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CoC3 News:
September 12-18

[Latest News]

-September 18, 1999: Level Selection
12:30 AM EST

Nutkens is going to try to help me with the tedious task of finding the perfect levels to use for this event. The way that the level selection will work is this: For each round of gameplay, there will be a "pool" of levels. All of these levels will be availabe for download directly from this site for you to study and master. When times comes for the real battle, a few random levels will be selected from the pool for each matchup to play. There will be a separate pool of levels for each round.


-September 16, 1999: Poll Confirmed
10:15 PM EST

Wakeman has allowed me to have a poll on J2C (or J2S) about the topic of re-opening sign-ups. You should be able to check out this poll within the next week. This poll will help me figure out what people want out of CoC3 (more than just opening sign-ups), so please check it out if you can. :)

Just as a side note, I am going to post news whenever it comes. I'll be posting as daily as possible, because this shows that CoC3 is running smoothly. I may miss a day every now and then, due to lack of news, or not being at my computer, but if anyone notices that I haven't posted anything for more than three days, then please remind me about it! I want to make sure that this doesn't dwindle away like it has before.


-September 15, 1999: More Participants?
3:02 PM EST

I've been thinking about re-opening the tournament to allow more participants in. There were many people asking me what CoC3 was as I brought it back from the drawing board. I don't know what's gonna happen yet, but obviously it will affect the pre-determined CTF teams. I think I'll try to get Wakeman to poll this for me on J2C next week. If it happens that I re-open the tourney for more participants to join, then I may move the scedule up by a week or two to give time. If you would like to talk more about this topic, go to its thread on the JMMB.


-September 14, 1999: Random Ramblings
10:36 PM EST

An anonymous person has heard my call of help and will willingly moderate as many of the games as possible. Don't hesitate to mail me, though, help can still be had.

Kaven will be taking the place of Wakeman it the CTF Phase (how nice of him :)).

I added more info on the "Next Match" in the left frame.

Also, I'm looking for someone to hand pick the levels to be used in this legendary battle, because I'm too lazy to do it myself. Please e-mail me if you can help out with anything.


-September 12, 1999: Minor Renovations for New "Owner"

Roaster hasn't been all over keeping up with CoC3, due to "Possum", I have decided to take control over CoC3. Since I have nothing else to do besides homework, I have the unique ability to update whenever any news comes up (Yay!). I have updated every page on this site, so snoop around and check out the changes!

In latest news,
Noraa has decided to help us out in hosting CoC3. He will enthusiastically host the first three games (Oct. 2-3) on his fast cable modem. Game moderators and other hosts are still needed, so please e-mail me (use e-mail link at left of any page) before the games begin!