"Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril." -Sun Tzu

If a rabbit is following you closely, jump into a warp, fire a couple missiles back towards the warphole, and run.
Never follow someone through a warp.

Play with someone who's better than you, you'll learn more.

Shoot missiles to collide with the enemy as he runs, not follow him.

Shooting an upgrade gives you 20 ammo, stomping 25, uppercut/kick 50.

While you're twirling, (just before a stomp), you're invincible to fire.

While you are blinking, you cannot hurt other players, or be hurt.

If you press Caps Lock, you can activate "run mode" which allows you to free your finger from the shift key

Do the unexpected.. you might have a great pattern, but after a couple runs, the enemy can easily out guess you

Learn the level before you seriously play in it, or you will have no chance at winning

When you start a level, make a line for the powerups, or weapons.. the first to get these will have a large advantage

Shoot first, look later. Fire some homing missiles before you continue, even if it's empty, the next time you might hit your enemy.

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