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October 10-16

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-October 15, 1999: First Battle Game Results
6:15 PM EST

First, I'd like to clear up some confusion that some people had this morning. A few players thought that I was supposed to be there during the game; I even received one quote (which I will keep anonymous) saying: "I think
Roaster and Syntax were irresponsible". I should remind everyone that this is the reason why I have asked for Moderators and Server Hosts, mainly because I simply could not show up for every single one. Even though I may pop in the server every once in awhile, that doesn't mean you need my presence (although I respect your care for me ;)). There are designated official other that me who can take charge. As for Roaster, he had a good personal reason for taking a leave of absense.

I think there was a more importatnt problem, though: Players did not know what the password was to the CoC3 Server. (Maybe this is why people were looking for me?) I have told
Noraa that he was to create a password, and give it to the Moderator (Bobby, who kindly substituted in for Roaster). Bobby was then to give the password to the participating players. Unfortunately, I think this might have been miscommunicated to Noraa, so he didn't know what to do. Eventually, he came up with his own password, and the game went on as scheduled; because a pre-CoC3 server was created to pass the password along.

From now on, I will supply a game-specific password to each person involved when I e-mail them about the upcoming game.
Bobby has already sent everyone the password for tonight's battle. (I will try to show up if my brother isn't using the computer.)

Now that that's out of the way, time to get to the results. :) Here is
Bobby's notes from earlier today: (Grammar modified)

CTF - Round 1

Team 1:
Team 2:
Triligy DW ABSENT (till it was over)
fquist of j2lc

Server Host -
Moderator -
Roaster ABSENT;Bobby aka Dizzy Took Over

Game 1 - Team 2; 5-3
Game 2 - Team 2; 5-4
Game 3 not needed

Dizzy's Comment - "BæÅüMàÑ did an amazing job given he was alone"

So Team 2 moves on to the second round.

KillerCarrot is now known as Fire Claw.


-October 15, 1999: Level Pool Fully Functional
2:30 PM EST

The Level Pool links are all better now. :)

To get rid of any confusion that the participants may have,
AtmcFeilne might not be able to make it to the battle (but will try :)), and also, Guyman originally stated that he couldn't get to the CTF game, but now can again. Lame news, huh? ;)

Get ready...


-October 14, 1999: Fixed Broken Links
3:39 PM EST

I checked the Level Pool links again, and I noticed that I typed some of them in incorrectly
(oops). I fixed those links, but still found that one of the levels is not yet back up at J2C ("Hell's Angels"). I have asked Wakeman if it is possible to post it up for download, but if he can't, then it simply won't be use in this week's games.


-October 11, 1999: Level Pool Page Up/Tidy-Up
3:39 PM EST

I've added the Level Pool page, accessible from the left column. I've also cleaned up the news page by splitting it into "Old News" pages, wich can be found below.

I'd also like to remind the CTF participants to please not use colored names during tournament play.


-October 10, 1999: I Don't Like Hackers
6:52 PM EST

I'm sure that you all have heard about the J2C incident. Well, since Wakeman has only a few select people with the password to the server, I may be updating slowly this week. Hopefully everything will be fixed shortly.

No hacker is gonna make me stall CoC3; I plan to have the first matches this Saturday! Match info is in the left column. I will e-mail everyone involved, and will post the Round 1 Level Pool all by tomorrow.


Old News: