Colored Names:

NOTICE! We are not responsible for ANY damage to your system, procceed through these instructions cautiously, and make a backup of your registry first!

Ok, to change your name to a colored name, you must edit your windows registry. Even though it is possible to do this while JJ2 is running, it is not advised, so close JJ2 first. Ok, now go to your start menu (located in the lower left of your screen), and click on run.
Now type in "regedit" 

Click OK. 

It should run the registry editor. (fig.1)

(fig.2) Now click on "HKEY_USERS", then click on ".Default" and now Software. 

Click on these in order, as they are folders, opening a way to get to the next folder. (fig.2)


Ok, now click on "Epic MegaGames," then "Jazz Jackrabbit 2," then on "1.21." *  (fig.3)

Now finally click on "Player0." This should open up a list of things to edit in the right side of the regestry editor (fig.3).

* Take note, if you have a later version of the game, click on that.. e.g. "1.22" instead of "1.21."


Left click on the "Name" field to select it then right click on it to bring up a menu. From that menu choose modify. (fig.3)
Ok, now type in (as an example)  |Deth|Ma|n in the box. (fig.4) (fig.4)
(fig.5) Hold down shift, and press the \ key (fig.5) to make a pipe | charactor. A pipe is NOT the letter I. (fig.5)
The pipe charactors add on to each other, so typing in "|Deth|Ma|n" will make the "Deth" part of the name green, the "Ma" part red, and the "n" part blue.(DethMan) It will NOT make the name all green. See fig.6 for color table.  (fig.6)
You now have a colored name! Continue reading to make weird looking names.

To add in wierd ASCII charactors, (for example ЈHMÂÑ), run the charactor map. Click on the start menu (located in the lower left of the screen), go up to "Programs," then "Accessories", then click on "Charactor Map."

Now if it isn't already, change the font to "Abadi MT Condensed Light." Now choose some charactors below where they are all located, by double clicking on each charactor (duh :).  It will place them in the "Charactors to copy" box. Click on the button that says copy. (for all of this, see fig.7)


Now go back to the registry where you are editing your name (fig.4), then while holding down ctrl, press v. (this will paste what you've copied into the name box). Voila! You now have an ASCII charactor name.. read above a couple steps if you want to add color to your name. Read below to make it so the colon at the begining of your name dissapears.

OK. You want that annoying colon at the beginning of your name to dissapear, right? Well, this is the section for you!
Here are step by step instructions for deleting the colon off your name:

1. Go into your regestry as you would with everything else =]

2. Go to the place you were in previously in in the registry.
3. In the "Name" area, add the § character to the end. You can do this by either copying the character from the character map or from the character below. To copy the character below, just select it with your mouse pointer, hit CTRL+C at the same time, then go back to the registry and hit CTRL+V.

That character-that-removes-the-colon-in-chat for you: §

Now you don't have that annoying colon!
If you want the colon there, just add ":" to the beginning of your chat message.

Alright, finally you're ready to test it. Click OK in the name box (fig.4), and then close the registry editor. Now run Jazz 2. Join a multiplayer game, and see if your name is colored! Voila!

See the following for other registry parts to edit

Changing the JCS tiles directory (detailed explanation coming soon)
Changing to a Colored Server name

Tutorial additions by: iCeD JPL
Original tutorial by: I don't know ;)