"Therefore, determine the enemy's plans and you will know which strategy will be successful and which will not;" -Sun Tzu

#1 If a rabbit is following you closely, jump into a warp, fire a couple missiles back towards the warphole, and run.

#2 Never follow someone through a warp.

#3 Play with someone who's better than you, you'll learn more.

#4 Never ask about *it*

#5 Shoot missiles to collide with the enemy as he runs, not follow him.

#6 Shooting an upgrade gives you 20 ammo, stomping 25, uppercut/kick 50.

#7 In Treasure Hunt Mode, before you start fighting with everyone, run through the level and try to collect as many free gems as possible.

#8 Although some power-ups don't appear to be of much use, they double a weapon's damage, so feel free to go out of your way to collect them.

#9 Don't waste all of your powered up ammo. If you run out, you'll have to grab the power-up again.

#10 When using Spaz, you can find 'gem stomps' by using your slide kick.

#11 To use colors while chatting in Party Mode, use the pipe key (|; shift+\)

#12 Be sure to keep your eye on the flashing arrows that appear every now and then, as they alert you as to where the flags are located.

#13 You can press F8 during a Party Mode game to hide/display names above players' heads.

#14 If you are hosting a game, don't multi-task. I don't care how good your connection or computer is; to be a good server, you should run nothing but Jazz2.

#15 By pressing F12 during any game, a screen shot will be stored as a .PCX file in your Jazz2 directory.

#16 Blasting a person in Treausure Hunt Mode while they are flashing is futile. Hit them once, grab their gems, and get out.

#17 You can press shift repetedly then release to give yourself an extra speed boost.

#18 Lead your opponent on.. run from him, while firing missiles behind you. He'll die, you won't. Grand strategy! :)

#19 Use springs. You can change direction instantly, fly over the enemy (and shots), etc.

#20 Running is great. Never be afraid to run, it keeps you alive longer, and makes it seem like you're a better player.

#21 While you're twirling, (just before a stomp), you're invincible to fire.

#22 While you are blinking, you cannot hurt other players, or be hurt.

#23 If you're playing against a VERY lagged player in Battle1, shoot numerous missiles wherever you go, and use an uppercut/kick on the powerup to get full ammo when you run low.

#24 Homing missiles are slow (w/o lag :), jump+run in a circle to avoid them.

#31 If you press Caps Lock, you can activate "run mode" which allows you to free your finger from the shift key

#32 If you're running along a long flat surface, jump and use Jazz's ears to glide over enemy shots

#33 Do the unexpected.. you might have a great pattern, but after a couple runs, the enemy can easily out guess you

#34 If you get hurt, better be cautious.. the enemy might go and wait near a carrot

#35 If you hurt the flag holder in CTF, Diamondous Warzone, go directly to the carrot cage, and wait for him.. he'll come

#36 Lay mines. Missiles can be fired 'backwards' while you're running, and last a couple seconds before they explode. With someone behind you, they'll just run right into them

#37 Use weapon 9 to reach powerups that are normally reached by warps

#38 While inside water, you fire diagnaly when you press the up key

#39 Confuse your opponent.. while he is following, use a spring to jump over and behind him. If done correctly, he'll never know it happened

#40 Learn the level before you seriously play in it, or you will have no chance at winning

#41 Don't try to be fancy, it gets you killed if you try to do a trick that you can do, but only once in a while

#42 Practice new tricks to perfect them, so you're ready when you fight

#43 Join the games with the best players, this'll help you to study common good routes throughout levels

#44 In a duel, study the other player's pattern, and learn to use it against him

#45 If you're going to join a clan, try to join one of the best

#46 ToD needs to be updated.. this notice will tell DethMan to get with it =)

#47 Games are delayed. So are patches. Live with it. :)

#48 Don't cuss, this isn't Duke or Quake :)

#49 Try to surprise your enemies if possible.. this will usually hurt them without hurting you

#50 When making a level, the main things to remember are: Eye Candy, and tile lining. The ideas and cool stuff are good, but useless if the level looks bad

#51 Try not to develope an ego like us.. those are always annoying :-)

