Level Groups

 Last Updated: September 18, 1999

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Group Name: Homepage Leader(s) Members
Cheezy Level Creators none Cheeze 4
GPW Software Homepage Shadow GPW & Madcat GPW 7
J2LC Homepage Frank Quist 19
Jazz Shell Sports League (JSSL) none none ??
Level Labs none Computer Nut (CEO) 3
JHN LeveLCreatorS (JHNLC) Homepage YoyoNinjaFJ 3
JoLT Homepage Peter (thefire) 6
JUMP (Jazz Up Monkey People) none EvilMike 3
Master Mappers E-mail iCeD JPL 2
Mewtew Media Mewtew Media MegaMewtwo 1 so far
Mystic Mappers E-mail none 3
Over insane lvl builders (Oilb) Homepage BlueIce E 6
Mystic Legends Homepage Jon MacLellan 2
*The Crystal Cave Killers* none Devin-Z I 5
The Secret Studios none yet Secret Devil 2
Winged Warriors Winged Warriors Blue Falcon & Iron Eagle 9

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