Tileset Tutorial for PSP5


We are NOT responsible for any damage on your system

procceed through these instructions cautiously,

and make a backup of your whole HDD first!


There we go !!!


1. Do you wanna make a tileset with PSP5?

    Afcourse you do !!


2. Download this ! And unzip it.

3. Start PSP and open your unzipped file !!!

4. There is your grid !!!

5. You can draw on it now.

    Click double on the first color:

    (the black here)

psp2.gif (1055 bytes)

6. Choose a color. And draw !!

    The second color is the transparant one

   Never use The first color black on the palette


7. When you're ready you can make a mask


    First save the picture you maked as a BMP

    in the Jazz2/Tiles directory.


    A mask is the same image but without the

    parts you want that jazz/spaz/lori walk fore

    it. Not that he/she bumps on it !!


    Save your mask in Jazz2/Tiles directory but

    with ANOTHER filename !!!!


8. Your drawings are ready !!!


9. Start JCS and click on "set"


10.  Look good on the screen you'l see

       Now. Click on "add".


11. You wil see this screen:

       psp1.gif (4239 bytes)


12. When you're ready, click on OK


13. You'l see the same screen as before

       But now select your tilesetname and

       Click on "build".


14. Click on OK, and your tileset is READY.


The NEW spaz, for Jazz2City