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The Secret Files Music:

Filename: FileSize: 660KB 410KB 970KB

Jazz 1 Music:

Filename: FileSize:
Menusng.s3m 74KB
Endsong.s3m 113KB
Endlevel.s3m 58KB
Bonus.s3m 94KB
Boss.s3m 89KB
Song 0.s3m 78KB
Song 1.s3m 111KB
Song 2.s3m 160KB
Song 3.s3m 99KB
Song 4.s3m 48KB
Song 5.s3m 93KB
Song 6.s3m 52KB
Song 7.s3m 72KB
Song 8.s3m 117KB
Song 9.s3m 53KB
Song 10.s3m 112KB
Song 11.s3m 30KB
Song 12.s3m 102KB
Song 13.s3m 124KB
Song 14.s3m 91KB
Song 15.s3m 137KB
Song 16.s3m 60KB
Song 17.s3m 116KB

Jazz 1 CD Music: (Episodes 7-9)

Filename: FileSize:
SongCD0.s3m 37KB
SongCD1.s3m 116KB
SongCD2.s3m 82KB
SongCD3.s3m 129KB
SongCD4.s3m 104KB
SongCD5.s3m 96KB
SongCD6.s3m 100KB
SongCD7.s3m 97KB
SongCD8.s3m 61KB

Holiday Hare '95 Music:

Filename: FileSize:
xmas2.s3m 133KB
xmas3.s3m 176KB

Christmas Edtion '94 Music:

Filename: FileSize:
bonus2.s3m 37KB
xm2.s3m 137KB
xm3.s3m 83KB

Custom Music:

Click here to download 200 songs for use in your Jazz 2 levels. (BEWARE! 27.3MB!)
Click here to visit a page with lots of good MOD's to use with your levels.

Filename: Description: FileSize:
Jazzfan "Jazz Jackrabbit Fans" by Icegrame 205KB
LNhaha Sample of Lord Nux's evil laugh (sent in by iCeD JPL) 833KB
Ffmusic Final Fantasy music sent in by Arazi (12 songs) 2.01MB
Pig "The Pig Party" by Icegrame 81.6KB
GPWSP4 12 cool songs sent in by Shadow GPW 1.54MB
cotton "Cotton Eye Joe"; sent in by Electric IR 550KB
GPWSP3 10 cool songs sent in by Shadow GPW 1.23MB
GPWSP2 10 cool songs sent in by Shadow GPW 1.25MB
pokemont Pokemon theme music; sent in by Nights BWU 482KB
atomdance Atomic Dance Explosion Radio E - Jo bfboy 2.7MB
Lemmings Lemmings.mod; sent in by Rastus 69.3KB
GPWSP1 13 cool songs sent in by Shadow GPW 1.13MB
Bitedust Bitedust.mod; sent in by Jo Bfboy 100KB
Digital 2 original songs by Syntax 206KB
midis 2 great songs with credit to Nights BWU & stripe 783KB
Stormeag "Storm Eagle" from Mega Man X1 63.7KB
Jeff93 2 songs to use with you J2 levels by Chris Jarvis & Jeffery Lim 540KB
DigitalA Digital Accent by Syntax, original music for you J2 levels. 103KB
xenomix3 Xeno's 10, brand new music files for your J2 levels. 435KB
xenomix2 Xeno's 8, brand new music files for your J2 levels. 336KB
xenomix Xeno's 12, brand new music files for your J2 levels. 1.1MB