#52 In treasure hunt, it is VERY important that you get a good route, or you don't have a very good chance of winning

#53 The only way to get the super laser shield is to cheat by typing in jjshield several times

#54 Don't get cought in a dead end

#55 Don't get shields unless a host has specificly said they are allowed

#56 Don't use colored names in CTF games.. it's hard to tell what team you're on

#57 Don't complain if you die.. take it lightly, even if it is laggy, it's just a game

#58 In a No Fire Zone area, you can still kick and uppercut people

#59 Sometimes if you're near a warp point, with a certain amount of lag, a shadow, or blink of another player will appear on your screen as he's warping.. this is not reliable, but is usefull if you have it

#60 When you start a level, make a line for the powerups, or weapons.. the first to get these will have a large advantage

#61 The real question is, how many more useless tips like these will we post? :)

#62 Tell DethMan to get off his lazy-boy chair, and update ToD

#63 Shoot first, look later. Fire some homing missiles before you continue, even if it's empty, the next time you might hit your enemy.

#64 In 1.22+ type kick # or ban # to kick or ban a player. You can also type ban IP#.

#65 If you bounce between to springs up and down, it acts like a stomp, and anyone who is under you gets hurt.

#66 The patch is out! This is a cheap excuse for a ToD :)

#67 "When making a multiplayer level, #1: Don't have too many secrets. #2: Always have a second path out, never make a deadend (well, you can... but.. :)

#68 When in doubt, SHOOT.

#69 Don't consistantly follow an enemy. He'll take advantage of that.

#70 What you see here is a completely blank tip. Fun huh? That makes it what.. 2034 useless tips?

#71 In Battle1, try to avoid always taking the short drop down on the right; it's easy to catch you at the bottom with a slug of missiles.

#72 On the same note, in Battle1, try to calculate which side your enemy will come down on, and go immediatly there to keep up a fairly constant fire of missiles.

#73 If you don't have any upgraded weapons, but you have the ice weapon, freeze your opponent and then either stomp, kick, or uppercut him to do 2 pts of damage.

#74 Fact: Flamethrower weapon (6) shoots more flame while jumping up, or bouncing up on a spring.

#75 Fact: For an invincible wall, make it 3 tiles thick; the outer tiles richocheting, and the middle tile a destructable block that can be killed by a certain weapon (anything other than weap 9).

#76 VERY IMPORTANT FACT: Level groups rule. Especially ML.. don't you agree? Well, you're not here, so that must mean yes. ;-]

#77 Fact: Extra coins turn into gems after going through a coin warp (in single player).

#78 Fact: The JJ2 team rules.

#79 VERY IMPORTANT FACT: The only stupid question is the one you ask.

#80 Fact: RF Rockets (weap #5) shoot farther than any weapon while running.

#81 Too busy to put up tip here.

#82 Too busy to put up tip here.

#83 If no one built useless levels, then there wouldn't be any reference to compare to the best levels :) So make us look good by building useless levels ;-)

#84 Fact: If you're going to pick 'weird' body colors, pick colors that will blend in with different levels.

#85 Correction on another tip: Someone told me the Pepper Spray (8) actually goes further than the RF Rockets (5).

#86 Fact: Weapon #2 (when shooting up) shoots farther than any other weapon. Even more so powered up.

#87 Fact: When you can't get a weapon (inside a secret) with the Electro Blaster (9), try using TNT (7).

#88 Fact: Weapons 4, 5, and 7 cannot be used with rapid fire.

#89 Fact: Weapon #6 (Toaster) always shoots a streaming 'rapid fire' of flame.

#90 Unknown Question: Is there a weapon 0?

#91 Possible Fact? When converting a JJ1 tileset, and using a tile for a textured background, you MUST have the exact colors of that tile in the pallette. Not fully tested.

#92 Possible Fact? When I was using Photoshop to make tilesets, the PCX files didn't seem to work with transparencies.. but the BMP files worked fine.

#93 The end of yet another month has come!

#94 Oooooppppsss, forgot to update these hehehe =)

#95 Eat Your Veggies... wait a sec, that's not right.. =)

#96 Collect rapid fire powerups to increase the range of the Toaster (weapon 6).

