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Filename: Name: FileSize: Rating: (1-3) Author
tilezz04 MEZ04 6.38KB ** Mez
Rover5 Rover Madness (ver. 5) 115KB *** Elias FF
Keen Commander Keen 25.7KB *** Talec LP
unfinished Unfinished Sets 77.4KB N/A The NEW spaz
spyset SPYSET 70.1KB *** Spy AD
xenotile1 Xenotile1 & FF2 158KB ** Xeno
JC JC 13.1KB ** cc Jazz JC
Africa Africa 212KB *** Disguise GPW
Icesets Tileset Pack 545KB *** Ice M A N
stan2 Stan Version 1.5 11KB ** The NEW spaz
out Out In The Light 45KB ** Aaron
lwt12 Lost World ver. 1.2 554KB *** Ninja Dodo & Jaws
donut Donut Plains 26.8KB *** Onag
cheq3 Cheq 3 64.4KB *** Onag
SFP Tileset Pack 103KB *** Midnight
SmashBros Smash Bros 51.2KB ** Jazz
CannibalL Cannibal Land 39KB *** CannibalBob
charmand2 Charmander V2 32.5KB *** Ice Wolf EE
PSX Playstation 37.9KB *** Ice Wolf EE
EmeraldH Emerald Hill Zone 28.3KB *** Ice Wolf EE
UdderlyI Udderly Insane 22.8KB *** Ice Wolf EE
BCUFO Battery Check UFO version 21.1KB *** The NEW spaz
cattile01 Cats 29KB ** Supercat
FantasyW Fantasy World 166KB *** The Killer
yep 3D? 6.85KB ** IncaBoy
tropical15 Tropical V1.5 13.9KB ** The NEW spaz
Blocks2 J1: Blocks - Extended 26.3KB N/A Toxic Bunny
HocusP Hocus Pocus Shareware Sets 111KB *** GreenKiller
Disguise5 Motherboard 11.8KB *** Disguise GPW
Stadium Jordan's Stadium 26.2KB ** Jords
eastj2lc J2LC_Easter 37.2KB *** F. Quist of J2LC
Buildsit Building Site 25.6KB *** Toxic Bunny
Disguise6 Mountain 38.9KB *** Disguise DA
3dbattle 3D Battle Pack 527KB *** Noraa RS
Disguise3 Mountain Trip 34.2KB *** Disguise DA
BubBust Bubble or Bust Jazz 10.9KB ** The NEW spaz
shineland Shine Land 6.35KB ** Frank Jr.
Version 2
Charmander 32.4KB *** Ice Wolf EE
BloodL Blood Lost 33.1KB *** Icegrame
Pikfd Pikachu's Favorite Day! 10.4KB * Kayla
Version 5
Rover Madness (ver. 4) 110KB *** Elias FF
Hocus Hocus Pocus 478KB *** GreenKiller
J2LCBC J2LC_Battery Check 22.5KB *** The NEW spaz
Ash Ash 46.5KB * Pikachu
Meadowf Meadow (final) 21.7KB ** Syntax
Turtle Turtle Robot 25.3KB ** Tor
earthsimbat001 Five 213KB *** Alienator
erealmdemo001 Newest 118KB *** Alienator
paint3 Paint (ver. 3) 21.6KB ** Ninja Dodo
j1Mayhem NeW's Mayhem 90.4KB N/A NeW
cmash2 Castle Smashenstein (ver. 2) 96.3KB *** LeSmash
Deaths1 Death Star 10.1KB ** Biohazard
thermal Thermal K.1 197KB *** Kaven
Irtile1 Mister Cactus 647KB ** Electric IR
Final Version
Meadow 35.8KB ** Syntax
earthbees Earthbees 65.8KB ** Bunt
CoolDay Cool Day 119KB *** Ice M A N
BCa Battery Check - Alpha 12KB *** The NEW Spaz
supaplex SUPAPLEX 73.4KB *** GreenKiller
UHotel Ultimate Hotel 78.3KB *** Disguise DA of J2LC
Neoniusf Neonius - final 1.03MB *** Bluez
Version 2
Castle Smashenstein 95.6KB *** LeSmash
SpaceLab Space Lab 12.3KB ** DanX of J2LC
Version 1.2
Lost World 140KB *** Ninja Dodo & Jaws
EBase The Eletric Base 6.17KB ** *Taylor-X*
batchk Demo 111KB *** Orange Games
TropI Tropical Island 18.6KB ** BlueIce E
MoonStat Moon Station 45.3KB ** DanX
amazon Amazon Forest 31KB *** Jaws
Chocolate Chocolate Land 552KB ** Jennifer
BatSub Battle Sub 4.2KB * *Taylor Brock*
TSmurfs The Smurfs 26.7KB *** The New Spaz
WGZone Wacky Gadget Zone 12.7KB *** Pikachu!
RoyalX Royal-X 2.46KB * Taylor Brock
treehills Tree hills 10.7KB ** Taylor Brock
iblox Invisiblox 145KB ** I.T.F.O.M.
