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October 24-30

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-October 30, 1999: Pix Fixed

Today was pretty messed up. First of all, I did not show up for either game, so I don't know exactly what happened. From what I've gathered,
Noraa could not host the first game today, and Bobby coun't show up for it either; I think the only one who showed up was Arazi. As for the second game, we had to use Pikablu as a server host, and only one member from each team was there. They finished one game; they will continue later. If you were supposedly involved in either of these. games, please e-mail me and tell me what you know. I'll figure this out eventually.

-October 27, 1999: Pix Fixed
2:21 PM EST

We fixed the Netscape bug, but one of the pictures still seems to be screwed up.

(New sig; you like?)

-October 26, 1999: Games Scheduled

Check it out.


-October 24, 1999: Stupid Netscape Navigator
10:17 PM EST

Ya, alright, I'm biased agains Netscape, but to make this post have some meaning, I have found from a few sources that the pictures in the CoC3 Picture Album are not viewable to Netscape users. I beleive it has something to do with the pictures' location: The folder that they are located in has a space in it's name, and Nescape is too lazy to convert it into the %12 code (or whatever...). I'm
waaaay too lazy to fix the links right now, but I'll see if Wakeman will rename the folder.

Also, I have confirmed that
Noraa, and our new host, Arazi [applause], will be able to host games this Saturday at any time needed. I just need to hear from the Moderators by tomorrow, and we'll be all set.


-October 24, 1999: Games Delayed
10:41 PM EST

Ya, I know that I didn't give you guys enough time to prepare for this weekend's games. The e-mail was so late because the Moderators did not have a definite plan until Thursday. Since only one player showed up for each event, I've decided to hold the same games this week. [glares at Moderators with "evil eye"...] Maybe we can have new games too if the Moderators can handle it. [...]