#97 Don't forget, by repeatedly pressing jump, you can glide longer w/ Jazz.

#98 MCEs make for some great tricks in levels; but don't over-use them.

#99 Don't join games with over 6-8+ people in them, if you do, expect major lag.

#100 Upgraded bouncers go farther UP than any other weapon.

#101 In official battle1, use blue bouncers in the lower right (tiny tunnel), shoot em up so when the next guy comes down he gets a good surprise.

#102 When running from pursuit, try shooting RF missiles behind you. The explosion might slow them down.

#103 When Someone is coming at you kick them or buttstomp them, It does 2 hearts of damage

#104 The Ultimate Combo: Shoot a powered-up weapon while buttstomping to do 3 hearts of damage.

#105 Shoot... that's all you need to know. =)

#106 8 bit color mode really speeds up gameplay....

#107 Don't get carried away with your name....

#108 Don't Curse, Set an example....

#109 Set your Max Players to 10 or lower if you have a 56k modem, this will lower lag.

#110 Agility... one of the most important factors in gameplay. Use it.

#111 Remember to listen to good music while playing ;-)

#112 If you're playing a non-lagged game, the ice weapon can be very usefull.

#113 *Stuff* is OK-- er, good.. yeah.. =)

#114 TSF = Cool

#115 In sw-ctf, a good, yet lame tactic, is to hog the powerup whenever you can ;-)

#116 In sw-ctf, if someone just warped into the carrot room, wait before you warp in.. they could be waiting to shoot you.

#117 Play for speed, but always be aware of the terrain.. if you can keep an imaginary target on the enemy's location, that is good :-)

#118 When making levels, go for quality: not quantity.

#119 Lighting effects can look awesome in levels, but also slow down computers: most people don't play with lighting, so don't base any important parts in your levels around lights.

#120 When making a level, be innovative... make something new and different. Even if the audience doesn't like it, it'll still stand out one way or the other =)

#121 Run Jazz 2 off of dos with a /? to see all the commands.

#122 A cool thing to do is to always run JJ2 in spy mode =)

#123 In tilesets transparencies are a instant chop-off, you can't gradually fade to transparent blocks. Remember this.

#124 The end of yet another month has come! Yay!

#125 Frozen springs can be melted using weapons 4, 6, and 9.

#126 If somebody uses shields, continually freeze him and the shield will run out before he can use it.

#127 Stomping is the best weapon against the Bolly boss.

#128 Remember chickens own you. You have no purpose in life but to serve chickens.

#129 The next Tour of Duty should be one that involves the most hardy of soldiers. They'll trudge endlessly along uncharted lands, risking life and limb through unknown dangers. If they survive, there's always the chance of enemy soldiers awaiting us. They'll defend their land fiercely. But we won't give up. We'll keep fighting until the end. They'll keep coming at us from all directions, but that won't stop us. We'll have to survivie on the skin of our teeth as shells explode behind us. We might lose a few of our friends. Some will be paralyzed, some will be dismembered, some will be taken as POWs, and, if they're lucky, some will be killed. But then, the reinforcements will arrive. The day will be saved, until they start pulling their illegally-developed weapons. We'll keep fighting until the bloody end. -Captain Spam

#130 Play hard.

#131 Tilesets that mess up colors may look cool, but can be very annoying.

#132 Ignore pointless ToD's on J2C. :)

#133 Always remember to attach the level to the e-mail message when you send it to Wakeman. =)

#134 Behold the power of cheese.

#135 In Party Mode, shoot a bunch of powered-up missiles at your enemy. Quickly run away before the missiles hit him. If you do it right, this trick will take away all of his health, thus killing him.

#136 When using Jazz, use TNT to destroy blocks that only Spaz's sideick can break.

#137 Elves! Elves! Elves! Elves!

#138 All things crunchy are good.

#139 In Diamondus Warzone, collect lots of Weapon 9 and stand outside of the weapon room. (the one with the carrot in it) When your opponent enters, shoot him through the wall. You'll be safe and he'll be dead.

#140 Waiting at your opponents base in CTF is not lame, it's a great strategy. However, only use this strategy in games with many people.

