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October 3-9

[Latest News]

-October 9, 1999: Almost Ready...
4:20 PM EST

Wow, I haven't been on in awhile. Well, I will try to put the Round 1 Level Pool up for tomorrow. I'm having a meeting with the moderators to discuss how we are ordering the games. And I'm making sure that
Noraa can start hosting by next weekend. :D

On another note, I am very disappointed at the CTF participants as a whole. It has been five days since I have allowed you guys to e-mail me about the "bye" round, and I haven't received a single reply. Maybe there was a misunderstanding, or you just don't want the "bye", but either way, I hope that you all are paying attention to the news. I can't have a tournament if you don't want to care for it.

Level Selectors:
EvilMike has been the only Level Selector that has been constantly submitting levels to me. Please start rummaging the J2C archives, because if you keep on stalling, it will in turn stall the CoC3 games. :(


-October 5, 1999: Small Changes
10:50 PM EST

PaSTE had to drop out of the tournament due to circumstances not under his control. :(

Almandeto was missing from the lists for some reason, so I placed him on the boards. (Hmmm...he can take PaSTE's place, excellent...)


-October 4, 1999: BIG UPDATE!
9:50 PM EST

No, I'm not slacking off, and it's not school. I haven't been able to update the site because
Wakeman had changed the site password again without telling me (no harm done though, Roaster gave it to me). Among today's news, you can also check below for anything that was not shown here in the past weekend.

Turtleslayer, Bobby, and Noraa are giving me great ideas for the Wacky Tournament so I may let them organize that part of the tournament. GREAT ideas, too bad most of you won't see then. :(

Turtleslayer also pointed out to me that there was a mistake in my rules list. He noted that the rules stated that you could only sign up for one Phase, not both. I fixed that minor error.

It's safe for me now to unmask the identity of the anonymous moderator...:)

I also started the Layout page going. As you can see, I used the idea of a tournament tree. Four groups for Battle, perfect number...nine CTF teams, WHY NINE?! Because of the overflow of CTF teams, one team will get a "bye" each round, meaning that they automatically get to skip to the next round. I haven't selected a team for the buy for Round 1 yet; you are gonna decide! The first team to have all three members e-mail me, with "CoC3 Bye" in the title, will get the "bye" for the first round.

Yes, I am also going to work for the JPL organiztion, but I will be working on this first (gotta make this a priority, ya know ;)).

To all Level Selectors: I need to have 10 different levels from each of you to go into the Level Pool, so I can start displaying it for download. It would be nice if you could do so ASAP. If you can, include the level title and creator along with the required URL.