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October 16-23

[Latest News]

-October 23, 1999: Confirmed Moderators
2:40 PM EST

Bobby is doing both games, today and tomorrow. Be there. :)


-October 20, 1999: Games Will Be This Weekend
9:30 PM EST

I had a delayed response from the Moderators, but they have said that they are pretty sure that they can host the two games this weekend. It just a question of when...I'll e-mail the participants when this information is secured. If I do not have definite times by Friday, I will delay the games for this weekend, and schedule them next week. Oh, and don't worry; I skipped around the tree, for those of you who hadn't noticed. Some of you thoguht you missed your chance. :)


-October 17, 1999: First Battle Game Results
5:50 PM EST

I was able to watch the fights tonight and we had a pretty good time, even with only three of the five players showing up. ReporterMERC (Roaster) dropped in during the first game for a bit to say hi. :) The scores were as follows:

Player Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Total
Turtleslayer 9 6 10 25
Disguise GPW 10 10 n/a 20
Kovu 0 4 2 6
AtmcFeline -ABSENT-
EvilMike -ABSENT-

Turtleslayer and Disguise are the winners of this battle and will go to Round 2. If you'd like to see a few pics from this event, go to the new CoC3 Picture Album page.

Check the left column on the main pages for the next games, still in determination.