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= Requires full version of The Secret Files to play.

Filename: Name: FileSize: LevelSize: Rating: (1-3) Author:
Kyle Level Pack 11.6KB 4 Levels ** Kyle
pants Sonic Goes Down Under 3.51KB 2 Levels ** Darth Vader
JitMdemo Jazz in "The Matrix" (demo) 469KB 2 Levels ** Magic Card
JaDatB Just Another Day at the Beach... 115KB 9 Levels ** ???
StarMess Star Mess 37.1KB 256x64 ** Yoeri & Roelof
Gyroph Gyrophemia 23.8KB Unknown *** Gizmo
TNJJ2 The New Jazz Jackrabbit 2 405KB 27 Levels *** Team Rabbit HO
agtjrbt Agt Jackrabbit (Full Version) 1.37MB 18 Levels *** Bartman
jtrouble Jungle Trouble 207KB 400x64 *** Spy AD
Level Bunny Egg 8.74KB 512x64 *** Daan Hoekstra
Aps Single Player Episode 1.36MB 7 Levels *** GI Dark Infa
Bartrace Race 2 - Down Underworld 2.96KB 256x64 ** Darth Vadar
exotic Rescue Eva 84.3KB 256x64 *** Dewo
travel Single Player Pack 273KB 5 Levels ** Jaws
tempraid Temple Raid 9.28KB 3 Levels ** Rumbo Rabbit
RR Single Player Pack 691KB 3 Levels ** Roelof
EDA Electric Dominating Axon 5.04KB Unknown *** GI Dark Infa
funbun Single Player Pack 164KB 3 Levels ** Marcel
PhilpacK2 PhilpacK 2 15.3KB 6 Levels ** theTerminator
RotE The Return of the Evil 16.8KB 4 Levels ** Warhammer
KnightJob are Great! 7.16KB 256x64 ** Warhammer
Efun Easter Fun 8.5KB Unknown ** Pindakaas32
barelmonk Single Player Episode 1.76MB 4 Levels *** Ilya Floussov
gavie1 Buffy the Vampire Slayer! 193KB 256x64 ** Gavie
EnterpJ JazzTrek: The Level Pack 57.5KB 4 Levels ** Sjazz
FFJdemo Final Fantasy Jazz Demo 553KB 2 Levels ** Son of Jazz
elves Easter Elves 6.81KB Unknown ** Ninja Dodo & Jaws
TryMust1 Try If You Must V1.0 110KB 12 Levels * The Hye Circus
hasj Hasj 1.68KB Unknown * Snake
SXR1 Shellions Extreme Revenge (Final) 3.33MB 25 Levels *** SpazticGPW of MM
uzirabbit UZIkonijnen 74.4KB 150x100 *** Mark Marijnissen
Beach3 Underwater Rabbit 8.66KB 256x64 *** Dewo
LetsRock Let's Rock! 253KB 256x64 *** Dewo
Jazzonmob Jazz on Mobius 614KB 10 Levels ** Knux
Ggb Guns, Gems and Baddo's 5.58KB 256x64 ** Mr. Dude
GolfWorld Golf World 43.8KB 3 Levels ** The ?
BChasmf Black Chasm (ver. 2) 48.9KB 3 Levels ** SpazRocks
jj2l The Final Battle 22.2KB 320x240 ** Philip
Spikes Cold Spikes of Ouch 2 149KB 256x64 ** Rastus
thepuz The Great Puzzle 11.2KB Unknown *** Biohazard UOI
Lazeradv Laser Adventure 207KB 256x64 ** Rastus
uncross Mission Uncrossible 1.47MB 21 Levels *** Spy
flyawayd Fly Away Home Demo 1.21MB 64x256 ** Black Ninja
Clone2 Operation: Clone Killer 2 41.5KB 3 Levels ** Kovu
Version 2
Black Chasm 48.9KB 3 Levels ** SpazRocks
DToys Christmas in Chaos: Devan's Toys 390KB 3 Levels *** Son of Jazz
psm Frostbitten 2.4KB 256x64 ** Seth Heyer
diaquest The Quest for the Diamond 13.8KB 4 Levels ** Atmcdragon
blox Blox World 137KB 256x64 ** PrOtOmAn X
hathwp Hath Warp 75KB 256x64 ** ???
PuzLiz Puzzles n Lizards 75.9KB 320x25 *** The ?
