4. They must also have a background.
5. Vines and poles are optional. (Vines are masked; poles are not.)
6. They can be related to anything, from TV to video games... as long as you give credit to whomever owns that particular show or character! You can also create your own character and put that in.
7. All tilesets MUST include a sample level. (No bigger than a normal Epic level, which is 256 tiles wide by 64 tiles high.)