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September 26-October 2

[Latest News]

-October 2, 1999: Layout Started
12:10 AM EST

I haven't posted it up yet, but I'm working on the layout of the Phases. Today was the deadline for sign-ups.


-September 30, 1999: Need Help
10:20 PM EST

Even though there is only about one more day for the rest of you to sign up, I won't be able to plan the dates/times of the game until I have a sufficient number of Moderators and Server Hosts. Please help out if you can; remember that you can be a Moderator/Host and still participate (if that's whan you're worried about).


-September 29, 1999: Again...
3:19 PM EST

More of the same.


-September 28, 1999: Only List Updates
10:46 PM EST

Just a couple updates to the Participants and Cool People.


-September 27, 1999: Sign-up Deadline
4:06 PM EST

The Participants List got updated.

I haven't thought that much about the deadline to close the sign-ups again. Hmmm...let's try for Midnight EST on October 2 (That's the beginning of the day, not the end). I want to be able to start planning the schedule this weekend. You guys were so enthusiastic about me letting you in again, so I'm sure that you won't have any problems signing up as soon as possible. :)


-September 26, 1999: Sign-Up Form Relocated
1:08 AM EST

We had to relocate the form to the Jazz 2 Stuff website. You can find the mirror link on the Participants/Sign-Up page.