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May 12,Changed Email

Today I just changed the email to

Name Description
Betanews All the news on beta stuff
BluesNews Tons of updated-daily gaming news.
The Daily Carrot Home page of our favorite hero. Currently down.
Epic Games Home Page The Home page of Epic Games, makers of Jazz 2 and Unreal.
Epic Message Board Post messages regarding Epic games.
Gamecenter All sorts of gaming related news by C|net
G.O.D. (Gathering of Developers) is publishing JJ2 in the USA.
Jack Jackrabbit 2 @ G.O.D. GOD's official homepage for JJ2.
Orange Games Another comparny who helped make Jazz 2.
Project Two Interactive Homepage The company who is distributing Jazz 2 in Europe and Australia.
Riva3D Tons of daily 3d news
Tom's Hardware Lots of hardware related news and lots of overclocking tips.
Voodoo Extreme More 3d news, geared towards voodoo cards.
Jack Jackrabbit 2 @ WON Play Jazz on World Opponent Network, and chat with players.