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June 11, updates

First of all, I'm deleting the archives page.

Link Updates: People's Logos-2, Noiseland-3, Jazz Comedy Central-3

Added Links: Noiseland Productions-2, The Last Dodo Habitat-2, McClory-3, Jazz Holland Network-1

Name Description Rating
Birdy's Jazz 2 Page This page lists all the baddies in Jazz 2.
The Ice'd site Ice's site. The MCE list is here
Jazz Central An all-round Jazz 2 site, much like Jazz 2 City
Jazz Comedy Central For people who like to laugh and send their Jazz Jokes
Unofficial Daily Carrot The site to keep the Daily Carrot Alive
McClory.Com Host to the most popular Jazz 2 sites.
Devan's Jazz 2 Links A large links page
Jazz International Network The home page for the regular battle server, JIN.
JCS.ref Should be the best JCS resource.
Mercenaries The site-GREAT. I can just say that. Amazing.
Jazz Mega Message Board Post messages in the cutting edge UBB regarding Jazz 2.
Noiseland Bart's page. It features many sections.
PlanetJeh Dot Com A good excellent site that is Jeh's homepage.
Jazz Player League Great graphics, great purpose. Great site.
Rabbit Hole Definitely 3-star. It has a great layout and several sections.
Jazz 2 Stuff! A unique Jazz 2 site with a fun poll, and Christianity Page!
Zapped Productions Programming group who created Jazz Trivia Game
Alien Productions Currently there is just a Site List.
Jazz 2 Cryogen Ice's site on Jazz 2.  Discontinued as of this moment.
DanX Productions Real good layout and great levels page.
The Foxhole Discontinued, but the site's layout is good
Jazz 2 Global a small site with decent graphics
JPL Message Board Post messages regarding the Jazz Player League
JeffDevon's Jazz 2 page A great layout, but not much content
The Last Dodo Habitat Ninja Dodo's personal Jazz2 page
Noiseland Productions Another programming group, focused on Noiseland.
Jazz 2 @ Onag Outdated, but it is still a great site.
People's Logos MUCH better layout. I'm even considering making a logo
Jazz 2 Town Lots of pictures but not much layout.
JJ2 Universe The graphics are superb, and screenshots nicely done
Jazz 2 World Great Potential for this site, just needs info.
War Tavern Support Site A small site dedicated to news on the War Tavern.
Anime Art and Jazz 2 A confusing layout.
Jazz Clan Association Webpage for a group that creates clan tournaments.
Loserboy's EpicChat Not much on the site, but has 2 chat rooms.
The CrazyClan page It lists the cheats but unfortunately painfully small.
Electrap's Jazz 2 icq group Jazz 2 players who are on ICQ. Not updated much.
Gold PP7's Jazz Site Another Basic site with Downloads and some links.
The JazzDrome A small Jazz 2 site with downloads. Most pages give a 404
Jazz Holland Network Very small; General Site
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 page A basic site concentrated on teaching the game
Jazz Palace Once finished, it will have info on Jazz 1 and 2!
Mike's JJ2 page Good graphics but not much content.
Muckammo the Web Page Not much. The poll is basically a copy of Jazz 2 Stuff's.
NeoSpaz's first site Too small, and way too many animating GIFs.
PartyDude's Page Just a "support site" unfortunately.
Shock's JJ2 Site Learn about why they made Jazz 2.
Spaz Fan Page Home of the Wacky Weekly and hilarious downloads.
Wacky Tournament The graphics are good, but there should be better detail.
Champion of Champions 2 The sign up form for Champion of Champions 2
Exclamation Game Creators 3d engine Game creators
Jazz1BB's story page Home for Jazz 1's stories. Under Construction.
Jazz Jackrabbit Ring Links to several other Jazz Jackrabbit 2 sites.
Jonathan Hagel's Web Site It's mainly a personal site, so I won't grade it.(currently)
Steel Talon's Jazz 2 site Under Construction
The Secret Files Demo Hurry! Get your copy of the Secret Files Demo today!
Jazz 2 Turtle Soup Coming back! not updated for a while though.
Seth's Jazz 2 Webring Links to several other Jazz Jackrabbit 2 sites.