Pikazone Pikachu Land! (unfinished) 65.3KB 256x64 ** ???
gadgetd Gadget Zone (Demo) 78.2KB 256x64 ** ???
superlvls Super Level Pack 10.2KB 4 Levels * Atmcdragon
levpkdemo Levelpack (Demo) 10.8KB 3 Levels ** Christoph
PhilpacKf PhilpacK Final 531KB 9 Levels ** Yoshter
PhilpacK Demo 21.9KB 4 Levels ** Yoshter
HighVolt High Voltage 3.66KB 256x64 ** 007
DanXlvls Unfinished Level Pack 450KB 12 Levels ** DanX
Rastus Carrot Stew 302KB 2 Levels *** Rastus
wcarrotus WARPED: Carrotus 959KB 7 Levels ** PrOtOmAn X & Spuz
neworlds New Worlds 3.2KB 2 Levels ** Philip
MonkMash Monkey Mash 13.6KB 256x64 *** ET
bldstns Bloody Stones 149KB Unknown ** ODT
bramble Saving Birdland 34.3KB 8 Levels ** Talec
LoC The Land of Carrotus 2.17KB 256x64 * Eagle
TMC3-AS Another Story 3.08MB 10 Levels *** stripe, Bluez, Buster & Roaster
DOOMfinal Doomsday (final) 720KB 7 Levels ** Nitro NC
beachbus1 Beach Busters (ver. 2) 39.5KB 2 Levels ** Electric IR
Weapon Weapon Station 2.14KB Unknown ** Black Ninja
ep2demo Silent Night in Hell Episode II Demo 2.68KB 256x64 * Magic Card
salad3 Rabbit Salad 2.89KB 81x72 ** PrOtOmAn X
WWJD WWJD 19.6KB Unknown ** Dan Dude
frogbeach Frog DEMO Version 301KB 2 Levels * Speedy & Andy
Version 2
Beach Busters 39.3KB 2 Levels ** Electric Ir
pipeties Pipe City 4.61KB 256x64 *** Rastus
TrigTrap Trigger Trap 3.2KB 256x64 * JSMatt
Bilsyr Bilsy Rebellion 191KB 15 Levels *** Biohazard
GPWjjwt Electric Fried 14.6KB 256x64 *** Shadow GPW
nukesnow Nuclear Snow 168KB Unknown ** Agt Nukem
Full Version
Agt Jackrabbit Demo 550KB 4 Levels *** Bartman
rebafort Reba's Fortress 30.8KB 19 Levels ** Nerz
Kpak Single Player Pack 92.2KB 3 Levels *** WCVKKen
Charmand The Fiery Pits of Charmander!! 517KB 256x64 * Pikachu
UTdemo Universal Travels Demo 280KB 3 Levels ** Elias FF
JazzBond Jazz Bond 179KB 8 Levels *** Martin
Faraway Single Player Pack 435KB 5 Levels *** Dr. LAW
Hydro Hydrotronic Amplivolumator 23.7KB 3 Levels *** Toxic Bunny
Crazyh Crazy Hare 12.4KB 284x64 *** Opar
00 Reba's Fortress 2.54KB 256x64 ** Nerz
lostlevpak Lost Levels Pack 42KB 15 Levels ** Bartman
RoEdemo Return of Evil Demo 384KB 6 Levels ** EvilMike
rod Revenge of Devan Demo 7.83KB 3 Levels * SPAZzer
easterc Single/Race Pack 60.5KB 2 Levels *** F. Quist of J2LC
Cinderella Cinderella 4.73KB Unknown ** Dan Dude
mazer3 Cold Spikes of Ouch 175KB 256x128 ** Rastus
krazkiller The Beasts of Diamondus! 4.64KB 141x64 ** Spazattack
SaladD Salad Days 24.5KB Unknown *** Gizmo
Returne Return of the Enemies 2.41KB 256x64 * Cubone
hoyoshi Yoshi Pack 4.25KB 2 Levels ** Philip
carrotiz Hot Cross Bunnies 12.6KB Unknown *** CaRRoTs of J2LC
Full Demo
Final Version
Shellion's Extreme Revenge Patch 1KB Unknown N/A SpazticPT
Dimecat Diamondus Catastrophe 6.97KB 256x64 *** Opar
pangoioD P.A.N.G.O.I.O. - Practically A New Game On It's Own (Demo) 1.39MB 10 Levels *** Outlaw UOI
Hell3 Inferno Fright 11.2KB 256x64 ** Rachel
mazer2 Tiny Town 336KB 500x64 *** Rastus
Broharms Brothers in Harms 73.2KB Unknown *** DarkBunny & Tyler Fountain
Episode1 Silent Night Episode 1 18.1KB 7 Levels ** Magic Card
BranisFall The Branis Fall 120KB 256x100 ** Kovu
MLUBLF Ultimate Bonus Level 104KB 30x30 * Markus Lund
rtr The REAL Treasure Hunt! 44.3KB Unknown *** Brutus
hauntedc Haunted Castle 2.99KB 256x64 * Brain KEA
biol Biohazardous Lab 15KB 256x64 *** Biohazard
lazeroz3 The Micro-Problem 4.19KB 256x64 *** Rastus
Rockiusm Rockius Mayhem 208KB 50x64 * Markus Lund
Demo Patch
Final Version
Shellion's Extreme Revenge (Demo) 0.98MB 7 Levels *** SpazticPT
seaside Seaside Wabbits 11.1KB 384x64 *** Opar
MWYWP Help Enemy Party Select Hard Skill 116KB 4 Levels * Markus Lund
Unreal Unreal 8.92KB Unknown *** Rachel
soup Rabbit Soup 6.03KB 256x64 ** Henrik Ullman
tmc2PaG Eva's Quest 10KB 256x128 *** PaG
REaster1 Easter Fun 7.63KB 512x64 *** Rachel
lab13 Lab 13 15.9KB 256x47 ** ShanD
mjungle The Monkey Jungle 2.15KB Unknown ** Frank Jr.
