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September 19-25

[Latest News]

-September 24, 1999: Sign-Up Form Broken!
5:40 PM EST

Fix it, Wakeman. :)

You people can always send me an e-mail or ICQ message as long as it has all of the required parts to it.


-September 23, 1999: Sign-Up Form Posted!
10:45 PM EST

Alright, it's located on the Participants/Sign-Up page; go for it!

And for you people that plan on being a moderator or such, you can still sign-up. :)


-September 22, 1999: Oooo, It Be Autumn Now :)
10:47 PM EST

I've added a new page, Cool People. (hint, hint....still need lots-'o-help so this thing works)

Also, Wakeman should soon be finished with the sign-up form, so check back for it. And when it does get posted up, please sign up ASAP, so I can start re-organizing the layout and teams. Thanx.


-September 20, 1999: Backing up...
4:57 PM EST

Ok, now the website is in the state that it was in before the sign-ups closed...except I don't have the sign-up form yet.
Wakeman will provide it when he finishes it up.


-September 19, 1999: More on Sign-ups
10:40 PM EST

That's it, I've made my decision...
I have been getting e-mailed continuously on trying to join CoC3, not to mention receiving many ICQ messages. Plus, I haven't received any e-mail or messages on avoiding re-opening signups, so I have officially decided to do just that; I AM ALLOWING MORE PLAYERS TO SIGN UP FOR THE COC3 GAMES. Not only that, but I'm allowing anyone, including players already signed up, to participate in EITHER PHASE, on their request. Heck, I may even add in a new phase (no, it's not Treasure)...

If anyone actually does not like this decision, then send your hate mail through to link in the upper left. I didn't get any before, so I think I'm safe from that. :)

I'll update the other pages to go with this decision later, as I am forced to fetch some sleep now.


9:35 PM EST

I finally replaced
Kaven's name w/Wakeman's on the CTF group lists (after a week of forgetting), but that may not matter soon, as I've continued to get requests to re-open the sign-ups. I'm starting to think that I may not need a poll to tell me the answer...

I also spruced up the background a bit. :)