#141 Go roast Devan!

#142 Don't underestimate the idiotic purple rabbit. :o3=

#143 When playing Party Mode, control 4 players. (if you have enough gamepads/joysticks) Stick each player at a different spot in the level and let 3 of them sit there doing nothing. When an opponent approaches one of your idle players, quickly change controls and shoot him. He'll never know that hit him. :)

#144 Keep running and shooting!!!

#145 Be a real fan; submit a ToD!

#146 Never put a Twinkie in the microwave.

#147 Always make it your goal to use all 8 layers in JCS.

#148 God rules!

#149 In Party Mode, try using the hit-and-run technique. It may seem lame, but it sure works well.

#150 Jazz Jackrabbit is worthless - Jesus is the only thing that really matters.

#151 Remember to drink 7 glasses of water each day.

#152 If you want to do a long-jump using Spaz, do a sidekick off a platform, followed by a double-jump.

#153 Never give up.

#154 1999 is now half way over! Only 6 months until Y2K destroys the world! ;)

#155 When making a Treasure Hunt level, put masked tiles on the far left and far right of the level. That way, if gems are shot out of a player near the edge of the level, they will not get stuck there.

#156 The eaisest way to defeat the Robot boss is to freeze him. After he unfreezes, he will not move or shoot at you. That makes him an easy target for your gun.

#157 Powered-Up Blaster is the best weapon against bees. (at least, that's what I think :)

#158 Happy Independence Day! =)

#159 If you get Sugar Rush in Party Mode you are NOT invincible. However, you can hurt players by simply touching them.

#160 Before playing J2, open up your Jazz 2 Cache folder. That way, if you come across a level that you really like, it will appear at the bottom of the Cache list for you to find easily.

#161 Don't flip animated tiles in JCS. If you do, you will get an Access Violation when you play your level and it will shut down the game.

#162 Don't be lazy like Wakeman by using the computer all day ;)

#163 Money does not bring happiness.

#164 Colored names in CTF are very annoying.

#165 Dethman has not left the Jazz 2 community... he's just taking a long vacation. :)

#166 Don't do Warez.

#167 Never play Jazz 2 during a thunder storm.

#168 Stop telling Wakeman to take a vacation ;)

#169 When you're on an airboard, let yourself drop down into water. You will be able to go surfing on top of it. =)

#170 When you're under water, the best weapon to use is the flamethrower. ;)

#171 If there is an item above you that you can't reach, shoot it using weapon 2 (or other weapons that go high when you shoot up) to bring it down.

#172 Use TNT to destroy silver crates that are either under water or on the other side of a wall.

#173 When hosting a game, set the player limit to no more than 10.

#174 Wakeman does not like upgrades to levels. Make sure that your level is perfect before you submit it. Anyway, most people don't download level updates.

#175 Losing is the key to winning.

#176 The best tool to use for solving a problem on your computer is a hammer.

#177 Read your Bible everyday.

#178 If you want Jazz's gun to be on top of his head insted of in his hands, type 'jjfire' 50 times.

#179 If you lose, don't complain, even if you did lose because of lag. Nobody likes people who complain, even if they are honest complaints.

#180 Wakeman needs new ToDs for August. (hint, hint)

#181 Veggie-burgers are yucky. :)

#182 Don't forget to feed your chickens. Mad chickens can be very dangerous.

#183 It took me 10 minutes to come up with this useful ToD. I hope you like it.

#184 Remember: Orange Games was responsible for making most of Jazz 2, not Epic.

#185 Today is Wakeman's birthday. He is a happy man. =)

#186 Thanks to iCeD JPL and all-of-those-other-people-I-can't-remember who helped come up with this months ToD's :)

#187 It's a fact of life: Wakeman is Biased.

#188 The flamethrower works well against the Tuf Boss.

#189 When facing the Bilsy Boss, as he is shooting his seeking flame at you, quickly do a buttstomp and the flame will hit you, but won't hurt you!

#190 Don't you think that it's strange that Eva is about 3 feet taller than Jazz? :)

#191 TNT can destroy literally ANY destructable block..