dmv2 Diamondus Maze (ver. 2) 3.84KB 256x64 ** Frank Jr.
IR8 Monkey Jungle 5.87KB 160x64 ** Electric IR
Nightmar The Nightmare 334KB 2 Levels ** *Taylor-X*
electricn Electric Nightmare 85.7KB 4 Levels *** Another Jazz 2 Fan
ML13LS Devan's Clone World 277KB 8 Levels ** Markus Lund
Version 2
Diamondus Maze 2.53KB 256x64 ** Frank Jr.
LevX Level X 2.8KB 256x64 ** SpazMan
aMAZE aMAZEing 3.95KB 256x500 ** bLaCKaT
holiDEMO Holiday Inn Demo 52.6KB 2 Levels ** Defalcon
Future1 Single Player Episode 6.98KB 4 Levels ** PhoenixB
missioni Mission: Impossible? 88KB 256x65 *** Banjo
Fear2 The Fortress of Fear (ver. 2) 3.66KB Unknown ** *Taylor Brock*
TurtAcre Turtle Acres (ver. 2) 6.29KB 256x64 ** Kovu
laseroz2 The Security Base 245KB 256x64 ** Snugs & Rastus
Version 2
The Fortress of Fear 79.5KB Unknown * Taylor Brock
Mobiusm Mobius Madness 51.2KB 256x64 ** Defalcon
Final Version
Doomsday Beta 54KB 3 Levels ** Nitro
CH2 Clashing Heros - Final 2.66MB 17 Levels ** Bart
LaserOz Laser Adventure 128KB 256x64 *** Rastus
scarrot Save the Carrotus 4.92KB 256x64 ** Blood CCL & Ice Heka
YoshIsle Marioland 64.5 44.3KB 256x64 ** Defalcon
Jazz2sub Clone Chaos 175KB 8 Levels ** Alex Fountain
mazer Crate Kingdom 4.7KB 100x200 *** Rastus
Adventure Single Player Episode 326KB 14 Levels ** Taylor Brock
SilentN Silent Ngiht... In Hell! 2.55KB 256x64 ** Daniel Silverstein
OpalW Opal Wednesday 463KB 400x64 *** Gizmo
Lab Labrat Down Under 15.2KB 599x64 *** Warlord
CH Part 1
CH Final
Clashing Heros Part 2 3.11MB 8 Levels ** Bart
carrotia Carrotia 413KB 4 Levels ** ???
