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 Last Updated: 25 September, 1999

 Allied Clans

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Group Name Homepage Leader(s) Members
Army of Darkness Coming Soon Nemisis 3
AniRabbits None AniFreak AR 20?
Awesome Annihilators Under Construction KathrynAA 1 at the moment.
Birds of Prey None PhoenixB 11
BWU None The Duck 6
BB (Deceased) None Jazz1BB(?)  5?
Black Wolves None MErlin 5
bond oo7 Comming Soon secretujpHolland 1 , just started
Bounty Hunters None EvilMike 2, it is a new clan.
Chaotix Chaotix Homepage CTKnux  2
CrazyClan The CrazyClan Home Page Nutkens 58
Cool Rabbits None cr Mike 3..
Da Vipers None DarkBunny 2 so far
Dark Wolves None Almandeto and Avengr DW 18
Dragons or Darkness None FireBall DOD 9
Dragons Rabbits None xkovurr dr unnown
Elite Clan None Blade 3, More to come
Elite Of Elite None Scorp 5
Elite Good Guys None Rocky Raccoon and Bluez 10
FiRE Clan None Brady 12+ Looking for more
Fire Rabbits Homepage MaximumFR 2
Gang of Rabbits coming very soon SunnyGirl & Maniac 14
God Promise to Win (GPW) GPW Headquarters Shadow GPW & BlackWolf GPW 56 (he..he.. me leader of it)
GoldKnightsClan coming soon GoldTommy GK 9 more to come :)
Half-Life None JJ Yoyo Simba 7
Head Hunters None RAW HH 30
Heretics Homepage Heretic 35
Heros Heros homepage HRSonic 2
Heros Rabbits None Hero Spazz 1
Horror Clan None King and Spy 2
Hunters None Yet stripe 4
Hybrids None Blizz 19
Ice Clan None Ice Wolf EE
Blue Ice EE
JAI None joHBejarid 5
Jazz Outlaws None JObfboy and JOincaboy 2
Jazz Players League (JPL) None Baeauman Unknown
Jazz Clan None evee,BB usa 1
klr JJ2 Playas (klr) N/A klrICEMAN =\none at the moment..**** server crash..
Kill Em All KEA Homepage Bird 5
Magic Clan None yet. Magic Card 3
Marines None yet. Aceldama 4 so far.
Men In Black None Zed 16
misfit missles None Yet ViperMM 30
NiTRo CLaN None NiTRo A Few
Non-Existent Clan Homepage No One (Actually, Its LeSmash) 0+
Orange orangos Homepage Nike and orango real ( rappid fire in normal ) 5 crowing slowly
Pikachu's Pokemon Clan None Pikachu None
Rapid Rabbits Rapid Rabbits Homepage Shadow RR& Oscar Myers 45+/-
Rabits in Blue None Agt Nukem 5 members.
Rabbits of Death RoD Homepage (soon) CrazyRoD 5
Really Rare Rabbits None YoYo Mew RRR 2
Raptors Homepage Raptor RS and Noraa RS 6
Rocket Clan None Rocket Max Too many
Rumbo Rockets None Yet Rumbo Rabbit join to find out
SILVER ICE Clan None SilverIce 35 so far
Solar Fire None FlameSpirit 5
Super Bunnies I give them 1 month the time to resend..
Secret Clan S.C. page Secret Devil 3
Secret Empire None Cyril Killer 4
Shady Bunch not yet EMINEM 21
Super Villians none CARNAGE SV *2*
The Cannibals Homepage CannibalBob 28
The PKMN Homepage Sandslash 1 at the moment
The Rats Clan Homepage Ratz Clan 21
TXL none TXL Kill 14 and climbing
Ultimate Jazz2 Players (UJP) None No Leader more then 50
Ultimate Online Invaders UOI Homepage Biohazard UOI & Eugene UOI & Outlaw UOI 40+
Virtual Residence None VIOLATOR 25
Warrior Clan Homepage Speede And MetalWarrior 8
Winged Warriors Homepage Blue Falcon & Iron Eagle 10
Wolf Clan None TimberWolf 29
(X) warriors coming soon (X) 10+

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