Colored Fur:
NOTICE! We are not responsible for ANY damage to your system, procceed through these instructions cautiously, and make a backup of your registry first!
You might want to also ask your parents first =)

Alright, here it is, what you've all been waiting for... weird looking rabbits! To change your rabbit to some bizzare crazy stupid colors that only a Spaz fan would be proud of.

Ok, to change your rabbit to a weird color, you must edit your windows registry. Even though it is possible to do this while JJ2 is running, it is not advised, so close JJ2 first. Ok, now go to your start menu (located in the lower left of your screen), and click on run.
Now type in "regedit" 

Click OK. 

It should run the registry editor. (fig.1)

(fig.2) Now click on "HKEY_USERS", then click on ".Default" and now Software. 

Click on these in order, as they are folders, opening a way to get to the next folder. (fig.2) 


Ok, now click on "Epic MegaGames," then "Jazz Jackrabbit 2," then on "1.21." *  (fig.3)

Now finally click on "Player0." This should open up a list of things to edit in the right side of the regestry editor (fig.3).
* Take note, if you have a later version of the game, click on that.. e.g. "1.22" instead of "1.21."



Left click on the "Color" field to select it then right click on it to bring up a menu. From that menu choose modify. (fig.3)
Do not put in an extra variable! This will reset the colors to default.
Now, let's say you want your rabbit all a strange red color (with black spots in it). Change it from:
(as an example)

48 18 18 28


17 17 17 17

See fig.3.1

Click ok, and run JJ2. Your rabbit should be red with "black" holes in it.

This is the basic extent of it.. if you want to learn more, read below.. but it gets confusing.

If you cannot understand these instructions, please do NOT edit your registry. As before stated (many times :P) we're not responsible if you mess up your computer.

For a simple, easy-to-understand color chart, use the below numbers for solid colors:

00, 08, 10, 18, 20, 28, 30, 38, 40, 48, 50, 58, 60, 68, 70, 78, 80, 88, 90, 98

If you want the full blown chart, continue reading (there are 256 colors total that you can use).

Achtung Aufmerksamkeit!

We're warning you that the below part is confusing, we've said so, and would appreciate it if you didn't send any questions about the below part. Figure it out or ask your parents =]

Ok, there are -256- colors total in the game that you can choose for your charactor.
You might ask, "How do I fit the number 256 into two number slots in the registry?"
The answer is: Hexadecimal.

The numbers we commonly count in (...1,2,3.....) are known as counting in decimals.
Hexadecimal is just another number set, except it goes (...1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,a,b,c,d,e,f,10....)
When you type in numbers in the registry, it reads them in hexadecimal format. So when you type the number 27 in the registry, it actually reads the number as color # 39.

Except for one thing, I'm speculating on this, but I've noticed it seems to add 1 to the color number, so typing in 27 is color # 40.
This gets really confusing.

N o t i c e :

For a complete color chart, (in hexadecimal converted to decimal) click here.


Anything above 58-60 in (hexadecimal #'s) an official tile-set will be colors for that specific tile-set only.. if you join a different level with a different tile-set, your colors will change.  (fig.6) (fig.6.1)

(fig.6)  (fig.6.1)

There are NO TRANSPARENT COLORS. The game treats the color #2 (transparency in normal tile-sets) as black.. it looks at the color, not the fact that it's supposed to be transparent.

Also take note, 00-07 is black, but ONLY IN 16-BIT. In 8-bit it will look like a weird whitish purple gargle of colors. (fig.7) (fig.7.1)

(fig.7)  (fig.7.1)

CTF overides your color format in the headband and gun, changing it to blue or red, as usual.

You cannot change your hand to be red, and your leg to be blue.. the colors follow the normal format, splitting it between body, backpack, gun, etc.

Below are your basic standard colors for JJ2, and are included in every tileset.. don't use the below picture as a referance, it's just an example.

Anything that is not a solid color will be a weird mix of colors. Look below for an example:

The going theory I have about the way that works is that as you move forward from a solid color, the next color starts to take over (it only works in standard colors, not tile-set specific) from the outside, until finally you get a very dark color left in little "blotches" that usually look like they are black. Then you hit the next solid color, and the proccess starts over again.

If you find anything incorrect in this tutorial, please -double check- to make sure it is wrong, then write the author of this tutorial about the problem.

See the following for other registry parts to edit:

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