carrott Carrottized 54.7KB 180x64 *** CaRRoTs of J2LC
Colon3 Colonial Chaos 3.58KB 256x64 * Jordan
ckp Casualty Kids Playground 2.4KB 256x54 ** Gwdw, Robo16, & Zapman
doom Single Player pack 7.74KB 3 Levels ** Taylor Brock
titanicd Titanic Demo 14.9KB 256x54 ** Larry Boy
Armag Armageddon 273KB 6 Levels ** Black Ninja
GOD Ghost of Devan 739KB 9 Levels *** Tor
headdemo Lost in the Lab 505KB 111x64 *** The Merry Men (Robin Hare & Little Roel)
fair Jazz Fair 93.5KB 256x64 ** SJSean
JazzyE Damned Jungle 14.9KB 360x65 *** JazzyE
kjungle Jungle Basin: Saturn Rampage 12.5KB 256x64 *** Patrick Jarvis
Tcarrot Saving Carrottus 5.91KB 128x89 *** Rachel
jazzmob Jazz on Mobius Levels 53.3KB 2 Levels ** DeraldSny
egghunt Easter Egg Hunt 8.54KB Unknown ** Charge
DCep01 Devan Conspiracy: Epis.1 "And So It Begins" (Demo) 8.33KB Unknown *** Roaster
devan Devan's Haunted Castle 5.83KB 256x64 * Daniel Silverstein
jbtest1 Jazz Bond (demo) 56.8KB Unknown *** Eugene
Burn1 Burn Baby Burn 1.24KB 256x64 * INnet2100
Toast Toast: Volcano 3.71KB 256x64 * Taylor Brock
tcenter Level Pack 1.06MB 5 Levels ** JazzySpaz
ep1demo Project: Iceage (Demo) 199KB Unknown *** DanX of J2LC
industrius The Jazz Industry 134KB Unknown *** Another Jazz 2 Fan
carrota Carrot Attack 4.58KB 256x64 * Mister X
70sFev 70's Fever 532KB 3 Levels *** Martin
tricky Tricky Pack 348KB 8 Levels ** LJH
junder Jazzin Up the Underworld 1.12MB 8 Levels * Zapman & Gon With Da Wind
Simpsons Simpsons! 1.07MB 256x64 ** Annihilator
cooked2 Cooked Carrots (ver. 2) 26.3KB 16 Levels ** FoX
Version 2
Cooked Carrots 25.4KB 16 Levels ** FoX
hotel Hazard Hotel 1.24MB 4 Levels * Tobias
xmaslevel Annihilator's Christmas 895KB 256x64 * Annihilator
70srock 70's Rock 5.38KB Unknown ** Rachel
retro Retro Wasteland 197KB 2 Levels *** Cycloid
CH Part 2
CH Final
Clashing Heros Part 1 2.73MB 8 Levels ** Bart
ODoomsday Operation: Doomsday (demo, ver.2) 67.6KB 11 Levels ** SvEiNuNg ThE mAd & AlEkSaNdEr ThE iCeMaN
diam001 Diamond Rabbit 11.6KB 256x64 *** DanX of J2LC
Version 2
Operation: Doomsday (demo) 67.6KB 11 Levels ** SvEiNuNg ThE mAd & AlEkSaNdEr ThE iCeMaN
tube001 Morph Machine 17.9KB 300x100 ** DanX
JedisXmas Jedi Christmas Pack (ver.2) 530KB 5 Levels ** Jedi
Azizpck Aziz Pack 415KB 4 Levels * Agent Aziz
1Player 1 Player Pack 1.33MB 2 Levels ** Elias FF
hh982 Christmas Kingdom 767KB Unknown ** Charge
christ01 Silent Night 234KB 3 Levels ** Outlaw UOI
cclevels CCL Levels 162KB 7 Levels * CCL
DrDream1 <Darn Mosquitoz> 40.8KB 400x63 *** [Dr]Dre@m
SonicG Sonic's At It Again 262KB 256x64 ** Death Dewey & Blood Ninja
oakvally Oak Valley 10.5KB Unknown ** Mr A
paktaste Angel Island Act 1 41.7KB Unknown ** SvEiNuNg ThE mAd
KenXmas Ken's Universe Xmas 449KB 6 levels *** Kenneth Dunlop
DBB3 Devan Bites Back v.3 88.2KB 8 levels *** Martin
carot001 Back to Carrottus 7.34KB 256x64 *** DanX
ml_qob Queen of Board 1.42MB 6 levels *** DethMan & Jon MacLellan
mbash Wild Nutters 311KB 2 Levels *** Martin
jitters Jungle Jitters 846KB 256x64 *** Paul Ciulla
ml_sting Sting in the Tail 12.2KB Unknown *** Jon MacLellan
ingarden Inner Garden 7KB 256x64 *** PaG
falken Castle Falkenstein 17.9KB 2 Levels *** Birdman
thunder4 Thunderstorm's Level Pack 10.6KB 3 Levels *** ThUnDeRsToRm
htbd Here there be Demons 6.91KB 256x64 *** PaG
kuniverse Ken's Universe 499KB 6 Levels *** Kenneth Dunlop
warpsick Warp Sickness 641KB 6 Levels *** Martin
eocean Electronic Ocean 3.58KB 256x64 *** Dino
clone Operation: Clone Killer 678KB 400x64 *** Aaron
spazode2 Spaz Episode 2 207KB 2 Levels *** Spaz
ruxrific RuxOriffic 15.1KB 256x64 *** Jon MacLellan
devanbb Devan Bites Back 22.1KB 6 Levels *** Martin
peachb Peach Beach 19.1KB 2 Levels N/A Steven
cream Carrot Cream 97KB 250x80 N/A Steven
nightmare NiGhTmArE! 7.69KB 420x20 N/A DethMan