#192 Stay away from stupid TV shows, where 'stupid' equals anything that is about sex. Seeing how every TV show has to do with sex, I guess we better just either leave the TV off or watch Headline News. :-)

#193 Wakeman doesn't give levels bad ratings, you give levels bad ratings.

#194 Did ya know that a man spent his entire life looking for mathematical codes in the Bible? He found so many that he wrote over 30,000 pages telling about the codes. Not only that, but nobody can find a single book besides the Bible that has such supreme mathematical codes. That's gotta tell you something about the truth of the Bible...

#195 Have I ever mentioned that creativity is the most important factor in level creating?

#196 Did you know that the Bible predicts the future? In fact, the word 'Hitler' is encoded in the Bible, along with many other words relating to World War 2! (keep in mind that the Bible was written hundreds of years before Hitler existed) A computer program was created to search for encoded words in the Bible. They chose 9000 words to search for. Guess what? Every single one was found encoded somewhere in the Bible! They tried searching for words encoded in other books, but none of them had encoded words like the Bible. That should tell you something...

#197 I may be wrong, but doesn't Spaz run faster than Jazz??

#198 Did you know that the Bible has great scietific knowledge? In Psalms it says that there are currents in the oceans, although the currents weren't even discovered until hundreds of years after that was written! In Genesis it says that there is water in space, although we didn't discover that fact until recently! That's only 2 examples out of hundreds. How could the authors of the Bible know such great scientific facts without being inspired from God to write such things?

#199 ok, let me get this straight.. Spaz is in love with Lori, but it says in the TSF manual that Lori is Spaz's sister. Isn't that just a little bit disgusting? ;)

#200 Time for another Bible fact. :) In Isaiah, (sp?) Christ was predicted numerous times. How could Isaiah have known about Christ years before he came to earth without being inspired by God to write about it?

#201 Be careful when you buy TSF from Games Terminal. They tacked on an extra $10 last time I bought it.

#202 Don't ya love this Bible trivia? =) Did you know that the number 7 is found over 20 times in the first verse of the Bible? (keep in mind that the Bible was originally written in the Hebrew language and each letter in their language also represents a number) Harvard University was challenged to write a paragraph where the number 7 appeared 20 times, but they came no where close to succeding, proving that only God could have written something so complex.

#203 Did I ever mention that Wakeman is Biased? ;)

#204 How to become invisible in Party Mode:

First, you've gotta get rid of your name. Go into your registry and put some |'s or spaces for your name. (Use J2C's colored name tutorial to learn how)
Next, go into a Single Player mode and type 'jjnowall'.
Enter Party Mode and hop onto an airboard. (obviously there has to be an airboard in the level for this to work.)
Finally, go up to the top left corner of the level on the airboard (you will be able to go thru walls) and you will fall down and become invisible. The only thing the other players will be able to see is your light trail.

I don't recommend using this cheap trick. (which is exactly why I mentioned it :)

#205 In Battle 2, if you put TNT in the red spring area, nobody will be able to follow you.

#206 Read The Signature of God by Grant R. Jeffrey...

#207 You must die to live..

#208 Save ammo!!!

#209 A nice little poem by White Fang:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
And remember,
there is always someone to love you.

(such as God :)

#210 If you use a Gamepad/Joystick, you may be able to get RF Missiles, Homing Missles, and TNT to autofire...

#211 We need new ToDs for September. Send any you come up with to Blackman or SteelTalon. Maybe next month every ToD will have to do with Jazz 2. :)

#212 You can do some cool tricks by shooting while doing Lori's special move...

#213 Did you ever notice that if you spell 'spam' backwards you get 'maps'? :)

#214 If you want Jazz 3, e-mail Epic/Orange/GOD/Project 2. Maybe once they see that we care about it they'll start making something...

#215 Never answer a question with a question.

#216 Summer is over! It's great knowing that I won't get very many level submissions for the next 9 months. :)

#217 To cheat and win in internet battles, join another rabbit from your computer and keep roasting him. =)

#218 I agree with Wakeman that he's Biased. =)

#219 Jump over a rabbit (in MultiPlayer Games) while shooting many missles, It will form the arc of Death (A Strong Shooting Move =)

#220 Be sure to brush your teeth every day.

