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The features section will hold any artwork that we find to be particularly special. Sometimes, this will just be art that we feel is exceptionally well done. Other times, it will hold the results of competitions or other events. Basically, anything we want to draw attention to will be posted here. That brings us to the TSF Giveaway competition. Here are the rules and details!

TSF giveaway competition:

Send us a Jazz Jackrabbit fanart drawing and win a real copy of TSF! We will look for the most original or funny or astonishing or in any other way fascinating drawing and send it's creator a free copy of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 - The Secret Files!

Here is what you have to do: - Make a Jazz Jackrabbit related drawing. - Scan it. - Send it via e-mail to this address: mezoesi@rz.fh-muenchen.de

Here is what we would love to see: - ANYTHING as long as it is Jazz Jackrabbit related. It does not matter what drawing technique you use (pencils, watercolour, your computer...).

Here is what you can do to help us: - Send a second, SEPARATE e-mail, where you tell us we can expect a drawing from you. This helps in case the image file gets lost or delivered incorrectly. - Try to keep the file size low. (max. 175 KB !)

Here is what we won't accept: - Drawings that are just cut-and-pastes from original Jazz Jackrabbit artwork. - Anything that seems to insult certain groups, minorities. - We reserve ourselves the right to reject drawings when we think they are inappropriate or offensive.

Closing date is May 9th 1999.

The outcome of the drawing is final. It is not possible to receive the prize value in cash. People involved in creating the original game can't take part in this competition. Contest is void where prohibited.

features - characters - baddies - miscellaneous