Sity City 17KB * Taylor Brock
windows2 Windows2 13.3KB ** JO Inca Boy
Sonic1 Sonic 1 18.8KB *** Pikachu!
winII Windows(2) version 1.5 12.1KB *** The New Spaz
Version 2
Windows1 12.5KB ** JO Inca Boy
ETset <ET1> 18.9KB ** ET
CoolDay Cool Day (ver. 1 & 2) 39.5KB *** Ice M A N
recharge2 J2LC Recharge 2 33.1KB *** F. Quist of J2LC
GreenHills Green Hills Zone 12.7KB *** Ice Wolf EE
pikachut Pikachu 17.6KB *** Ice Wolf EE
Eforestz Everforest Zone 17.6KB *** Pikachu!
KrypeV2 Krype V2.0 6.71KB ** The New Spaz
Version 2
Krype V1.5 5.63KB ** The New Spaz (formerly Stan Brone)
Yoshi Yoshi's Island 22.1KB *** Prowler
seething Seething 18.8KB *** LeSmash
Version 3
Paint (ver. 2) 322KB *** Ninja Dodo
dragonl Dragons Lair 40.2KB *** ET
Warzone Warzone 7.33KB ** Ice Wolf EE
Titanic Titanic 12.3KB ** Larry Boy
spacectf Lost in Space 4 17.2KB ** Larry Boy
Version 1.5
Version 2
Krype 3.53KB ** Stan Brone
j1indust JJ1: Industrius (fix) 45.7KB N/A Roaster
Ultimate Ultimate World 52.8KB *** Disguise
Party Party 178KB ** Jennifer
gland G-Land 14.7KB ** Biohazard
Version 2
Version 3
Paint 317KB ** Ninja Dodo
lesmashy2 LeSmashy Tileset Pack 2 202KB *** LeSmash
sonichpz Sonic HPZ 298KB *** Pikachu!
Biolab BioLab 15KB *** Biohazard
Version 1.5
Tropical Day/Night 8.89KB ** Stan Brone
carrotz Cyber Carrotz 7.34KB ** Ice Wolf EE
airship Airship 17.2KB *** Pikachu! (formerly Spaz)
Bio3b Bio3b (Version 2) 15.8KB *** Biohazard
Version 2
Bio3 12.6KB *** Biohazard
Blue BLUE 4.95KB ** Light JoJ
rockius Rockius Prototype 5.74KB ** FoX
nature2 J2LC_Nature 2 8.01KB ** F. Quist of J2LC
Version 4
Version 5
Rover Madness (ver. 3) 41.9KB ** Elias FF
ccity Carrot City 5.63KB * Stan Brone
blasting Blasting( 17.7KB ** Meowth
Exoticafix J2LC_Exoticafix 38.8KB * F. Quist of J2LC
J2LCSnow J2LC_Snow 6.82KB * F. Quist of J2LC
Version 3
Version 4
Version 5
Rover Madness (ver. 2) 41.7KB ** Elias FF
ezanef Ezanef 242KB * Stan Brone
J2LCNat J2LC_Nature 8.98KB ** F. Quist of J2LC
Recharge J2LC_Recharge 12.7KB ** F. Quist of J2LC
antartic Antartica 71.5KB ** Icegrame
Version 2
Version 3
Version 4
Version 5
Rover Madness 46.4KB ** Elias FF
lesmashy LeSmashy Tileset Pack 1.18MB *** LeSmashy / Nuka
win2 win(2) 8.02KB * Stan Brone
Letters Letters 10.8KB * F. Quist of J2LC
datad DataDomain 36.8KB *** Spaz
Haughted2 Haughted2 43.7KB *** Spaz
J2lctile j2lc2 15KB ** F. Quist of J2LC
factory Factory 28KB *** Spaz
nature Natureus 18.3KB * Icegrame
astroxms2 Christmas Pack 2 142KB *** AstroniA (edited Jazz 1 sets)
tr2venic Tomb Radier 2: Venice 214KB *** Ders
spaztile9 Piranta Plant 280KB *** Spaz
harry Alien Carnage: Office 38.5KB *** AstroniA
new1 Think Again 5.54KB * The Legendary Daredevil
astroxms Christmas Pack 66.6KB *** AstroniA (edited Jazz 1 sets)
Version 1.5
Stan 2.94KB * Stan Brone
spaztile8 GameBoard 18.7KB *** Spaz
czone Construction Zone 12.4KB ** JazzMan
tilezz03 MEZ03 110KB *** Mez
marioz MarioZ 20.5KB *** Prowler
spaztile7 Ship 18.3KB *** Spaz
spaztile6 Mars 9.91KB *** Spaz
mez02 MEZ02 25.7KB *** Mez
Moebius Moebius 49.3KB *** AstroniA
mez01 MEZ01 35KB *** Mez
Spaztile5 Haughted Tileset 49.3KB ** Spaz
spazti~1 Carnival 2 9.53KB ** Spaz
spaztile giant2 10.5KB ** Spaz
Cheq 3
Cheq 3.48KB ** Onag