#221 Didn't you noticed that spaz kicks faster than jazz? :)

#222 Use The Electro-Blaster (Weapon 9) To snipe through walls on complex, tight levels.

#223 Allways Remeber - When you send ToDs, you make Blackman's and steel talon's lives easier. =)

#224 While playing Single player levels, allways use Weapon 3 to destroy big bosses and hard enemies.

#225 Dash is better than tad.

#226 Never ask for all the ToDs to be about Jazz 2. =)

#227 You need constant suppliment of God's word, just like food. Get reading that bible, Kiddies! =) And as a regular ToD, well, uh, remeber that stuff is good. =)

#228 Christian stuff maybe good, but Blackman knows nothing about it. ;)

#229 Read bible, don't ask me why, ask wakeman. =)

#230 Surfing is a way escaping troubles, try it sometimes, trust me... ;)

#231 you do realize what (Jeh Die) put together sounds like, Don't you? ;) - By Metal worrior.

#232 TSF is anoyying already, just play normal jj2 online. =)

#233 Blackman is a master surffer, DON'T FORGET THAT! ;)

#234 Did you ever know that noogy (Dean Dorill) came up with the idea of lori as spaz's girlfriend?

#235 Another surfing fact: =), While catching a wave, you come up with a huge speed of more than 50 km an hour!

#236 Give wakeman some mercy, he's now in school, the only time he's not busy with j2c and stuff, so don't send him many lvls. =)

#237 Always remeber to post news for j2c in 22:00 (GMT +2), when I get online. =)

#238 Keep good shape.

#239 Don't forget, steel talon makes the ToDs next month =)

#240 The community is not all about jj2, its about friends.

#241 The Ultimate Weapon (yeah, I'm sure!) is shield 4 (laser shield), It kills everything it hits.

#242 Remember what wakeman said last month, that if the ToDs gets to steel talon and me than it would be about jazz 2? Don't count on that =)

#243 Lori's side kick can be a useful way to run out of the boss's way in TSF.

#244 If you're not a member, join JMMB NOW! =)

#245 Have any idea for today's ToD? ;)

#246 End of the month! Steel Talon's turn to make ToDs! =)

#247 If you're experiencing lag, it might not be your connection. Sometimes lag is caused by the speed of your computer. Try playing in 8 bit color or at a lower resolution.

#248 Download J2filecopy by MetalWarrior ;) And be sure to unzip it using 32-bit Winzip.

#249 Nobody likes level filenames that are too long. They overlap the actual level name and are very annoying.

#250 Don't use too much foreground in multiplayer levels. It slows it down and gets in the way of the gameplay.

#251 Games hosted by a cable modem w/ a fast computer have almost no lag. If you have one, say so in the server name so everyone else can enjoy it :) PS: This can apply to ISDN, T1, etc...

#252 Unzip level packs with an unzip program that supports long filenames. If you don't, the filenames may be truncated and you may end up with a could not find something.j2l error from Jazz2.

#253 There's no reason to make a level in TSF unless it uses TSF events, TSF tilesets, or an extra large level/tilest. If your level has none of these things, make it in JJ2 so everyone can use it. JJ2 comes with TSF, remember. =)

#254 You do realize what 'Jeh die' put together sounds like, don't you? ;)

#255 For those of you who don't already know, you can change the way events appear in your JCS list. Just open up JCS.ini in notepad and edit it to look the way you want. It's very easy to figure out.

#256 If you have both versions 1.23 and 1.20, join a 1.20 game and tell everybody in it to GET THE PATCH! =)

#257 If you have a Sidewinder gamepad, or any other control that allows you to map combination moves to a single key/button, do this: Create a macro that is Down, Down+Jump, Down and map it to a button. This will make the button have two functions: in the air, it will buttstomp, on the ground, it will do Jazz or Spaz's special move. (ie: karate kick)

#258 Another neat thing you can do with a progammable game pad: create a shortcut key for your Jazz2 icon (make sure it uses only 2 keyboard keys, like Ctrl+F12 or something) Also be sure that this JJ2 shortcut is either in your start button or on your desktop. Then map that key combo to a button on your gamepad... Wa la! You can start Jazz with a press of a button :)

