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November 3-20

[Latest News]

-November 15, 1999: DooD,,,
7:10 PM EST

OK... it appears that we have the next matches scheduled. All of the last matches had no attendance :-(. We're planning on extra matches now to make up for the delayed ones that nobody comes to. I'd like to encourage everybody to check this site (and your E-mail) often so you'll know when your matches are.

Also, we're planning a suprise for the winning CTF team. More on that at the end of the season. :-)


-November 13, 1999: Delay
12:30 PM EST

We are again very sorry.
Noraa and I have delayed the games till tomorrow. I assure you that Noraa and I are very sorry again. Hopefully after this Noraa and I will get things done a little faster.

Lastly, we need MORE SERVERS. We only have Noraa and Arazi. To be a host you must have a cable or some other fast modem.

-November 12, 1999: Confusion
10:28 PM EST

Despite the game scheduled im not sure that they will actually happen. This is due to the fact that I haven't talked to
Noraa and I'm not sure if all the emails got out :/. I assure you that Noraa and I are very sorry.

...I'm about to go insane cause my computer is going so slow. Every character i type it lags. *Sigh*...

-November 11, 1999: We're here!
6:40 EST

We have the next game scheduled... I hope you don't mind it being so late! Now
Bobby and I can update these pages for you too :-). We're very sorry for getting behind schedule, but we were a little confused as to how to go about updating this thing. Now we get it though, so be happy :-).


-November 8, 1999: Delay
9:25 PM EST

Hmmm...it seems that
Noraa and Bobby need help with HTML scripting. :)

-November 3, 1999: Leave of Absence
11:10 PM EST

Sorry, I haven't updated in awhile. It's because I have decided to take a break from this. I have been connected with CoC for about two months now, and I'm starting to get annoyed at its slow progress.

Don't worry, it's not over yet. Instead, I have asked
Bobby and Noraa for their help to update the webpage and organize future games. They have been helping me alot since the tournament started, and I am happy to have them help me out to the next degree. Expect to hear something from them soon. :)