Hidden: 19
Found: 7

We've all played Treasure Hunt over the Internet, but have you ever played with it? Dozens of gems have been hidden on websites all across the web and it's your job to find them! There are fifteen different colors, some of which are more difficult to find than others. The first person to find at least one of each color wins!

All you've got to do is surf the Jazz 2 web and keep your eye out for the gems shown below. If you think you've found one, email me the URL and I'll tell you whether or not it's genuine. Be aware that fake gems may be scattered around as well, so don't get too excited until you've emailed me and found out for sure.

Below is a list of each gem color, how many of that color have been found, and how many have been hidden (name - found/hidden). If all of a certain color of gem have been hidden and found, a star is shown.

Graphite - 0/1
Slate - 0/1
Cyan - 0/1
Sapphire - 0/1
Indigo - 0/0

Violet - 0/0
Scarlet - 1/2
Crimson - 1/1
Copper - 0/1
Sienna - 1/2

Pumpkin - 1/1
Golden - 2/3
Evergreen - 0/1
Emerald - 1/3
Peacock - 0/1

Though they're just images, the winner of this competition truely does earn a treasure. I will reward the winner with a $30 check, so get out and start searching today! While only one person will receive the treasure, the first ten people will also be recognized and will receive a bit of an advantage next year.

If you think you've found a gem, let me know as soon as possible. I can be reached via email at onag@w-link.net or on ICQ at the UIN 6503092. If possible, give me the exact URL of the website you found it on. This is difficult on some websites with frames, however, and simply explaining the details of where the page is and how you got there will do. I'll let you know imediately whether or not you've found a genuine gem and you can continue the search.

To make things fair, only one person (Onag) knows where all of the gems are hidden. Though the webmasters of those sites holding gems do have a slight advantage, I consider it payment for helping host the competition. If you feel you absolutely must have a gem on your website, please contact me and we'll work something out.

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