#259 More gamepad tricks for those of you have extra buttons and don't know what to do with them... :) You can map a button to Alt+Enter so you can switch between full screen and windowed without ever having to set down your pad :)

#260 Last gamepad tip :) If you want to say the same thing every time someone joins your level (ie: a specialized clan greeting or just a neato colored Hi ;) but don't want to spend ten minutes retyping it all the time, then create a macro that will type it itself and map it to a gamepad button. Remember to start it with T, or it won't *talk* in JJ2 :)

#261 Running is very important in gameplay. When I have to use the keyboard, I put running on my first finger and shooting on my second (P and O). Even when you're out of ammo, you can still run :)

#262 This tip is a theory, I haven't tried it before. Which means you all are guinea pigs. :) If more than one person in your family plays JJ2 online, but you have specific colors, and/or stylized name you want to keep, try this: Go into your registry (back it up first!) and go to the key that has the JJ2 player info. Make it the way you want for your player, then export that key to a .reg file. In theory, you should be able to reload your player just be double-clicking that file...

#263 In CTF, provided your team has at least two rabbits, a good strategy is to have one always go for the flag and keep it out of reach of the other team, while the other battles. With more rabbits you can expand on this, adding flag guards, flagbearer protectors, more hunters, etc. This would work well for clan battles, since the clan be briefed beforehand via ICQ/AIM. You could also use Shift+T to tell your team this in-game.

#264 When making multiplayer levels, timing of the ammo/powerup generators is important. Try different time delays, and pay close attention to this when beta testing. A short delay with just a few ammo events can quickly fill a player's weapon. A longer delay with more ammo events, however, will give him enough to get by, but he will have to wait for more. Use what's best for your level.

#265 When you're designing a battle level, make it circular. This means that the player should (almost) never find himself in a dead end. Try to make it so that it loops back around to itself; basically a player could keep running/jumping through your level and never have to stop.

#266 When you make levels, don't overuse warps. Try using Springs, One-ways, Speed Blocks, Sucker Tubes, etc. It'll add more variety to your level and make it seem more professional.

#267 Another way to make your levels more professional: make efficient use of level space. Don't have a large area that's just filled in with wall tiles. Put a secret room in it, or run sucker tubes through it, or something. Wasted space looks tacky too. :)

#268 Try playing Hide and Seek JJ2! Never heard of it? It's played like this: Every player hits F8 to turn off names. Then one person is *it* and everyone else hides in the level. Levels with alot of layer 3 work well for this. *It* has to roast to tag. Lots of fun :)

#269 If you're not already a member of the JMMB, check it out now! You can learn a lot about playing Jazz, and there's plenty of insanity too :)

#270 If you have a permanent connection to the internet (like a cable modem) and are going to be away from the computer for awhile, take a second and host a net game of Jazz 2. Minimize the game (Alt+Tab) so your rabbit disappears, and leave it for others to join. Games hosted this way are less laggy, and other people can enjoy your away time. :)

#271 Everybody go to www.hallmark.com and send Dethman a Miss You card. :)

#272 Be sure to check out Ice M A N's textured background tutorial (http://www.crosswinds.net/~iceman0) if you want to make a 3D background in your tileset. (Without all the weird colors :)

#273 If you don't have one of the really professional (and expensive ;) drawing programs, but still want to create tilesets, try the freeware draw prog at www.gimp.org. It's especially nice because you can edit the palette with it. (Cheer if you've ever had palette problems! :)

#274 Another plus of the Gimp (see yesterday's tip): It supports tons of formats, including .tga, JJ2's screenshot format.

#275 If you're playing JJ2 with someone you don't know, don't tell them your internet provider. That information could allow them to sort out your IP from the list of open connections they have, giving them your IP address. With that, they can cause you all kinds of trouble, the easiest being to nuke you offline.

#276 Well, that's a whole month of ToDs! I've just exhausted my supply of semi-helpful advice, so don't expect any more from me for a while :) j/k ;)

#277 Why does Halloween have to be on a Sunday? :-)